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Jim Butcher’s DEAD BEAT Shipping Soon. Orders Open to the General Public.


Jim Butcher's Dead Beat is finished, with copies warehoused at our printer, waiting until we have the room to ship them. The exclusive preorder period is now over. Anyone may order a copy. In addition to getting a great book, buying a copy of Dead Beat will give you the first crack at purchasing our next Butcher limited, Proven Guilty, which is fully designed, proofed, and awaiting only the signature pages and interior art.

About the Book:

Subterranean Press is proud to announce the seventh of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files novels, in a deluxe collectable hardcover, meant to give a lifetime of enjoyment.

Our edition of Dead Beat will be printed on 80# Finch Opaque, our preferred paper for higher-end limited editions, with a number of full-page interior illustrations, as well as a full-color dust jacket. Vincent Chong will once again be handling the illustrations.

Collectors Note: Please mention your number when checking out if if you own Blood Rites. We'll match it automatically, but it's good to be sure. We'll drop you an email if we run into any difficulties.

Limited: 500 numbered hardcovers, signed by author: $80


Various Peter V. Brett Updates


As you can see, Peter V. Brett's Messenger's Legacy has undergone a late change. We were so taken with the frontispiece that Lauren K. Cannon turned in that we decided to use it as the dust jacket for the trade hardcover edition.

The signed, limited edition will still have a dust jacket by Vincent Chong, and a full-color frontispiece by Lauren.

Messenger's Legacy fits nicely into the timeline of Peat's next novel, The Skull Throne, making it essential reading for his many fans.

Speaking of The Skull Throne, we still plan to have Peat visit the SubPress offices prior to the book's publication to sign and inscribe copies. Here, in fact, is the embosser we had custom made to leave a special ward imprinted on the title page of each copy we sell.



SubPress Ebooks Discounted to $.99 and $2.99

The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox

The eagle-eyed among you may notice that we're now offering our ebooks through Gumroad, an alternative to large online sellers. We hope you'll take advantage of it. You'll see Gumroad as one of the vendor choices on each ebook's product page.

One drawback that Gumroad has is that it will only allow you to purchase one ebook at a time, unless you visit our Gallery Page, where you should be able to order multiple titles. Also, to cause more products to appear in our Gumroad Gallery, please scroll to the bottom of the screen and wait a few moments for titles to be added.

As an encouraging nudge, we've dropped the prices from $9.99 to $2.99, respectively, to $2.99 and $.99, which is as low, or lower, than they've ever been. (These discounts are exclusive to Gumroad, and expire Tuesday, so load up your ereaders while you can. You’ll receive both .mobi and .ePub files with your purchase.  Note that due to territorial restrictions, this offer is good in the US only.)

You can pick up huge volumes such as Barry Hughart's The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox for $2.99, while many others, including works by Robert Silverberg, Elizabeth Bear, and Clive Barker, have been discounted all the way to $.99.

Give Gumroad a shot. We think you'll be pleased at how easy it is to use, and the introductory prices can't be beat.

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Click here to access all of the SubPress titles at Gumroad.


Joe R. Lansdale—BLACK HAT JACK in Stock and Shipping—Over 90% Sold Out

Black Hat Jack Signed Limited Edition

Late last week we started shipping customer orders for Joe R. Lansdale's brand new 25k word novella, Black Hat Jack. Long-time Lansdale readers will be interested to know that it features Black cowboy Nat Love, who stands front and center of Lansdale's next major novel, Paradise Sky, which will be out from Mulholland Books next year. We're happy to say that Black Hat Jack is over 90% sold out, and likely to reach that plateau when we receive one or two more distributor orders. It may just be the best novella Joe has ever written, and isn't to be missed.

Remember, everyone who orders either editon of Black Hat Jack through us before the initial wave of shipping is over will receive a FREE copy of the ebook.

About the Book:

The story of African-Americans in the West has been confined to the dusty, bottom shelf of recorded history and American literature. But in the vein of the old dime novels containing stories about such heroes as Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok, and Jesse James, comes the true story of one of those ten-cent novel heroes, Deadwood Dick, disguised in those novels as a white champion of justice and adventure, but in reality a black cowboy, buffalo soldier, Indian fighter, and general hell raiser.

Here, Nat Love, the one and only Deadwood Dick, writes down his version of certain events, straightening out numerous misconceptions raised in the popular and sanitized dime novels. Though his version varies considerably from the numerous volumes of adventures attributed to him, his true story, with perhaps a bit of exaggeration, is no less fascinating or exciting.

Nat was one of those Old West characters who seemed to be everywhere and met everyone that was anyone at some point in his life. Black Hat Jack details Nat’s version of the events of the now famous Second Battle of Adobe Walls, where he and a handful of buffalo hunters, primarily his good friend, Black Hat Jack, were pitted against hundreds of Comanche, Cheyenne, and Kiowa warriors.

Heroics abound. Curse words fly. Humor flows as free as blood, and there’s even a spot of romance. And with all that real life bravado, there might even be a few lies.

Joe R. Lansdale’s stories about Nat Love are based loosely on the real Nat Love, who may have told a few windies about his time in the West, but at the same time revealed that African-Americans of that era were not all cooks and custodians. In fact, a full third of the cowboys of the Wild West days were African-American, Hispanic, or of mixed blood. This is a tribute to the real deal, as well as to the great mythology of the Old West.

