Announcing our first ever project—an Iron Druid novella—with Kevin Hearne

The Purloined Poodle by Kevin Hearne

We're pleased to announce our first project with NYTimes best-seller Kevn Hearne. The Purloined Poodle is an Iron Druid novella featuring everyone's favorite character from the series, Oberon. Among the best news of all: The Purloined Poodle goes to the printer next month!

About the Book:

Thanks to his relationship with the ancient Druid Atticus O’Sullivan, Oberon the Irish wolfhound knows trouble when he smells it—and furthermore, he knows he can handle it.

When he discovers that a prizewinning poodle has been abducted in Eugene, Oregon, he learns that it’s part of a rash of hound abductions all over the Pacific Northwest. Since the police aren’t too worried about dogs they assume have run away, Oberon knows it’s up to him to track down those hounds and reunite them with their humans. For justice! And gravy!

Engaging the services of his faithful Druid, Oberon must travel throughout Oregon and Washington to question a man with a huge salami, thwart the plans of diabolical squirrels, and avoid, at all costs, a fight with a great big bear.

But if he’s going to solve the case of the Purloined Poodle, Oberon will have to recruit the help of a Boston terrier named Starbuck, survive the vegetables in a hipster pot pie, and firmly refuse to be distracted by fire hydrants and rabbits hiding in the rose bushes.

At the end of the day, will it be a sad bowl of dry kibble for the world’s finest hound detective, or will everything be coming up sirloins?

The Purloined Poodle is another exciting novella entry in Kevin Hearne’s New York Times best-selling Iron Druid series.

Limited: 250 signed numbered copies, bound in leather: $45
Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition: $20


Announcing COFFIN NAILS by Harlan Ellison, limted to only 200 numbered copies

Coffin Nails by Harlan Ellison

Charnel House is publishing a large (450 pages) gathering of Harlan Ellison's hitherto uncollected and never printed pulp stories from the late '50s and '60s. As there are only 200 copies of Coffin Nails, and our quantity is very limited, you might want to order early.

About the Book:

23 stories written in 1957/8, previously published only in original digest magazines

2 stories written in 1969 which have remained unpublished until this collection

These are among the very first steps on a sixty-year career, and have been hidden away until now in the fragile brown pages of magazines like Super Science Fiction, Amazing Stories, and Science Fiction Adventures—but they let us see in emergence the style and urgency that came to full maturity in his latter, widely celebrated work. With this book, all of Harlan Ellison's stories so far are preserved in book form.

—from the introduction by Tim Powers

Limited: 200 signed numbered copies, bound in handmade Crackle paper: $300


Robert McCammon’s FREEDOM OF THE MASK in stock and shipping

Freedom of the Mask by Robert McCammon

We're pleased to announce that the TRADE hardcover of Robert McCammon's Freedom of the Mask is in stock and shipping. (If you ordered the limited or lettered editions, please be patient. Those will be along in due course.)

Freedom may just be the most exciting of the Matthew Corbett novels yet, garnering a starred review from Publishers Weekly:

McCammon’s rousing sixth yarn featuring Matthew Corbett (after 2014’s The River of Souls) transports the early 18th-century American problem solver across the Atlantic to London, where he’s clapped into hellish Newgate Prison on murder charges. Matthew quickly becomes embroiled in mysteries involving fellow inmate Daniel Defoe; a gin-running street gang, the Black-Eyed Broodies; a kidnapped Italian opera singer; and a masked avenger named Albion, whose exploits are sensationalized (along with Matthew’s) in a penny dreadful broadsheet, the Pin

Want to read more, including an excerpt from the novel, and an interview with the author? Check out the book's product page.


Lois Mcmaster Bujold novella over 90% sold out

Penric's Demon by Lois McMaster Bujold

The first review of Lois McMaster Bujold's new fantasy novella, Penric's Demon, just appeared, and it's a good one that will result in orders for hundreds (or thousands) of copies from our wholesalers. The bad news is that Penric is already over 90% sold out, so we're not going to come close to being able to satisty all of our accounts. If you're interested in a copy, now is a great time to place your direct order.

And that review? It's from Publishers Weekly, and reads like this:

Bujold (Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen) returns to her World of the Five Gods universe with a novella filled with a satisfying blend of strong characters and wry humor… Bujold creates a good-hearted, if somewhat naive, fellow in Penric and a fascinating multivoiced character in Desdemona. The banter between the two and the bizarre situation that Penric finds himself in add levity to this fantasy road story.


