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The Agony Column Raves About Robert McCammon

The Agony Column Raves About Robert McCammon

Robert McCammon's return to horror is almost here. We've just sent his historical vampire novella, I Travel by Night, to the printer, and are getting quotes for the slipcases for the limited edition. In the meantime, the novella just received a killer review that connects it to some of McCammon's classic novels.

So Says The Agony Column:

In the 1980’s, McCammon turned a lot of heads with a string of novels that, in many ways, perfectly refined the best elements of American horror fiction. His vampire novel, They Thirst unleashed vampires in Los Angeles; his werewolf novel, The Wolf’s Hour, pitted an allied spy who was a werewolf against the Nazis. To these and other novels, he brought a rich, atmospheric imagination, vivid characters and an expertly paced plot. McCammon’s novels were unabashedly commercial, generally available first as mass-market paperbacks and one hundred percent fun. He took his work seriously enough to make it real, and the resulting books were the very essence of the eighties horror ripping yarn.

That sensibility is all over his latest book from Subterranean Press, I Travel By Night. In a tight, smartly-written novella, readers get the Trevor Lawson’s back story, his quest, the limits of his abilities and lots of glimpses into the larger world that McCammon is building. Lawson is a vampire for hire, a night-haunting gunslinger who solves the sort of problems that most folks don’t survive—many of which are the result of his decision to try to avert the fate that awaits him. McCammonn does a great job of crafting a character we love who is flawed as hell.