Reviews Ahoy!

We have a few recently released books, and one classic title, that have just received glowing reviews. We'll get out of the way and let the reviews speak for themselves.

Five Autobiographies and a Fiction by Lucius Shepard

From SF Revu:

Five Autobiographies and a Fiction collects six original novellas by Lucius Shepherd. It's rare to see a collection of novellas, never mind by a single author. It is a length that Shepherd excels at, and we are lucky that Subterranean Press has made this collection possible. Shepherd opens the collection with a frank introduction that shows how the protagonists of five of the novellas represent paths that Shepherd could have seen his own life taking, showing how they are in a sense alternate history autobiographies, which probably explains the sensitivity and compassion Shepherd's writing displays for even his most flawed protagonists… This collection is amazingly rewarding. These are clearly deeply personal stories for the author, and it pays off in the depth and richness of his writing. I highly recommend this collection to one and all.

I Travel by Night by Robert McCammon

From SFRevu:

McCammon creates a fast paced and entertaining tale with this novella, constructing the world Lawson inhabits with an admirable specificity. The feel of being in 19th century New Orleans is palpable. With his credo and calling card, which reads simply ‘I travel by night’, Lawson is a worthy protagonist who evokes the old television series Have Gun Will Travel with his forthright manner and direct approach to solving problems. He is less a detective than a force of justice and vengeance, going after a singular target.

The Gist by Michael Marshall Smith

From SFRevu:

…the gist of The Gist survives the difficulties generated by the two consecutive translations, providing the reader with an enticing piece of dark fiction and with the captivating results of an unusual linguistic experiment.

Mutliples by Robert Silverberg

From SFSite:

Virtually all of the stories included in this volume were amongst the best science fiction written in the mid-1980s, and many were indeed nominated and/or won various awards. Robert Silverberg has created here tales of emotional impact and intellectual depth that should be avidly perused by every serious science fiction reader. I look forward to future volumes in the series.

The Best of Joe Haldeman

We're sold out of The Best of Joe Haldeman, but you can still find copies out in the wild. Here's just one more reason to, from SFSite:

The Best of Joe Haldeman also ventures into horror, political conspiracies, anthropological science fiction, even a young adult adventure story set on Mars. These are the topics of a writer whose work has stretched across most of the themes and styles of modern SF, whose work has been an integral part of the on-going conversation that is science fiction. To read The Best of Joe Haldeman is to partake in that conversation at the highest level, fueled by a collection of stories whose ideas, characters, and themes will be talked about for as long as that conversation goes on.