Dear readers,

In the last couple of days a number of Subterranean Press customers and readers have sent us e-mail expressing their concerns and in some cases anger over the novella Hamlet’s Father, written by Orson Scott Card, which we published earlier this year. These concerns and complaints are serious enough that I want to address them.

Let me first admit that these complaints about the novella have caught us flat-footed, in part because the work is a reprint. The novella had been published before in the 2008 anthology, The Ghost Quartet, edited by Marvin Kaye, published by Tor Books. Subterranean Press has had a fruitful publishing relationship with Orson Scott Card, and anticipated a collector’s edition of the novella would find an audience among his fans. We did not anticipate controversy for republishing a work which had received no controversy prior to our publication, and which remains in print elsewhere.

Nevertheless, as publisher of Subterranean Press, I am responsible for everything we publish, and that means being ready to hear any complaints and criticisms about what we publish.

For those who have already sent in e-mails, I’ve read them and will share them with Subterranean’s senior staff. For those who want to send their e-mails, I want to hear from you. Your e-mails will also be shared with our senior staff, and your thoughts and criticisms will be part of our discussion when it comes to future acquisitions and editorial selection. We’re taking this seriously, and we value what you have to say to us. So write to us at “”. Thanks.


Bill Schafer
Subterranean Press