Affair of the Chalk Cliffs eBook

Affair of the Chalk Cliffs eBook

eBook Edition
Illustration By J. K. Potter
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Cover and interior illustrations by J. K. Potter

An outbreak of violent madness at the Explorers Club, the coincidental murders of a recluse scientist in North Kent and a lighthouse keeper on the chalk cliffs below Brighton, and the mysterious disappearance of Alice St. Ives, lead Langdon St. Ives, Jack Owlesby, and their resolute friend Tubby Frobisher into the very heart of danger, where they discover the great secret of the chalk cliffs at Beachy Head and a looming threat to the collective sanity of mankind.

From Publishers Weekly:

“While many recent novels have picked up the steampunk banner, this one fully delivers, offering action, farce, tender relationships, and prose full of genuine Victorian cadence and flavor.”

From Bookslut:
“Rather delightfully, Victorian detective Langdon St. Ives returns for another rousing adventure against the nefarious Dr. Narbondo in The Affair of the Chalk Cliffs. These novellas by author James Blaylock are literary candy for fans of the Sherlock Holmes tradition… Along with Blaylock’s text, readers will also enjoy the always impressive interior illustrations from J. K. Potter, whose aesthetic is perfectly matched to the author’s, and makes these books not just fun to read but objects to treasure.”

J. K. Potter
James P. Blaylock
eBook Edition