Philip Jose Farmer—LOCUS Reviews GODS OF OPAR, and an Original Novella Coming Soon


Paul di Filippo at Locus Online has just posted a lengthy, complimentary review of our recent Philip Jose Farmer omnibus, Gods of Opar, with the third novel therein completed by Christopher Paul Carey.

Here’s a taste of the review:

“Not knowing how much of this tale is Farmer’s work and how much is Carey’s, it’s still possible to say that the novel possesses an organic, unified feel, and a high level of storytelling craft. The legacy of the Khokarsa cycle is continued in honorable and entertaining fashion… we do see a lot of exciting material previously hidden, including the ultimate fates of Minruth and Awineth, followed by a coda involving Hadon… So readers who miss Farmer’s distinct voice and worldview can safely rejoice in this posthumous addition to his worldbuilding canon.”

For those of you who keep track of things, the trade edition of Opar is now 95% sold out, scant weeks after publication. You might want to pick up a copy soon if you’re interested.