Downfall of the Gods eBook

Downfall of the Gods eBook

eBook Edition
Illustration By Vincent Chong
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Cover illustration by Vincent Chong.

If you visit the Temple and ask nicely for forgiveness, you might get it—assuming you aren’t Lord Archias and you haven’t killed the Goddess’s favorite musician, Lysippus. But even goddesses are expected to follow certain rules, and as much as she wants to punish Lord Archias it seems her troublesome, all-powerful father forbids it. So the Goddess will just have to get around that by forgiving Lord Archias if he can manage some simple—or, rather, seemingly impossible—tasks. A Goddess has to do what a goddess has to do.

And in World Fantasy Award winner K.J. Parker’s sharply inventive new novella Downfall of the Gods that means everything from soothing supernatural egos to accompanying the argumentative Lord Archias on an epic quest to save his soul…and get her own way. As the Goddess and her mortal charge make their way across the world to the Land of the Dead, a host of divine surprises await them. Could what they find at the end be the downfall of the gods themselves? Only time will tell. This is a story Parker fans won’t want to miss.

From Publishers Weekly (Starred Review):

"Parker (The Last Witness) slyly and creatively uses a well-rounded knowledge of religious and mythological texts to flesh out characters and scenes. Though it clocks in at just more than 100 pages, this novella packs the punch of a full-length work."

From Library Journal (Starred Review):

"Parker…channels his alter ego Tom Holt to bring a full measure of snark to this novella. The Goddess's interactions with her family are laugh-out-loud funny as is the increasingly hapless Lord Archias, who soon prays the Goddess will just leave him alone."

Vincent Chong
K. J. Parker
eBook Edition