Announcing Clive Barker’s INFERNAL PARADE

Infernal Parade by Clive Barker

We're pleased to announce our next project with Clive Barker: Infernal Parade, the remarkable follow-on from his novella, Tortured Souls. Once again, Bob Eggleton has outdone himself with the full-color wraparound cover (not yet designed, but here as the bare artwork), as well as numerous black-and-white interior illustrations.

About the Book:

From the beginning of his distinguished career, Clive Barker has been the great visionary artist of contemporary dark fantasy, a form that Barker himself has termed “the Fantastique.” Through his many novels, stories, paintings and films, he had presented us with unforgettable images of the monstrous and the sacred, the beautiful and the grotesque. His body of work constitutes a great and varied contribution to modern popular culture.

This astonishing novella, Infernal Parade, perfectly encapsulates Barker’s unique abilities. Like the earlier Tortured Souls, an account of bizarre–and agonizing–transformations, Infernal Parade is tightly focused, intensely imagined, and utterly unlike anything else you will ever read. It begins with the tale of a convicted criminal, Tom Requiem, who returns from the brink of death to restore both fear and a touch of awe to a complacent world. Tom becomes the leader of the eponymous “parade,” which ranges from the familiar precincts of North Dakota to the mythical city of Karantica. Golems, vengeful humans both living and dead, and assorted impossible creatures parade across these pages. The result is a series of highly compressed, interrelated narratives that are memorable, disturbing, and impossible to set aside.

Infernal Parade is quintessential Barker: witty, elegantly composed, filled with dark and often savage wonders. It proves once again that, in Barker’s hands, the Fantastique is not only alive and well, but flourishing. This is vital, visionary fiction by a modern master of the form.

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New Stephen Gallagher in stock and shipping

The Authentic William James by Stephen Gallagher

Stephen Gallagher's latest foray into historical fiction (and horrifc in its own right) is in stock and shipping. We're only too happy to point out that The Authentic William James garnered a Starred Review from Publishers Weekly, which read, in part, “British author Gallagher gives Sebastian Becker another puzzle worthy of his quirky sleuth’s acumen in his outstanding third pre-WWI mystery (after 2012’s The Bedlam Detective). Gallagher makes the most of his unusual concept in the service of a twisty but logical plot line.”

About the Book:

Sebastian Becker’s position as Special Investigator for the British Crown requires a subtle touch: gathering evidence that determines whether or not someone is a Chancery Lunatic—afflicted with madness making them unfit to manage their fortunes—without tipping the hand of those whose resources often make them above the law.

In the aftermath of a fiery tragedy that leaves dozens dead and England’s leaders maneuvering for an answer to stave off political ramifications, former police detective Becker is called upon to utilize his intimacy with the insane, and familiarity with working in the shadows.

Tasked with evaluating the sanity of the confessed arsonist—Wild West Showman ‘The Authentic William James’—leads Becker from the shores of Sussex to the film studios of Hollywood. Delving into the circus world to unravel the mystery of a man who admits guilt and flees will pit Becker’s appointed role to do his country’s bidding against his compassion to do what is right for a family.

Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies: $40


Another great review for A LONG DECEMBER

A Long December

Richard Chizmar's huge (500 pages) collection, A Long December, keeps on racking up the great reviews. Here's a bit of the latest, from Rue Morgue:

Chizmar’s stories range from supernatural to psychological horror, and they all share the author’s assured hand at storytelling. None of the tales overstay their welcome; in fact, I found myself wanting more from some of them. Ultimately, he’s put together an immensely readable book full of appealing and oftentimes frightening characters, which, combined with his smooth language makes A Long December hard to put down…

Add to that a couple of earlier starred reviews, as well as praise from the likes of Stephen King and Clive Barker, and we fully expect this one to be sold out on publication.

From Kirkus (Starred Review):

With the whiff of classic pulp fiction about them, these chilling tales pack a giddy wallop and make staying up late to read just one more mandatory.

