Another Warehouse Find—Jonathan Carroll’s The Woman Who Married a Cloud

The Woman Who Married a Cloud

More shifting around as we put up industrial shelving, and we've uncovered a box of the trade hardcovers of Jonathan Carroll's mammoth collection, The Woman Who Married a Cloud.

Here is a taste of the reviews it received:

From Locus:

There are dogs and children and lost lovers populating these tales, to be sure, and there are fair doses of grief and sentiment in some of them, but mostly there are the lineaments of a vision so distinctive, and so morally grounded, that it hardly bears comparison with anything else in modern fiction at all.


In terms of themes and style, Carroll’s short stories are similar to his novels. The main difference is obviously a function of the difference in length: while it usually takes his novels a while to build up, the short stories go from common to cosmic surprisingly quickly. Expect a great many short stories that introduce a thoughtful, interesting protagonist whose life at some point suddenly intersects with (to use this word again) the transcendent: he or she discovers something about the true nature of the human soul, or love, or reality, or God.

We only have sixteen copies, so don't delay.