Announcing a new Dayworld novel by Philip Jose Farmer and Danny Adams

A Hole in Wednesday

Newer publisher Meteor House plans to release A Hole in Wednesday, a new collaborative novel by Philip José Farmer and Danny Adams this summer, and we're lucky enough to be able to offer copies to our customers. One imortant note: Meteor House will be limiting the hardcover print run to the number of preordered copies, so please get your order in before June 16.

About the Book:

Philip José Farmer’s Dayworld trilogy, as well as his short story “The Sliced-Crosswise Only-On-Tuesday World,” imagines a severely overcrowded future that cures the overpopulation problem by “stoning” six-sevenths of the population each day.

Farmer began a prequel Dayworld novel, A Hole in Wednesday, but did not complete it, and Meteor House is pleased that Danny Adams has picked up the mantle. Set some time before the events in the original trilogy, the novel nonetheless has direct links to the acclaimed series, exploring the developing world and antecedent characters who vigorously challenge the life in which they find themselves trapped.

The Dayworld was born from the overpopulation and chaos of the late 21st century: live just one day out of seven, spend the rest in a suspended animation called stoning, and humanity will only need one-seventh of the resources it was consuming on its dying planet. Now, three-and-a-half centuries into this New Era—or two “subjective generations” later—everyone seems blessed with peace and abundance. But one man is about to discover that the seeds of the world’s destruction were deeply planted by the time the Dayworld began.

As with most Meteor House titles, the print run of the Signed (by Danny Adams) Hardcover Limited Edition will be determined by the number of books preordered. To ensure you get a signed copy, be sure to order no later than June 16th, 2016.


A taste of fiery pulp, courtesy of Joe R. Lansdale

Dead on the Bones by Joe R. Lansdale

We've just posted the opening of each story from Joe R. Lansdale's upcoming collection, Dead on the Bones. Head over and fill your head with pulpy goodness,

Here's one to get you started. From "The Redheaded Dead":

Reverend Mercer knew it was coming because the clouds were being plucked down into a black funnel, making the mid-day sky go dark. It was the last of many omens, and he knew from experience it smacked of more than a prediction of bad weather. There had been the shooting star of last night, bleeding across the sky in a looping red wound. He had never seen one like it. And there had been the angry face he had seen in the morning clouds, ever so briefly, but long enough to know that god was sending him another task in his endless list.


New Ann Leckie in stock and shipping

Ancillary Sword

It'll take us a few days to get this one out the door. We think everyone will be happy with the finished product.

Thanks to all who ordered.


Low Stock Lettered Editions

We've just posted a special page where we're listing one or two copies of various lettered editions we pulled from the shelves in the collectors room.

Have at it, but remember it's one copy per customer, so if you've already bought a given lettered edition, you're not eligible to pick up a spare.

Here's the link.



Announcing THE LAST DAYS OF NEW PARIS by China Mieville

The Last Days of New Paris by China Mieville

We'll be publishing the signed limited edition of China Mieville's brilliant new novel, The Last Days of New Paris, which will feature a full-color cover and full-color interiors by Vincent Chong. Read on for the full details.

“In Paris you had to be ready to fight art and the Hellish—not to mention Nazis…”

Multiple-award-winning China Mieville’s extraordinary novel The Last Days of New Paris is a door into the heart of a twentieth century that never was, that always was. The hinges it turns on are surrealism and anti-Fascism and occultism, oiled by vivid prose that startlingly mines art and poetry for its images. The story it opens to reveal combines mystery and adventure, philosophy and revolution.

Here is the American Jack Parsons in 1941 Marseilles, navigating a tangle of competing wartime powers incapable of containing the chaos of wartime Europe. A student of the occult, he encounters fleeing surrealist thinkers, and something extraordinary is born in the cauldron of his imagination.

Here is the resistance fighter Thibaut in 1950 Paris, struggling to survive and fight on in a city haunted by manifs, manifestations from the dreams and nightmares of the century’s most fertile imaginations. These manifs are in conflict with hellspawn called up by Nazi officer-priests.

By turns heartbreaking and breathtaking, this book conjures a world that demands attention, and tests loyalties to concepts as fundamental as reality itself. Here is a tour de force of imagination, here is a crescendo of thought, here, at last, is the exquisite corpse. Here is The Last Days of New Paris, an unmissable new novel by a modern master of the fantasic.