From Booklist (Starred Review):

This is a must-read for fans of intense tales where psychological suspense and horror overlap, as with the novels of Peter Straub, Scott Smith, or Adam Nevill.

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Raising funds for Congenital Heart Defect Research

Our friend and sometime cat sitter, Kristin, is raising funds for those with Congenital Heart Defects. We hope you’ll take a second to check out what she has to say, and consider donating to this ultra-worthy cause.

As I have gotten older, I have come to realize that with my illness many wonderful opportunities have arisen to encourage others with CHD and participate in activities that raise awareness for a vast community of heart patients that fight their whole entire life to survive. Each year I participate in the Southeastern Michigan Heart Walk. These walks have popped up in various cities across America and it is exciting to be a part of an effort to raise money and awareness for CHD research. I have an Instagram account that I have dedicated to CHD awareness and have made connections with fellow warriors across this country. I love to encourage those that struggle with the “scars” of surgery both physically and emotionally. If I can give hope to one person then I consider myself to have done a good work. I often hear how being 26 years old and having survived 3 open heart surgeries gives hope to so many parents who worry about their children’s future. I am inspired by a little boy named Gabe who lives in Arizona. He is 15 months old and just underwent his 5th open heart surgery. My heart is filled with compassion for a little boy who has already had to go through so much in his short life. I walked in his honor this past year and hope that as he grows older I can be a sign of hope for him. My hope for the future is that more and more children are making it to adulthood and that their quality of life is good. I hope for a community of congenital heart patients to become more aware of so many that live as they do and that know that they are not alone. I also hope that we are not just looked at as a group of patients with severe health issues but rather strong individuals that have a “warrior” spirit and a strong desire to live as normal as possible.


Surprise Jacqueline Carey limited edition in stock and shipping

Kushiels Dart by Jacqueline Carey

Subterranean Press is proud to announce the signed, limited edition of Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Dart, one of the best and most influential epic fantasies of recent decades. Our edition is very limited, consisting of only 250 numbered and 26 lettered copies, housed, respectively, in some of the nicest slipcases and traycases we've ever produced. Copies are in stock and ready to ship. We expect them to sell quickly.

“This brilliant and daring debut, set in a skewed Renaissance world (people worship Jesus-like ‘Blessed Elua’ but also demigods), catapults Carey immediately into the top rank of fantasy novelists. In the character of Phedre ne Delaunay, 'a whore's unwanted get' sold into indentured servitude in opulent Night Court, the author has created a particularly strong and memorable female lead, and has surrounded her with a large and varied cast, from nobles and priests to soldiers and peasants… this is an assured and magnificent book that will appeal to both male and female readers.”

—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“Stunning, clever, sultry, and mysterious, Phedre is an ideal and original heroine.”

—Associated Press

Kushiel’s Dart has the following features:

  • Limited to only 250 numbered and 26 lettered copies;
  • Printed offset on 60# acid free paper;
  • Smyth-sewn for a lifetime of enjoyment;
  • Over 700 pages;
  • A full color wraparound dust jacket;
  • Two full page full color interior illustrations;
  • Personally signed by the author;
  • Housed in a custom slipcase (limited edition) or traycase (lettered edition);
  • Will not be reprinted.

Limited: 250 signed numbered copies, bound in cloth, housed in a custom slipcase: $150
Lettered: 26 leatherbound copies, housed in a custom traycase: $350


Announcing CLIVE BARKER’S NEXT TESTAMENT by Mark Alan Miller

Clive Barkers Next Testament by Mark Alan Miller

Earthling Publications has just announced Clive Barker's Next Testament, the debut novel by Mark Alan Miller, with an introduction by F. Paul Wilson and a cover and interior artwork by Clive himself. We've been fortunate enough to lock in a few copies for our customers. This is not a large limited edition, and given Clive's fan base, we expect copies to go quickly.

