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Skeletons by Ray Bradbury

Skeletons cover
Lettered Edition SOLD OUT
Limited Chapbook SOLD OUT
  • ISBN: 978-1-59606-197-2
  • Length: 44 pages

Illustrated by Dave McKean

Virtually everyone has read Ray Bradbury's classic tale, “Skeleton”, of a man who becomes aware of the bony framework housed inside his skin. What most readers don't realize is that this famous tale is Bradbury's second take on the idea. For the first time in over 60 years, the other tale, also titled “Skeleton”, will see print alongside its classic counterpart, featuring a number of vignettes and text ornaments by Dave McKean.

Dave McKean has gone above and beyond for this chapbook. Instead of the four or five illustrations agreed upon, he has turned in more than twenty, and helmed the design of the chapbook himself.

Chapbook: 500 softcover copies
Lettered: 16 lavishly bound copies, signed by Bradbury, each hand bound and housed in a custom traycase. This is the only edition that Mr. Bradbury is signing.

Collector's Note: Given the author and artist fees we had to pay for this project, it will not be made available to wholesalers or large online retailers. We are also not accepting further orders from any dealers. The only way to guarantee yourself a copy is to order direct.

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