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Subterranean Magazine Now Available as Free Downloads

Subterranean Fall 2012

The two most recent issues of Subterranean, Fall 2012 and Winter 2013, are now avaialbe as free downloads in Mobi and Epub formats, with no DRM, naturally. Might we suggest you give Maria Dahvana Headley's stunner "Game" a try. Or, from the Winter 2013 issue, Walter Jon Williams' long (31,000 words) alternate history novella, "The Boolean Gate". You can look for each and every issue of the mag from here on out as a free download.

We have some great issues set to run later this year, including a K. J. Parker special, with one new tale, one that most folks haven't seen, and another of her fine essays on historical warfare. Jay Lake clocks in with a nifty coda to his Green saga, at nearly novella length, while we also have a couple of tales by one of our favorite new fantasy writers, Kat Howard, in inventory. If that's not enough to look forward to, Jonathan Strahan has signed on to guest edit an issue of the mag at the end of the year..

What are you waiting for. Head over, download the last two issues, and commence reading!