About the Book:

Since the dawn of time, man has looked to the heavens and pondered the existence of a greater power. Is there a God? Clive Barker and Mark Alan Miller have discovered the answer to that question. God is real, and He is out for blood.…

In a desert wasteland, Julian Desmond unearths a figure unlike any other, who calls himself Wick…and who claims to be the God of the Old Testament. Julian takes Wick to the modern world where Wick can operate behind the curtain with the movers and shakers of the world. But when Wick is exposed to the world's modern conveniences, he is disgusted and begins the process of bringing back the old ways. Wick and Julian's journey will span the globe, as neither merely wants to make a mark on a world, but a scar. It's up to Julian's son, Tristan, and Tristan's fiancée, Elspeth, to solve the puzzle of Wick's existence and keep the world from entering a new dark age.

First there was the Old Testament. Then there was the New Testament. Now, we embark upon the newest chapter in our collective history: the Next Testament. GOD HAS RETURNED. GOD HELP US ALL.

Gift edition: 350 numbered copies, bound in cloth, signed by Mark Alan Miller: $45

Deluxe limited: 100 numbered copies, bound in leather, signed by Clive Barker, Mark Alan Miller, and F. Paul Wilson: $125


Announcing a VERY limited edition by Tim Powers

Joe Stefko at Charnel House has snuck a new Tim Powers volume onto his schedule, one limited to only 200 exquisite copies signed by the author. We've locked in a handful of copies of Poems for our customers, which we expect to go quickly. Please don't hesitate to order.

About the Book:

Charnel House's latest is a very small limited edition poetry collection by Tim Powers. Given the limitation, we expect copies to sell quickly.

About the Book:

  • Exquisitely printed on Mohwawk Superfine.
  • Thirty-six pieces with an introduction by the author.
  • Designed as a 19th century book of poetry, the interior owes a debt to Christine Rossetti's personal copy of The Prince's Progress and other Poems.
  • The binding mirrors a bible belonging to Lord Byron and his sister, Augusta Leigh.
  • Each copy is handmade, and signed by the author.

Limited: 200 signed numbered copies, exquisitely bound: $150


And now for something completely different

Men of Weath and Taste

Centipede Press is known not only for their genre oriented books, but for other eclectic titles in their lineup. We're pleased to offer a very limited quantity of one such entry, Men of Weath and Taste, featuring The Rolling Stones.

About the Book:

When the greatest rock and roll band in the world released Beggars Banquet in 1968, it was immediately hailed as a masterpiece and the band’s finest effort. While the front cover image of a grafitti-laden lavatory was suppressed and not used for 20 years, the inner sleeve, picturing the original lineup in full regalia enjoying themselves in an immense castle, was treasured by fans.

Unfortunately, the poor reproduction quality and cheesy hand-coloring of the image didn’t reveal even a shadow of the original photograph’s brilliant colors and striking composition. Moreover, there was a suite of 30 additional photographs of the Stones from that day, all by Michael Joseph, the photographer on hand who recorded these striking images, which are among the last of the original line-up featuring Brian Jones.

Except for a single showing of these images at a gallery in London, the complete Michael Joseph photographs of The Rolling Stones have never before been seen, and the gallery of photographs has, needless to say, never before been published in book form, until now. This book presents the entire known collection of Joseph’s photographs, printed here in striking fidelity for the first (and probably last) time ever, complete with detail views, in a stunning, landscape format, oversize package.

In addition, this book features a brief epigraph by Keith Richards, written solely for this book, and an original 10,000 word essay by noted Stones expert Robert Greenfield. Greenfield’s essay describes the genesis of the record, with a blow-by-blow account of the creation of each song. He also talks extensively about producer Jimmy Miller, who made such huge contributions to the Stones’ sound; engineer Glyn Johns; the legendary Olympic Studios where the album was recorded; the castle where the exterior shots were taken; and the mysterious mansion Sarum Chase, where the stunning interior photographs were taken.

This edition is printed on thick, acid-free art paper, with the works reproduced at the impressive high resolution standard usually reserved only for production of museum quality art books. The print run is limited to 200 copies, each one signed by Robert Greenfield. This is your chance to own not only the definitive photographic record of the Stones right at the start of their run of domination of rock and roll, but also the definitive account of the making of the record. With only 200 copies, and a wealthy Stones following the size of France, this promises to sell out very very quickly.

