Matthew Corbett, Trade Paperback Set

Matthew Corbett, Trade Paperback Set

Illustration By Vincent Chong
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Dust jacket illustrations by Vincent Chong

Published by Lividian Publications.

Lividian Publications will be publishing five previous titles in Robert McCammon’s acclaimed Matthew Corbett series as trade paperbacks, the first time they’ve appeared in this format anywhere in the world. We’re lucky enough to have locked in a number of sets, for one low price.

Starting with Mister Slaughter in July and finishing with Cardinal Black in November, these will be published at the perfect time to get readers fully up to speed before the trade hardcover publication of McCammon’s newest installment, The King of Shadows, in December.

These trade paperback editions feature brand new cover artwork by Vincent Chong, and although some of the novels are epic length, the page design is entirely focused on readability. These books won’t have tiny, unreadable print like some paperback editions.

But, due the shortage of book paper in the world, there will be a limited run of the offset printed true first printings of these trade paperbacks, and most of the chain bookstore orders and distributor orders will be filled via POD to ensure distribution can keep up with demand and no reader misses out.

For collectors who want first printings (and fans who want to read them as soon as possible), Lividian Publications is offering a bundle of ALL FIVE books to be shipped together this summer. These are guaranteed to be from the First Printing offset run and will be marked as such on their copyright pages.

In addition, Robert McCammon has generously agreed to sign signature sheets for at least one of the books in the bundle.

Supplies are limited. Copies ordered individually or through the big online retailers like Amazon, etc, will not be signed and might be print on demand copies.

The trade paperbacks include:

  • Mister Slaughter
  • The Providence Rider
  • The River of Souls
  • Freedom of the Mask
  • Cardinal Black


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Trade Paperback
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