A Mid-Month John Scalzi Reminder

Subterranean Scalzi Super Bundle

As a reminder, the month is half over, which means you still have time to pick up an ebook bundle of all of our John Scalzi titles, including:


  • How I Proposed To My Wife: An Alien Sex Story
  • An Election
  • Questions for a Soldier
  • The Sagan Diary
  • Judge Sn Goes Golfing
  • The Tale of the Wicked
  • The God Engines


  • You're Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop to a Coffee Shop

If purchased individually, the books would run you $17.92, but for the month of November, we're offering all the Scalzi you can handle for the low price of $7.99.

For ordering options, please check out the ebook's product page.