Kelley Armstrong—Amity Horrible Ebook Now Available

Amityville Horrible by Kelley Armstrong

Our surprise Kelley Armstrong title for this winter, the 27,000 word novella, Amityville Horrible, is available now through the usual suspects. The hardcover edition will be available in a month or two, but if you want to give it an early read, the ebook contains all of the text and artwork that will appear in the signed, limited edition.

About the Book

“I don’t run from ghosts.”
His voice, right at my ear. “You will.”

Jaime Vegas—spiritualist, entertainer and, unbeknownst to her audience, real-life necromancer—swore she’d never do another reality ghost show after the last fiasco. But when she’s railroaded into a charity gig, she finds herself back on the set, this time with a cast of photogenic college kids, an up-and¬-coming Russian spiritualist, and a tale of missing girls and murder in New England. It’s cheesy, but that’s show business. With her werewolf Alpha lover, Jeremy Danvers, along to keep her nights interesting, it’s not so bad really. Until the bloody ghosts show up. Jaime has never faced spirits like these, and no matter how hard she tries, they won’t be ignored.