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Four New Stephen King Editions Coming

Four New Stephen King Editions Coming

This year will be a bonanza for Stephen King's many fans, with no fewer than four collectible editions of his work being published. We're running this notice again, because our inventory module was a little off, and it turns out we have copies left of books that were prematurely listed as sold out. We do not expect to be able to secure more copies of the books from other publishers, so please get your order in early.

They include:

  • The Shining, which we'll be doing our darndedst to make one of the best King editions yet. The Limited and Lettered are both sold out, but you can still preorder the Gift  Edition for a limited time.
  • Doctor Sleep, the seqel to The Shining, which is coming from Cemetery Dance. We've locked in a limited number of copies of the Gift edition of this one for our customers, but don't expect copies to last long.

In addition, our friends at PS Publishing will be releasing two Anniversary King Editions with facsimile signatures, and print runs projected to be 750 copies apiece.

  • Christine—Featuring, among a good deal of original art, a brand new introduction by Ramsey Campbell.
  • Pet Sematary—This time around, Michael Marshall Smith is helming the intro. It, too, will include original art.

We don't expect our allotments of any of these titles to last long, so please get your order in early or risk disappointment.

If you'd prefer to source your books directly from the publisher, we can't recommend PS Publishing highly enough. Head oveer to their site and preorder the books on their forthcoming books page.