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Phases of the Moon by Robert Silverberg

Phases of the Moon cover
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All through my adolescence there was little I wanted as badly as to see a story bearing my name appear in one of the science-fiction magazines…

But even after making those 550 sales—or 650, or 750, or however many it was—I still have not lost touch with the adolescent boy within me, the one who bought those issues of Astounding Science Fiction and Thrilling Wonder Stories in the far-off 1940s and dreamed of being a writer some day, by which he meant selling a story or two to one of those magazines. Whenever I see my name on a magazine cover, he reacts with astonishment and delight. So now, looking back over my long career, bringing together a representative sampling of stories from each of the six decades—so far—in which my work has found publication, I shake my head in wonder at the way it all turned out, and give silent thanks to all.

—Robert Silverberg

In addition to early efforts (“Road to Nightfall,” “The Macauley Circuit”) and classics (“Good News from the Vatican,” and “Sailing to Byzantium,” to name but two), Phases includes a small volume’s worth of introductions and memoirs.

Limited: 1500 signed numbered fully cloth bound hardcover copies
Lettered: 26 signed traycased copies

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction

One: The 1950s

  • Road to Nightfall
  • The Macauley Circuit
  • Sunrise on Mercury
  • Warm Man

Two: The 1960s

  • To See the Invisible Man
  • Flies
  • Passengers
  • Nightwings
  • Sundance

Three: The 1970s

  • Good News from the Vatican
  • Capricorn Games
  • Born with the Dead
  • Schwartz Between the Galaxies

Four: The 1980s

  • The Far Side of the Bell-Shaped Curve
  • The Pope of the Chimps
  • Needle in a Timestack
  • Sailing to Byzantium
  • Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another

Five: The 1990s

  • Hunters in the Forest
  • Death Do Us Part
  • Beauty in the Night

Six: The 2000s

  • The Millennium Express
  • With Caesar in the Underworld