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Kelley Armstrong’s DARKEST POWERS TALES Just Published as an Ebook

Darkest Powers Tales by Kelley Armstrong

We've just published another Kelley Armstrong ebook: Darkest Powers Tales. This one contains stories that take place before, during, and after the Darkest Powers trilogy.

About the Book:

This full-length anthology of novellas and short fiction complements the Darkest Powers trilogy, adding new dimensions to the characters and their stories. Dangerous returns to Derek and Simon’s past and tells how they came to be at Lyle House. Divided continues Derek’s story, filling in his adventures with Simon while separated from Chloe. In Disenchanted, Tori takes center stage as she travels with Simon after Chloe and Derek go missing. Both Facing Facts and Belonging are set after the trilogy concludes. In Facing Facts, Chloe helps Tori deal with the truth about her parents. Derek faces family issues of his own in Belonging, when his werewolf clan comes to claim him.

Please note: this is a repackaging of the stories originally released as Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 1 & Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 2.


Contents of Caitlin R. Kiernan’s FALSE STARTS II Revealed

Beneath an Oil-Dark Sea by Caitlin R. Kiernan

The contents for Beneath an Oil-Dark Sea: The Best of Caitlin R. Kiernan (volume two) have been posted for some time. It's a stunning set of stories, including the long novella "Black Helicopters".

Today, the contents of the bonus volume, False Starts II, join the main volume's list of stories. They include 26,000 words of unpublished (and uncompleted) fiction, which will only be available as a hardcover that accompanies the signed, limited edition of Beneath.

False Starts II Table of Contents:

  • Prolegomenon
  • The Path of Silence
  • Iris
  • Romeo and Juliet Go to Mars
  • The Benefactions of Demons MM. Newcoment, Watt & Boulton (1900)
  • The Diamond Friendly
  • There are Kisses for us all
  • There will be Kisses for us all
  • A Piece of the Sky
  • May 5, 2013
  • May 6, 2013
  • May 8, 2013
  • Penance to the Pool of Perversity (1917)
  • Noah’s Raven
  • Mechs Have Better Things to do with Fallen Angels
  • Words Written Backwards
  • Deep Ocean Vast Sea
  • Glove
  • (Dead) Love Among the Ruins
  • Untitled 19
  • Night in an Eye of God
  • The Seeker in the City of Stone Flowers



Robert McCammon’s THE BORDER Snags a Starred Review

The Border by Robert McCammon

As Robert McCammon's The Border approaches its May publication, the reviews are just starting to roll in. Here's the big one, a accompanied by a star, from Publishers Weekly:

Genre-busting author McCammon (The River of Souls) pulls out all the stops for this exhilarating alien-invasion epic, which harkens back to his 1987 blockbuster, Swan Song. The spectacular opening introduces an amnesiac teenage boy who abruptly becomes aware of himself in a full-tilt sprint through a post-apocalyptic battlefield, with wounds that should have killed him, and knowledge and abilities he doesn’t understand…This story blends the gripping horror and action of McCammon’s earliest novels with the empathy of his more recent work, making it one of his finest.

The Limited and Lettered editions are long gone, but we still have a small number of signed trade hardcovers available at the bargain price of only $26.95.


Signed Copies of Joe R. Lansdale’s PARADISE SKY Available Soon

Paradise Sky by Joe R. Lansdale

We’ve been lucky enough to lock in signed first edition hardcovers of Joe R. Lansdale’s new novel, at nearly 150,000 words, his longest ever. We also happen to think it’s his best. Paradise Sky is another longer tale, of Nat Love, the protagonist of Joe’s novella, Black Hat Jack.

About the Book:

A rollicking novel about Nat Love, an African-American cowboy with a famous nickname: Deadwood Dick.

Young Willie is on the run, having fled his small Texas farm when an infamous local landowner murdered his father. A man named Loving takes him in and trains him in the fine arts of shooting, riding, reading, and gardening. When Loving dies, Willie re-christens himself Nat Love in tribute to his mentor, and heads west.

In Deadwood, South Dakota Territory, Nat becomes a Buffalo Soldier and is befriended by Wild Bill Hickok. After winning a famous shooting match, Nat's peerless marksmanship and charm earn him the nickname Deadwood Dick, as well as a beautiful woman. But the hellhounds are still on his trail, and they brutally attack Nat Love's love. Pursuing the men who have driven his wife mad, Nat heads south for a final, deadly showdown against those who would strip him of his home, his love, his freedom, and his life.

Trade: Hardcover signed by the author: $26.00


Huge New Connie Willis Ebook Available

The Winds of Marble Arch by Connie Willis

One of our favorite books, The Winds of Marble Arch and Other Stories, has just been released as an ebook. Nearly 300,000 words of Connie Willis' beyond excellent fiction can be yours for only $9.99.

About the Book:

“Variety is the soul of pleasure,” And variety is what this comprehensive new collection of Connie Willis is all about. The stories cover the entire spectrum, from sad to sparkling to terrifying, from classics to hard-to-find treasures with everything in between—orangutans, Egypt, earthworms, roast goose, college professors, mothers-in-law, aliens, secret codes, Secret Santas, tube stations, choir practice, the post office, the green light on Daisy's dock, weddings, divorces, death, and assorted plagues, from scarlet fever to “It's a Wonderful Life.” And a dog.

