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Latest News

The Grand Shipping Update


We are shipping absolutely as fast as we can. It doesn't help that we're down a shipper, though.

Right now, we're finishing up copies of Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves' Interworld and The Silver Dream. With luck, those will be done today.

As soon as those are finished, shipping of customer orders for Brandon Sanderson's Legion: Skin Deep kicks into high gear. Once we have those 1000+ orders out the door, we'll turn our attention to Peter V. Brett's Messenger's Legacy.

One shipping matter has fallen by the wayside, I'm sorry to say, and won't be picked up until after we finish shipping the Brett. Only about half of our dinged book orders have exited the warehouse. Publishing and distribution deadlines pushed the Sanderson and Brett ahead of the rest of the dinged books for now, but we'll be back to them as soon as we possibly can. Thanks to everryone for their patience.


Steven Erikson Matched Sets Available


Tim just discovered a bonanza for Steven Erikson fans.

We have:

  • 11 Matching sets of Memories of Ice and House of Chains;
  • 1 Matching set of Deadhouse Gates, Memories of Ice, and House of Chains; the bowels of our warehouse.

There's a limit of one set per customer. You may order, while supplies last, via the House of Chains page.


New Neil Gaiman Broadside—Very Limited Quantities Available

8 Rules for Writing by Neil Gaiman

Soon, at our warehouse, we'll welcome copies of Neil Gaiman's new broadside, 8 Rules for Writing. This gorgeous broadside is being produced by Biting Dog Press (who were behind The Rhyme Maidens, of which we still have a very few copies).

The print run for 8 Rules for Writing is listed as 250 signed numbered copies, but we've learned that only one hundred have been signed so far, and there's some question if the rest will be. Please get your order in asap if you'd like a copy, When we offer Gaiman limiteds, we normally sell hundreds of copies. Our supply of 8 Rules for Writing is far beneath that threshold.

Limited: Signed Broadside: $85


Copies of Stephen King’s THE SHINING Available

The Shining by Stephen King

Long story short. When Stephen King's The Shining came out, we had some serious issues with inventory control on the back end of our site. Those problems remain, but we really want to get the last copies of The Shining into folks' hands. So please, head over to the book's page, follow the ordering instructions, and snag a copy if you're eligible.


Steven Erikson’s HOUSE OF CHAINS—Limited Stock Still Available


As of later this morning, all customer and bookstore orders for Steven Erikson's House of Chains will be en route to their respective destinations. We undersold the book by a bit to be certain that we didn't have to cancel any orders because of damaged copies, etc., so now's your chance to pick one up if you missed it in preorder. The book, as with the other Eriksons, is both mammoth and gorgeous. We hope everyone enjoys their copies. I should add that we're already at work on the next volume, which will be out next year.

Limited: 500 signed numbered hardcover copies: $150


Announcing Prisoner 489, a New Horror Novella by Joe R. Lansdale


We've secured a number of copies of another publisher's limited edition of Joe R. Lansdale's upcoming horror novella, Prisoner 489, which will be published in January/February 2015.

If you're interested, please order quickly, as we only have a quarter of the number of copies we usually need to serve our direct Lansdale customers.


Bestselling author Joe R. Lansdale (Cold in July, Hap and Leonard series, Bubba Ho-Tep) makes a return to horror with the dark and intense new novella Prisoner 489, fully illustrated by world-renowned artist Santiago Caruso.

On an island with a prison for the most evil and powerful criminals in the world, a new prisoner is strapped to the electric chair for execution. After multiple surges of electricity nearly knock out power to the entire island, the prisoner is finally dead. The staff buries him in the prison graveyard with a simple marker baring three numbers: 489.

After the body is buried, a violent storm rocks the island, and a staff member goes missing. The crew rushes into the storm, searching for their lost comrade. They find that the burial site of prisoner 489 has been unearthed, and the body that was inside has gone missing. With a horrific finding and strange noises around them, a powerful threat is closing in. It’s a threat that they thought was impossible, and it will force them into a battle for their lives.

Both hardcover editions feature nine full-color interior illustrations, as well as a bonus short story, “A Bad Thing”.

Limited: 400 signed numbered hardcover copies: $50
Deluxe: 52 signed slipcased hardcover copies: $200