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Dinner at Deviant’s Palace by Tim Powers

Dinner at Deviant’s Palace cover
Limited Edition SOLD OUT

Dust jacket by J.K. Potter

Gregorio Rivas is retired from the Redemptionist trade—at thirty-one, he's no longer willing to risk his life rescuing new recruits from the savage religion of the Messiah Norton Jaybush, no longer eager to track the caravans of the faithful through the mutated wildernesses of Los Angeles. Once he was the best Redemptionist for hire—once he even tracked a victim right up to the walls of the Messiah's perilous Holy City in Irvine—but that's all over now.

Or it was—until he's approached to perform one last Redemption. And this time the victim who has been brainwashed and carried away by the brutal faith is his long-lost first love, Urania.

And so Rivas sets out to save her, beginning a violent pilgrimage that will take him through the landscape-of-the-damned which is 22nd Century California, and into the very heart of the Jaybush cult—and finally to the nightmare city of Venice, and the fabulous, feared castle at the core of it ... Deviant's Palace.