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Nell Gwynne's On Land and At Sea

Kage Baker began Nell Gwynne's On Land and At Sea shortly before her death in 2010, and left behind a partial manuscript and outline. Here sister, and long time first reader, Kathleen Bartholomew, took up where Kage left, and turned in, at 47,000 words, the longest Nell Gwynne adventure yet. We happy to think it's a hoot, and a worthy addition to Kage's beloved works. Many reviewers have felt the same, including this one from Publishers Weekly:

Even a month-long seaside holiday can’t keep the spy-mistresses of the exclusive Nell Gwynne brothel away from trouble in this comic steampunk novella…the mildly naughty nautical double entendres and period-style illustrations by J.K. Potter will entertain readers who appreciate Victoriana.

If you're looking for the original Nell Gwynne's novella, The Women of Nell Gwynne's, it's available as part of Nell Gwynne's Scarlet Spy, with a bonus novelette, or as a standalone ebook.