Blacktop Wasteland

Blacktop Wasteland

Illustration By Hasani Claxton
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Dust jacket and interior illustrations by Hasani Claxton.

Foreword by Silvia Moreno-Garcia.

MidWorld Press’ newest offering is S. A. Cosby’s highly praised Blacktop Wasteland, which Stephen King calls “[A] fast-paced, bareknuckle thriller.” 

About the Book:

His father told him, “You can’t be two types of beast.”

Beauregard “Bug” Montage is a man of two worlds: the sunlight world of honest mechanic-work, kid’s math homework and being a loving husband… and the underworld of heists and robberies, keeping one step ahead of the law, and out-driving any cop that tries to catch him. So far, Bug has managed to keep the two closed off from each other.

But, these worlds are getting ready to collide headlong when, out of desperation, Bug signs on as wheelman for a diamond robbery that goes very bad, very fast.

Now, Bug is going to make sure that the crooks from that twilight world of fast cars, loud guns, and big talk are going to regret pulling him back under. They’re going to find out exactly which kind of man they’re dealing with when they come after Beauregard Montage.

S.A. Cosby hasn’t just written a heist novel; this is a story about race, family, and identity and one man’s fight to discover who he really is when everyone and everything around him is trying to make him something else. 

Limited: 500 signed numbered hardcover copies


From Stephen King: 

“I loved Blacktop Wasteland...[A] fast-paced, bareknuckle thriller.”


From Booklist (Starred Review): 

“Cosby never misses a note in this high-energy read...A superb work of crime fiction, uncompromisingly noir but deeply human, too, much like Lou Berney’s November Road (2018).”


From The New York Times Book Review:

“A roaring, full-throttle thriller, crackling with tension and charm

From Dennis Lehane:

Blacktop Wasteland is an urgent, timely, pitch-perfect jolt of American noir. S. A. Cosby is a welcome, refreshing new voice in crime literature.” 

From Publishers Weekly:

“High-octane neo-noir thriller…The gritty, brutal narrative is complemented by the author’s sublime use of sensory description and regional imagery. In addition, the epic, jaw-dropping chase sequences that figure prominently are reason alone to read this pedal-to-the-metal but profoundly sorrowful novel. Cosby is definitely a writer to watch.”

From Library Journal (Starred Review):

“We’re in Elmore Leonard land…Bug’s got a conscience not typical of the thriller genre, but other than that, this novel recalls almost perfectly the classic heist thriller in the vein of Richard Stark’s “Parker” novels. It’ll go like hot cakes.”



Hasani Claxton
S. A. Cosby
328 pages
In Print
Late 2021/Early 2022