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Four new Harlan Ellison books coming later this month!

Bloods a Rover Edgeworks Abbey Edition


Later this month, Edgeworks Abbey, Harlan Ellison's personal imprint, will release four new titles. We're not carrying copies, but recommend them wholeheartedly.

They include:

Brain Movies Presents Blood's a Rover — As the contents show, this is not a reprint of our recent book of the same title. This volume focuses on the development of the teleplay, following its development through several drafts, while our edition was tasked with telling the complete story in a linear fashion, in both prose and teleplay. (This book consists of screen-oriented material.)

FOE: Friends of Ellison —  named for the organization created by Peter David to combat The Enemies of Ellison, assembles previously uncollected essays on Harlan’s pals. Some were written for books by the subjects, some were written for convention programs honoring the subjects, and far too many were written to lament the loss of the subjects.

Why Do You Call Me Ishmael When You Know My Name is Bernie? — gathers an omnifarious array of Ellisonian essays that use popular culture as a window on sociology and politics, art as an insight into the human soul, and Dashiel Hammett for an English lesson.

Brain Movies Volume 8 — Includes "Man without Time" teleplay material, "Flintlock" treatment and first-draft teleplay, and all of the material written for the never-finished "Dark Destroyer".




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