Famous for her “sure-hand plotting, unforgettable characters, and top-notch writing,” Willis has been called, “the most relentlessly delightful science fiction writer alive,” and there are numerous examples here. Among them, Willis's most famous stories—the Hugo- and Nebula-Award-winning “Fire Watch” and “Even the Queen” and “The Last of the Winnebagos”—along with undiscovered gems like Willis's heartfelt homage to Jack Williamson, “Nonstop to Portales.” Her magical Christmas stories are here, too, from “Newsletter” to “Just Like the Ones We Used to Know…” which last year was made into the TV movie, Snow Wonder, starring Mary Tyler Moore.

We've collected stories from throughout Willis's career, from early ones like “Cash Crop” and “Daisy, in the Sun,” right up to her newest stories, including the wonderful “The Winds of Marble Arch.” There's literally something for everyone here. If you're a diehard Willis fan, you'll be delighted with hard-to-find treasures like the until-now uncollected, “The Soul Selects Her Own Society…” If you've never read Connie Willis, this is your chance to discover “A Letter from the Clearys” and, well, “Chance.” To say nothing of, “At the Rialto,” the funniest story ever written about quantum physicists. And Willis's chilling, “All My Darling Daughters.”

And…oh, there are too many great stories here to list and pleasures galore. So enjoy!


A New Kelley Armstrong Ebook Available

Atoning by Kelley Armstrong

We're more than pleased to add another novella by Kelley Armstrong to our catalog. In addition to Atoning, the novella, the ebook features a number of illustrations by Maurizio Manzieri.

About the Book:

Chloe and Derek have adjusted to life in Badger Lake. It’s not perfect, but it’s safe and they’re learning the skills they’ll need when it comes time to make a decision about their futures. They’re comfortable and they’re settled…until a weekend camping trip with Maya and Daniel reunites them with someone they thought they’d left in the past. Someone Derek really hoped they’d left in the past, because as much as this former friend might want to atone for past mistakes, she’s nothing but trouble.

Ebook: $2.99


Signed Copies of John Scalzi’s THE END OF ALL THINGS to be available

The End of All Things

Late this summer, John Scalzi will once again make the arduous journey to the SubPress warehouse to sign and inscribe copies of his major new novel, The End of All Things. Please order early, so we can lock in first printings with Tor, who will be publishing the novel.

About the Book:

Hugo-award winning author, John Scalzi returns to his best-selling Old Man's War universe with The End of All Things, the direct sequel to 2013's The Human Division.

Humans expanded into space…only to find a universe populated with multiple alien species bent on their destruction. Thus was the Colonial Union formed, to help protect us from a hostile universe. The Colonial Union used the Earth and its excess population for colonists and soldiers. It was a good arrangement…for the Colonial Union. Then the Earth said: no more.


Now the Colonial Union is living on borrowed time—a couple of decades at most, before the ranks of the Colonial Defense Forces are depleted and the struggling human colonies are vulnerable to the alien species who have been waiting for the first sign of weakness, to drive humanity to ruin. And there's another problem: A group, lurking in the darkness of space, playing human and alien against each other—and against their own kind—for their own unknown reasons.


In this collapsing universe, CDF Lieutenant Harry Wilson and the Colonial Union diplomats he works with race against the clock to discover who is behind attacks on the Union and on alien races, to seek peace with a suspicious, angry Earth, and keep humanity's union intact…or else risk oblivion, and extinction—and the end of all things.

Trade: Hardcover in dust jacket: $24.99



Catherynne M. Valente dust jacket just posted

Speak Easy by Catherynne M. Valente

This busy, striking cover belongs to Catherynne M. Valente's fanciful new novella, Speak Easy. Experience the 1920s as they never were, both in the cover and the story within.

About the Book:

If you go looking for it, just about halfway uptown and halfway downtown, there’s this hotel stuck like a pin all the way through the world. Down inside the Artemisia it’s this mortal coil all over. Earthly delights on every floor.

The hotel Artemisia sits on a fantastical 72nd Street, in a decade that never was. It is home to a cast of characters, creatures, and creations unlike any other, including especially Zelda Fair, who is perfect at being Zelda, but who longs for something more. The world of this extraordinary novella—a bootlegger's brew of fairy tales, Jazz Age opulence, and organized crime—is ruled over by the diminutive, eternal, sinister Al. Zelda holds her own against the boss, or so it seems. But when she faces off against him and his besotted employee Frankie in a deadly game that just might change everything, she must bet it all and hope not to lose…

Multiple-award-winning, New York Times’ bestselling author Catherynne M. Valente once again reinvents a classic in Speak Easy, which interprets “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” if Zelda Fitzgerald waltzed in and stole the show. This Prohibition-Era tale will make heads spin and hearts pound. It’s a story as old as time, as effervescent as champagne, and as dark as the devil’s basement on a starless night in the city.

Limited: 1250 signed numbered hardcover copies, fully bound in cloth: $40