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Judge Sn Goes Golfing by John Scalzi

Judge Sn Goes Golfing cover
Limited Edition $18.00
Lettered Edition SOLD OUT
  • ISBN: 978-1-59606-298-6

Dust jacket and interior illustrations by Gahan Wilson

John Scalzi visits the universe of his bestselling novel The Android's Dream for this exclusive short story, featuring fan favorite character Judge Nugan Bufan Sn—a brilliant alien jurist whose misanthropy and lack of social graces is matched only by his futile, unrequited for the game of golf. When he hits the links at the absymal Dulles Woods golf course, the unexpected happens: He begins to play well. But there are more hazards on the course for Sn than just sand traps and disaffected caddies…

Long a staple of Scalzi’s live readings, “Judge Sn Goes Golfing” has never seen print until now. Read what you’ve been missing.

Judge Sn will feature a cover and several interior illustrations, and be printed in two colors throughout.

Limited: 1500 softcover chapbooks, signed by author
Lettered: 26 copies, hardcover, signed by author

From San Francisco Book Review:
Judge Sn Goes Golfing is the hilarious chapbook by the Hugo and John W. Campbell award-winning author John Scalzi. Set in the world of his popular The Android’s Dream novel, the story tells the tale of how Judge Nugan Bufan Sn—a selfish and socially awkward but intelligent jurist—goes golfing on the one course still open to him… Illustrated throughout by The New Yorker cartoon contributor Gahan Wilson, this short story is a side-splitting must read.”