Limited:  500 signed numbered hardcover copies: $50

Lettered: 26 signed leatherbound copies, housed in a custom traycase: $250



The Further Adventures of Langdon St. Ives


The estimable (and frequently critical) Kirkius Reviews has weighed in on James P. Blaylock's The Further Adventures of Langdon St. Ives.

We're only too happy to share a cutting from what they said:

Langdon St. Ives is a scientist, explorer, and cheerfully married family man who continually finds himself embroiled in strange adventures and investigations that transform both Victorian England and more exotic locales into places lavishly beset by all the familiar and beloved trappings of fantastical steampunk. Accompanied by a cast of charming friends and allies, St. Ives faces a series of absurd dangers, often the machinations of a cartoonish nemesis in the mad scientist mold, Ignacio Narbondo.

If that doesn't nudge you enough to pick up a copy, here's a bit from the earlier Publishers Weekly review:

Blaylock is a master of the period piece, easily capturing a Doyle-esque voice that serves his Holmes-adjacent hero well…this collection is a concise introduction to St. Ives and a handsome volume for any steampunk fan.

Limited: 200 signed numbered copies, bound in leather: $60

Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition: $40


Harlan Ellison’s THE TOP OF THE VOLCANO for only $2.99

The Top of the Volcano by Harlan Ellison

The ebook edition of Harlan Ellison's The Top of the Volcano is on sale this week for only $2.99, less than 1/3 of the regular price. Go forth and order a copy.

About the Book:

Firebrand, Touchstone, Trailblazer, Risk-Taker!

“Only connect,” E.M. Forster famously said, and Harlan Ellison was canny enough to make that the lifeblood of his achievement from the get-go.

New, fresh and different is tricky in the storytelling business, as rare as diamonds, but, as a born storyteller, Harlan made story brave, daring, surprising again, brought an edge of the gritty and the strange, the erudite and the street-smart, found ways to make words truly come alive again in an over-worded world.

From the watershed of the ’50s and ’60s when the world found its dynamic new identity, to a self-imitating, sadly all too derivative present, he has kept storytelling cool and hip, exhilarating, unexpected yet always vital, able to get under your skin and change your life.

And now we have it. The Top of the Volcano is the collection we hoped would come along eventually, twenty-three of Harlan’s very best stories, award-winners every one, brought together in a single volume at last. There’s the unforgettable power of “'Repent, Harlequin!' Said the Ticktockman,” “The Whimper of Whipped Dogs” and “Mefisto in Onyx,” the heart-rending pathos of “Jeffty Is Five” and “Paladin of the Lost Hour”, the chilling terror of “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream,” the ingenuity and startling intimacy of “Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans…”

These stories are full of the light and life of someone with things worth saying and the skills to do it, presented in the book we had to have—not just a Best-of (though given what’s on offer it may just fall out that way) but in one easy-to-grab volume perfect for newbies, long-time fans and seasoned professionals alike to remind them just how it can be done.

From Publishers Weekly:

Ellison (Slippage) has won so many awards over his six-decade career that this hefty collection only includes the short stories that have won the most prestigious prizes. His greatest hits include ‘I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream’ (1967), with its viciously omnipotent computer, and ‘The Deathbird’ (1973), a riff on the book of Genesis in sympathy with the snake. His iconoclastic early period is represented by experimental pieces such as ‘The Region Between’ (1969), which includes abstract graphics with its text. But the pleasant surprises are later, more obscure works, such as ‘The Man Who Rowed Christopher Columbus Ashore’ (1991), in which a higher intelligence arbitrarily meddles with the world.

From Locus:

The Top of the Volcano may be the single most useful Ellison collection to date, for a couple of reasons. One is that by confining the selection to stories that actually won awards, it represents the fiction for which Ellison has been honored by the community over the years… Another is that it offers a clear portrait of the fiction rather than the man, which has always been a difficult distinction for many readers…

From The Chicago Tribune:

This may be the most useful book we have for those who want to rediscover Ellison, or for those encountering him for the first time and who want to know what all the fuss was about.


THIS CENSUS-TAKER heads to the printer

This Census-Taker by China Mieville

China Mieville's astonishingly good new novella, This Census-Taker has just been sent to the printer. (Also, to the interested, we've just agreed to publish a limited edition of his next novel, The Last Days of New Paris, which will be up for preorder soon.)

