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The Last Colony by John Scalzi

The Last Colony cover
Limited Edition SOLD OUT
Lettered Edition SOLD OUT

Dust jacket and interior illustrations by Vincent Chong

John Perry and Jane Sagan—soldiers in Old Man's War and The Ghost Brigades—have laid down their weapons and as husband and wife has started a new life on a sleepy colony world. But when the Colonial Union shows up at their door and asks the two to lead a new colony, the two find themselves in the stars once more, leading a fractious collection of settlers to a world called Roanoke.

But Roanoke is not what it seems—not what Perry and Sagan were told it was—and soon the pair are fighting for survival: Not only their own, but that of their colony, and that of humanity in an increasingly hostile universe. And as they fight for their lives, they confront another question entirely: Where does their allegiance lie? With the colony of Roanoke? With the Colonial Union? With their family? Or somewhere else entirely? A question with no easy answer—and no margin for error.

Hugo-nominated for Best Novel in 2008, this special limited edition of The Last Colony comes with stunning cover and interior artwork by Vincent Chong.

Lettered: 15 signed leatherbound copies, housed in a custom traycase
Limited: 400 signed numbered cloth bound hardcovers

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