At the Earth's Core — The Letterpress Edition

At the Earth's Core — The Letterpress Edition

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Published by ERB Books.

One hundred years ago, A. C. McClurg & Co., with offices on Wabash Ave. in Chicago, was arranging for M. A. Donohue & Co. to letterpress print and bind the first edition of At the Earth's Core. It would introduce a new audience to the fantastic world of Pellucidar® - the third of three new worlds Edgar Rice Burroughs® created by 1913 and in a span of less than two years. 

We pleased to announce the publication of a new boxed-set edition of At the Earth's Core—The Letterpress Edition” by Edgar Rice Burroughs designed to capture the craftsmanship of the past while leading you to experience the adventure of Pellucidar in fresh new way. The book will be printed letterpress with magnesium plates on a vintage Heidelberg Printing press. Each boxed set will include one of the printing plates designed to print one of the pages in the book. 

At the Earth’s Core—The Letterpress Edition the companion set to Tarzan of the Apes—The, Artist Edition and A Princess of Mars—The Manuscript Edition and the seventh title in the ERB Limited Edition Collection authorized by and published under the imprint of ERB Inc. of Tarzana, Ca.

Each Letterpress Edition Set Includes:

  • Book & clamshell box (10”x7”x3”) handcrafted in blue leather, smyth-sewn binding, original dust jacket, illustrated endpapers limited to 52 lettered & 648 numbered sets signed by Phil Burger (Preface), William Stout (Artist’s Preface) and featured artists. 
  • Letterpress printed on premium paper from metal plates like the 1922 A. C. McClurg first edition produced 100 years ago.
  • (21+) Tipped-In Color Plates—featuring artwork by Frazetta, St. John, Sanjulian, Patrick, Stout, Yeates, Jusko, Burian, Grindberg, Jones, and many more.
  • (14+) Tipped-In B & W Plates from the AEC & Pellucidar portfolios by Frank Frazetta.
  • (35+) B & W Illustrations throughout the text.


Bonus items:

  • Printing Plate—Each set includes an authentic metal printing plate designed for the publication of this edition.
  • At the Earth’s Core Collector Portfolio - includes replica letters, notebook pages, pulp excerpts, Munsey’s check to ERB, the 1st newspaper serialization, advertising standee and the A. C. McClurg order form & book contract.

Limited: 648 numbered copies signed by various contributors and artists, housed in a clamshell case 


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