Limited: 200 signed numbered hardcover copies: $295


Announcing DEAR SWEET FILTHY WORLD by Caitlin R. Kiernan

We're pleased to announce Caitlin R. Kiernan's next major collection of stories, Dear Sweet Filthy World. As you'll see, even Caitlin's most ardent fans likely won't have read most of the nearly thirty stories in this collection.

Remember, the signed limited edition includes an extra volume (likely hardcover), The Aubergine Alphabet, available nowhere else.

About the Book:

What exactly is the difference between a love letter and a suicide note? Is there really any difference at all? These might be the questions posed by Dear Sweet Filthy World, Caitlín R. Kiernan's fourteenth collection of short fiction, comprised of twenty-eight uncollected and impossible-to-find stories.

Treading the grim places where desire and destruction, longing and horror intersect, the author rises once again to meet the high expectations she set with such celebrated collections as Tales of Pain and Wonder, To Charles Fort, With Love, and the World Fantasy Award-winning The Ape's Wife and Other Stories. In these pages you'll meet a dragon's lover, a drowned vampire cursed always to ride the tides, a wardrobe that grants wishes, and a lunatic artist's marriage of the Black Dahlia and the Beast of Gévaudan. You'll visit a ruined post-industrial Faerie, travel back to tropical Paleozoic seas and ahead to the far-flung future, and you'll meet a desperate writer forced to sell her memories for new ideas. Here are twenty-eight tales of apocalypse and rebirth, of miraculous transformation and utter annihilation.  Here is the place where professing your undying devotion might be precisely the same thing as signing your own death warrant—or worse.

The stories in Dear Sweet Filthy World were first published in the subscription-only Sirenia Digest, run by Caitlín for her most devoted readers. This publication marks the first availability to the general public for most of these rare tales.

Limited: 600 signed numbered copies, bound in leather, with the bonus volume, The Aubergine Alphabet: $60

Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition: $40


Dead on the Bones: “ act of a writer’s love”

Dead on the Bones by JOe R Lansdale

Joe R. Lansdale's pulp-infused collection, Dead on the Bones, is getting close to heading for the printer, which means reviews are starting to roll in. Look for finished books in November.

Here's a bit from the latest review, from Kirkus:

Lansdale pays homage to the pulp writers who inspired him in this loving collection of stories. Dedicated to both Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan and John Carter, and Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan the Barbarian, this volume focuses on adventure stories, many with a touch of the fantastic… Throughout, there is a palpable affection for these genres and a palpable desire to entertain the reader. This act of a writer's love becomes a show of generosity for the audience.

About the Book

“I was living in a pulp writer fury, a storm of imagination.” So Joe R. Lansdale, award-winning author of more than twenty novels and two hundred short works, describes the birth of his desire to be a writer after encountering pulp storytelling as a kid in TV, comics, and books. Now Dead on the Bones: Pulp on Fire collects eight stories where Lansdale pays tribute to the rip-roaring tales of his youth.

Dedicated to Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard, “Under the Warrior Star” finds hero Braxton Booker on another, battle-wracked planet, while  “Tarzan and the Land That Time Forgot” was expressly permitted by the Burroughs estate. In “Dead on the Bones,” a Conjure Man facilitates a boxing match between the living and the dead, with a twist. “The Gruesome Affair of the Electric Blue Lightning” crosses Poe with horrors that could have walked straight out of Lovecraft. Meanwhile, in “Naked Angel” a cop discovers a dead woman encased in ice on the noir streets of Los Angeles, not realizing he shares a personal connection with her. Other stories here bring readers face to face with vampires and far stranger creatures, all in Lansdale’s signature, Texas Mojo style.

Lansdale is rightly recognized as one of the most distinctive voices in modern fiction, pulp or otherwise. From Venus to vampires, Dead on the Bones is a fine, thoroughly enjoyable demonstration of why.

Limited: 1500 signed numbered hardcover copies: $40


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