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A first look at the cover rough for Josiah Bancroft's Senlin Ascends

Tom Kidd has just turned in the cover rough for Josiah Bancroft's Senlin Ascends, which we absolutely love. In addition to the rough, Tom outlined his plans for further dust jackets in the series:
"I'll start with the cover. How's this for an idea - four stackable covers that show the whole tower (or as much as can be shown) by the fourth book? They'd all require a somewhat flattened perspective, as if photographed at a great distance with a powerful telephoto lens. The first cover is at dawn and shows the lower part of the tower. Here is an example of that.
"I did some quick color work on it to give a dawn-like feel. The finish will be a bit more colorful, but the the same morning tint. My plan is to set the second cover atop the first cover to make sure the two match as I paint it. The next cover would be later in the day, maybe overcast with a bluish tint. If you look close, there's an airship parked in a portal on a long arching balcony about three quarters up. I'm thinking that the next cover will have a prominent airship in the foreground based on what I've read so far of the second book. Would it be okay to place an extra large crab/spider repair device on the side of the structure? It seems to me they could come in various sizes. If not, I can put on there that only a close observer might see. An idea like this tends to evolve as I paint it so new things can emerge as I go. And...of course, I'm open to suggestions. It's difficult to see, but a train is pulling into a station near the tower. You can see the smoke from its smokestack, though."
Limited: 500 signed numbered copies of Senlin Ascends and Arm of the Sphinx (two volumes, to be published simultaneously): $250



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