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Once upon a time, there was a writer named David J. Schow.

One of his specialties was the tale of unsettlement, unease, looming fear, straight-up gross-out, unnerving spookiness, gallows-humor black satire, heart-rending loss, the conte cruel, the ironies of fate, and the seductive sorcery of the otherworldly—in a word, horror.

This was by no means his only specialty.

He wrote short stories, then novels, then TV, then movies, fiction and non. He won various awards for this pursuit, including the World Fantasy Award, the International Horror Guild Award, the Twilight Zone Dimension Award, and the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award.

As you read this now, he’s been engaged in this activity professionally for forty years.

Call him a modern fantasist, a black magic realist, an acerbic satirist, a splatterpunk, a caustic comic, an “urbanized Cormac McCarthy” (John Farris), “smart, scathing, and verbally inventive to an astonishing degree” (Peter Straub), a “literary gunslinger” (Richard Christian Matheson), “the Duke of the Dark” (Mick Garris), “deeply felt but truly chilling” (Weird Tales), “remarkably talented; edgy, insightful, and fearless” (Joe R. Lansdale), a “gifted storyteller” (Robert Bloch), a “cleverly metaphoric literary chameleon” (T.E.D. Klein) … you get the general drift, right? As Michael Marshall Smith said, “Be prepared to be dragged to some very dark places, and to love every step of the way. Like being punched in the face by a poet.”

DJStories is Schow’s first “greatest hits” album, covering four decades of his efforts to shake you up, shock you awake, tweak your sensibilities and gun down your preconceptions. Thirty stories— count ‘em, thirty!—that cover the entire spectrum of what you may find frightening.

Monsters. Lovers. Spirits. Allies. Killers. The earthly and unearthly. The insane and the too-sane. The dead, the living and the in-between. Fictional folks who just might have an impact on your real, waking life.

This story does not have a happy ending. Guaranteed.

From Publishers Weeky:

“Schow (DJSturbia) takes a nightmarish trip down memory lane with this compilation of stories chosen from nearly 40 years of writing horror… No matter which form of horror he creates, Schow is a master of turning words into disturbing images of death, destruction, and mental mayhem.”

From Kirkus Reviews:

“With nods to cinema, urban horror, and genre satire, Schow offers a feast for fans of his ‘splatterpunk’ stylings, culled from 40 years of outlandish work. However ghastly they may find most stories, readers will find a surprising amount of wry humor and subtlety here and there… Macabre, bloodcurdling, funny, and shocking tales about things that go bump in the night.”

Table of Contents:

  • One for the Horrors
  • Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You
  • Red Light
  • Pamela’s Get
  • The Shaft
  • Not from Around Here
  • Jerry’s Kids Meet Wormboy (long version)
  • A Week in the Unlife
  • Sedalia
  • Pick Me Up
  • Bad Guy Hats
  • Jeff and Linda (aka “The Perfect Couple”)
  • Last Call for the Sons of Shock
  • Action
  • Life Partner
  • Refrigerator Heaven
  • The Incredible True Facts in the Case
  • (Melodrama)
  • Gills
  • Calendar Girl
  • Watcher of the Skies
  • Murder
  • Quebradora
  • Plot Twist
  • The Five Sisters: A Fable
  • Obsequy
  • Warbirds
  • A Gunfight
  • The Last Song You Hear
  • Afterweird: Quadrigennial
David J. Schow
520 pages
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eBook Edition