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New Jonathan Carroll in stock and shipping

The Crows Dinner by Jonathan Carroll


We've finished shipping all the preordered copies of Jonathan Carroll's nifty non-fiction collection, The Crow's Dinner, which happens to weigh in at over 560 pages. This makes now as good a time as any to say what Neil Gaiman had to say (via Twitter) about the prospect of reading the volume: “Anything new by Jonathan Carroll is a treat. I cannot wait to get home and read my copy.”

About the Book:

The Crow’s Dinner is master novelist Jonathan Carroll’s debut essay collection, and that is very good news. Gathering together hundreds of entries that initially appeared on the website Medium, The Crow’s Dinner is at once a wide-ranging spiritual autobiography and an annotated guide to what Carroll calls “The Map of Me.”

Beginning with an appreciation of “The Invisibles,” those insignificant moments we overlook at our peril, The Crow’s Dinner encompasses an extraordinary range of incidents, ideas, and images that cumulatively illuminate the inner and outer weather of a major American artist. This generous volume contains fragments of autobiography, reflections on the nature of creativity, vivid recreations of chance encounters, and provocative meditations on the complexity—and unpredictability—of human relationships. It is a book filled with colorful vignettes, unexpected bursts of whimsy, and observations filtered through an utterly unique sensibility. Witty, compassionate, open at all times to the “momentary magic” of existence, it is a work of singular beauty that is unlike anything you have ever read.

Since the publication of his first novel, The Land of Laughs, in 1980, Jonathan Carroll has repeatedly offered us new and startling ways of looking at our familiar world. With The Crow’s Dinner, he speaks to us in direct, unmediated fashion about the things that matter most: love, lust, books, dogs, food, friendship—and the transforming power of the imagination. The result is an intimate, one-of-a kind tour of a lively, unfettered mind. Like the best of Carroll’s fiction, The Crow’s Dinner is a book that matters.

Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies: $40

From Publishers Weekly:

“This weighty compendium from novelist Carroll (Bathing the Lion) collects an eccentric and fascinating assortment of observations, musings, anecdotes, and snatches of story from his internet postings and website… His work suggests that the small moments are where we are most alive in the world and where we can learn to make momentary sense of it.”



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