Three New Ebooks by Alastair Reynolds Available at $2.99 Each

The Six Directions of Space

We're inordinately pleased to be able to make three of Alastair Reynolds' classic novellas available as ebooks. They include

The Six Directions of Space

From Booklist:

Reynolds' impressive new space opera is a novella about the Mongol Empire 999 years after the death of its founder… Set in a solidly built universe, full of excellent espionage and adventure, Six Directions of Space is a surprisingly small package to contain such a lot of entertainment.

Troika by Alastair Reynolds


From Publishers Weekly:

Powerfully demonstrating that less can be more, hard science fiction master Reynolds (Terminal World) has crafted a short but effective first contact novella.


Thousandth Night by Alastair Reynolds

Thousandth Night

From Locus:

Part of what makes Reynolds so effective—what makes his version of space opera New—is his ability to work at both ends of the scale, from the intimate to the very very large.