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A Voice in the Night (preorder)

A Voice in the Night (preorder)

by Jack McDevitt

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We're pleased to announce the latest trips into territories near and far in A Voice in the Night, the new 460+ page collection by fan favorite Jack McDevitt.


(preorder—to be published in August)

Dust jacket illustration by Edward Miller.

Jack McDevitt has been a Sherlock Holmes fan since he was a teenager, although he reports that Holmes-style mysteries, whodunits, are not his favorite style. Jack encountered Gilbert Chesterton’s Father Brown tales a few years later and they ultimately became the prime influence in his science fiction. The issue with Father Brown was never a question of who committed the murder, but rather what in heaven’s name is going on here?

Why does an astronaut, in “Cathedral,” sacrifice her life to collide with an asteroid that she knows poses no threat to the Earth? Why does a scientist who’s designed an actual working AI in “The Play’s the Thing,” hide what’s he’s done? How is it that the lives of two people working at Moonbase in “Blinker” depend on a quasar?

In “Lucy,” Jack shows us why sending automated vehicles to explore the distant outposts of the solar system may not be a good idea. And in “Searching for Oz,” an alternate history story, how things might have been if SETI had gotten what it was looking for. He describes our reaction in “Listen Up, Nitwits,” when a voice begins speaking to us, apparently from Jupiter, in Greek. And in “The Lost Equation,” a Holmes adventure, we discover who really was first to arrive at e=mc2.

Jack also provides two episodes, “Maiden Voyage” and “Waiting At the Altar,” from Priscilla Hutchins’ qualification flight; and an effort by a sixteen-year-old Alex Benedict, in the title story with his uncle Gabe and Chase Kolpath’s mom, Tori, who are trying to understand why a brilliant radio entertainer, lost in the stars when his drive unit suffered a malfunction, never said goodbye.

These and thirteen other rides into odd places await the reader. 

Limited: 1000 signed numbered copies 

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: Jack McDevitt, History Builder, by Martin L. Shoemaker 
  • Searching for Oz 
  • The Law of Gravity Isn’t Working on Rainbow Bridge 
  • The Adventure of the Southsea Trunk
  • Combinations 
  • It’s a Long Way to Alpha Centauri
  • Lucy
  • Listen Up, Nitwits
  • Midnight Clear
  • The Lost Equation
  • Blood Will Tell, Co-written with Tom Easton
  • Blinker
  • Friends in High Places
  • Maiden Voyage
  • Waiting at the Altar
  • The Play’s the Thing
  • Oculus
  • Good Intentions, with Stanley Schmidt
  • Molly’s Kids
  • Ships in the Night
  • The Pegasus Project 
  • The Last Dance
  • Cathedral
  • Excalibur


Additional Information

Free Shipping for Select Preorders Yes
Authors McDevitt, Jack
Artists Miller, Edward
Binding Hardcover
Type Collection
Edition Deluxe Limited
ISBN 978-1-59606-880-3
Year 2018
Month August
Print Status Pre-Order
Shipping Class Preorder
Length 464 pages



P.O. Box 190106 Burton, Michigan 48519