A Pair of Recent Reviews

The Best of Joe Haldeman

The newest issue of Library Journal welcomed SubPress with a pair of strong reviews:

The Best of Joe Haldeman (Joe Haldeman, duh):
“From the tense, military action of ‘Hero’, the basis for Haldeman’s award-winning classic The Forever War, to the horrific short story detailing the prison of the future, ‘Complete Sentence’, the 19 pieces collected here bear witness to the brilliant and hard-hitting prose of one of today’s most significant sf voices.”

Six-Gun Snow White (Catherynne M. Valente):
“Valente’s (Palimpsest; In the Night Garden) talent for telling stories that have the cadence and grace of poetry makes her a perfect interpreter of classic stories. Her fans will appreciate the humor and artistry in this imaginative retelling of one of the world’s most popular fairy tales.”