Limited: 350 signed numbered copies, bound in leather, with a different dust jacket than the trade: $45

Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition: $25

From Publishers Weekly:

Based on a true story, this novella-length Western from Lansdale (The Thicket) offers a potent concoction of witty repartee and a rousing battle. Black Hat Jack and Nat, who goes by Deadwood Dick, make an unlikely pair. Although the former is white and the latter black, the difference in their skin color matters little to them as they ride into Adobe Walls, Tex., after discovering a man killed by Comanche Indians. Soon violence breaks out as the Indians attack the town. While their ammunition may run low, Nat's keen wit stays fully loaded throughout the skirmish…

From Booklist:

Black Hat Jack is profane, vulgar, hilarious, tongue-in-cheek, and full of rousing adventure, as a good dime novel, or dime novella, should be.



Other Publishers’ Books Shippng Soon, Including New Tim Powers

Appointment on Sunset by Tim Powers

Along with SubPress titles, we have three books from other publishers that we'll be working into our shipping schedule over the next couple of weeks.

Both of the Joshi-edited titles are sold out, but we have a long history with Tim Powers, and his Charnel House offerings are unfailingly spectacular, so we picked up more copies of Appointment than usual. The story sits comfortably with the two or three best that Tim has ever written, and the production, as is usual with Charnel House, consists of the finest materials.


Announcing JACARANDA, a New Clockwork Century Novella, by Cherie Priest

Jacaranda by Cherie Priest

We’re pleased to announce that Cherie Priest has returned to the Clockwork Century setting of her breakout novel, Boneshaker, with her most riveting novella yet. Look for Jacaranda in February.

Special Offer: Everyone who preorders a copy of Jacaranda will be sent a FREE copy of the ebook (in .mobi and Epub formats) upon publication. That way, you have one copy to treasure, and one for reading on your chosen device anywhere.

The Ranger

On the island of Galveston, off the coast of southeast Texas, lies a hotel called the Jacaranda. In its single year of operation, two dozen people have died there. The locals say it’s cursed. The Rangers say that’s nonsense, but they know a man who might be willing to investigate. Horatio Korman crosses the water from the mainland, and hopes for the best.

The Nun

But the bodies pile up, and a hurricane is brewing up fast. One of the Jacaranda’s guests sees time running out, so she seeks an authority of a different sort: a priest from El Huizache who is good at solving problems and keeping secrets. Eileen Callahan has a problem to solve, and a secret to keep. She crosses her fingers, and sends a message that could save them all.

The Padre

Juan Miguel Quintero Rios broke a promise to the Virgin, and so he was punished…but his intentions were pure, so he was also blessed. Now he walks the southwest with second sight and a tattoo across his back: Deo, non Fortuna—By God, not chance. The former gunslinger crosses himself, and makes for the Jacaranda Hotel.

Limited: 250 numbered copies, bound in leather: $45
Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition: $25


Signed Copies of John Scalzi’s LOCK IN Available—Only 24 Remain


The first wave of signed copies of John Scalzi's Lock In are in customers' hands, or en route. We find ourselves with an extra 24 copies. As you'll see below, Lock In might be the most praised sf novel of the year.

About the Book:

Not too long from today, a new, highly contagious virus makes its way across the globe. Most who get sick experience nothing worse than flu, fever and headaches. But for the unlucky one percent—and nearly five million souls in the United States alone—the disease causes “Lock In”: Victims fully awake and aware, but unable to move or respond to stimulus. The disease affects young, old, rich, poor, people of every color and creed. The world changes to meet the challenge.

A quarter of a century later, in a world shaped by what’s now known as “Haden’s syndrome,” rookie FBI agent Chris Shane is paired with veteran agent Leslie Vann. The two of them are assigned what appears to be a Haden-related murder at the Watergate Hotel, with a suspect who is an “integrator”—someone who can let the locked in borrow their bodies for a time. If the Integrator was carrying a Haden client, who the murderer is makes things complicated.

“Complicated” doesn’t begin to describe it. As Shane and Vann began to unravel the threads of the murder, it becomes clear that the real mystery—and the real crime—is bigger than anyone could have imagined. It’s an investigation that takes Shane and Vann from the halls of corporate power to the virtual spaces of the locked in. It’s nothing you could have expected.

A blazingly inventive near-future thriller from the best-selling, Hugo Award-winning John Scalzi.

From Publishers Weekly (Starred Review):

Hugo-winner Scalzi (Redshirts) successfully shifts away from space opera with this smart, thoughtful near-future thriller resonant with the themes of freedom, ethics, and corporate greed… This powerful novel will intrigue and entertain both fans and newcomers.

From Booklist (Starred Review):

Like Isaac Asimov, in his classic novels featuring human detective Elijah Baley and his robot partner R. Daneel Olivaw, Scalzi builds a complete world from the ground up, layering on top of it a captivating mystery that could only exist in a world like this one. Another brilliant novel from a writer who has quickly become one of the genre’s most successful and intriguing practitioners.


Peter V. Brett’s MESSENGER’S LEGACY Going to the Printer

Messenger's Legacy by Peter V. Brett Limited Edition Cover

High on this week's priorities is sending Peter V. Brett's Demon Cycle novella, Messenger's Legacy, to the printer. Lauren K. Cannon has turned in the rest of the interior illustrations, while Vincent Chong stepped in with the limited edition dust jacket when Lauren ran into scheduling difficulties.

Here, as well, is part of the book's first review, from Publishers Weekly:

[Messenger’s Legacy] contains plenty of material that could be used to construct a compelling coming-of-age novel: a tragic accident, a six-year-old boy forced to live by his own wits and survive through cunning and bravery, and a savior from the boy’s past who appears to hold the promise of a life restored.

Limited: 750 signed numbered copies, bound in leather: $45

Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition: $25