A Double Shot of Great Reviews for Harlan Ellison

Gentleman Junkie by Harlan Ellison

Publishers Weekly just graced our two upcoming Harlan Ellison collections (Gentleman Junkie and The Deadly Streets)  with reviews that are certain to sell out the trade hardcovers.

On Gentleman Junkie and other stories of the hung-up generation:

In his informative introduction to this collection of 22 stories originally published in 1961, Ellison states this is the book that ‘was most pivotal in changing my life.’ Writing these provocative tales led to an awareness of his concern with social problems, minorities, and injustice—and his involvement with civil rights, antiwar protests, and feminism… These are vibrant, moving stories from an increasingly confident young writer embarking on a remarkably productive career.

On The Deadly Streets:

This third reissue of Ellison’s classic 1958 collection about juvenile delinquents, city gang members, and those infected or affected by violence are still potent, even though switchblades and zip guns have been replaced by much deadlier weaponry in the hands of their present-day counterparts… Ellison’s prose remains satisfyingly sharp and his insights into the fears and longings that drive his characters are even sharper and more satisfying.

Both of the trade hardcovers are limited to only 750 copies, while the matched set, with one volume signed by Harlan, housed in a custom slipcase, carries of limitation of 250.