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Locke & Key: Head Games by Joe Hill

Locke & Key: Head Games cover
Trade Edition SOLD OUT
Limited Edition SOLD OUT
Lettered Edition SOLD OUT
  • ISBN: 978-1-59606-314-3

Dust jacket by Vincent Chong
Illustrations by Gabriel Rodriguez

The three Locke children—survivors of a horrific home invasion that claimed their father—have just begun to rebuild their lives when little Bode discovers a key with an incredible power. Q: What if overcoming your fears, mastering any skill, learning any art was as simple as turning a key in a lock? A: It could cost you your life - especially if Dodge, the malevolent creature who is the Locke family’s sworn enemy, gets his hands on it. Written by Hill and featuring the mind-bending art of Gabriel Rodriguez, the second installment of Locke & Key is one head-trip you won’t forget.

The limited edition will include all of the scripts for the minseries, original full-color endsheets by Gabriel Rodriguez, and a full-color dust jacket by Vincent Chong. The trade hardcover will include the scripts for all six issues, but omit the extra artwork exclusive to the limited edition.

Trade: 1000 deluxe cloth bound editions
Limited: 250 numbered copies, signed by the artist and author
Lettered: 26 copies, with an original sketch by Gabe, signed by the artist and author

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