Subterranean—Special K. J. Parker Issue

Subterranean Summer 2013

Given that we've published a number of novellas by her, it's probably no surprise to anyone that I consider K. J. Parker among the two or three best epic fantasy writers currently active. Next year, we hae a huge (670 pages) collection, Academic Exercises, on the schedule, to be followed in 2015 by Savages, an original novel that's nearly as long! In the meantime, the current issue of Subterranean is the K. J. Parker Special, with a long original story ("The Sun and I") a rarity ("Illuminated"), and an appropriate bit of non-fiction ("Rich Men's Skins").

In addition to the Parker, you'll find a Joe R. Lansdale story, an original from Catherynne M. Valente (from her forthcoming collection, The Bread We Eat in Dreams), and "Stage Blood" by Kat Howard, who continues to make a name for herself with gems like this.

Remember, in addition to being free on the the site, the Summer issue is also available as .mobi and epub downloads.