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David J. Schow's The Big Crush heads to the printer

The Big Crush by David J. Schow

We've just sent David J. Schow's ultra-everything new novel, The Big Crush, kicking and screaming, to the printer. 

The Big Crush is a contemporary urban thriller. A modern Los Angeles noir. Black ops. Murder for hire. And a love story about people invisible to the citizens of the ordinary, waking world.

Here are cuttings from a couple of its strong reviews, which should drive the novel to sell out quickly after publication.

From Publishers Weeky (Starred Review):

“Schow (Upgunned) keeps the banter light and the gunplay heavy in this furiously paced spree of a thriller. Schow presents alternating chapters from the viewpoint of characters with a variety of different aliases, then torques the plot with so many outrageous twists that they cease to be unbelievable.”

From Kirkus Reviews:

“…Schow mashes up his interest in movies and mayhem in this fiercely violent, mordantly comical slab of pulp fiction that's rife with bullets, bloodshed, and bedlam… It all goes a bit Looney Tunes near the end, but the book's frenetic pace and a couple of spectacular set pieces, including a shootout in a veterinary hospital and a standoff in a mountain hideaway, make it a fun ride. A kinetic, comical thriller that fires away with abandon.”



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