Here are samples of some of this reviews the novella has received:

From The Guardian (UK):

Over and over again, book after book, MIeville’s mature work forces the reader to ask the question that most writers get to prompt once in a literary lifetime if they’re lucky: what is this new thing we are being shown?

From Publishers Weekly (Starred Review):

New Weird exemplar Miéville (Three Moments of an Explosion) evokes fantasy from the emotional currents of daily life, eradicating differences between self and other and between reality and dream. Fans of Miéville’s work will recognize and relish his sharp, probing storytelling. Sparse language and a minimalist approach make this intellectual vivisection best suited to readers who are willing to work for meaning.

From The Washington Post:

...this sparse, surreal novel brilliantly shows the gradual unfolding of piecemeal memories following a trauma.

From The Chicago Tribune:

Sometimes young writers are advised that the path to fame in science fiction and fantasy is to find a successful formula and stick with it. They must get confused, then, by a writer like China Miéville, who has attained an enormous following despite — or perhaps because of — the sheer unpredictability of his imagination, which ranges freely among genres and narrative forms…While this compelling novella may be lacking in large-scale spectacle and may raise more questions than it answers, the classic Miéville themes of power, alienation and politics are never far from the surface, and the tale lingers in the memory.


Shipping order. First up: Joe Aberbcombie slipcases

Slipcase for The Shattered Sea by Joe Abercrombie

It's a busy week in shipping here at SubPress. (But when isn't it.)

Here's the tentative order for this week:

  • Slipcases for Joe Abercombie's The Shattered Sea
  • Various lettered editions
  • Ancillary Sword (Ann Leckie)

We'll keep you posted as we progress.


Announcing S. T. Joshi’s BLACK WINGS 5—Limited copies available

Black Wings V edited by S T Joshi

PS Publishing has just announced the next installment of their successful S. T. Joshi's Black Wings series of anthologies. We've locked in copies—but not too many—of the next installment, Black Wings V.

About the Book:

This fifth instalment of S. T. Joshi’s critically acclaimed Black Wings series features twenty stories that use H. P. Lovecraft’s mythos as the basis for imaginative ventures into the weird and terrifying. One of the central themes in Lovecraft’s work is the problematical nature of science in human affairs, and in this volume we find stories by Caitlín R. Kiernan, Lynne Jamneck, and Donald R. Burleson where scientists come face to face with the appalling implications of their discoveries.

Lovecraft was a master of the “sense of place,” inventing imaginary towns in New England with a rich and sinister history stretching back centuries. In this book, Jonathan Thomas, W. H. Pugmire, and Sunni K Brock bring Lovecraft’s towns of Arkham, Kingsport, and Innsmouth to life. Sam Gafford, Darrell Schweitzer, and Stephen Woodworth evoke terror in other corners of the American continent, while British writers David Hambling and John Reppion find Lovecraftian horror in little-known towns in England. The world-building that led Lovecraft to fashion an entire universe set in the realm of dreams is duplicated in tales by Cody Goodfellow, Mark Howard Jones, and Donald Tyson.

Madness is always an occupational hazard of the “searchers after horror” who populate Lovecraft’s tales. In this volume, stories by Robert H. Waugh, Nicole Cushing, and Nancy Kilpatrick searingly display the psychological aberrations of characters as they encounter the bizarre. Lovecraft himself has become an iconic character, and his gaunt, lantern-jawed figure stalks the tales by Jason C. Eckhardt and Mollie L. Burleson. This volume concludes, as did its predecessor, with a long poem by Wade German, one of the most dynamic figures in a remarkable renaissance of weird poetry inspired by the work of Lovecraft and his colleagues.

Black Wings V can take its place as a pioneering anthology that shows how the work of H. P. Lovecraft is inexhaustibly rich in the inspiration it can provide to contemporary writers of weird fiction.

Limited: 300 signed numbered copies, in slipcase: $95
Trade: Hardcover edition in dust jacket: $40


Robert McCammon BOY’S LIFE Update

Boy's Life

We've just seen the advance copies of Robert McCammon's Boy's Life, and can honestly say it's the most gorgeous McCammon volume we've yet produced. We can't wait to get this one into your hands! As soon as the slipcases are done, we'll be able to start shipping. This book, this edition, will form the cornerstone of any McCammon collection. Don't miss out.


The Sword of Shannara signed limited edition just announced

The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks Sketch

Our pal Shawn Speakman has just announced his press will be publishing a signed, limited edition of The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks, of which we'll be getting a mere handful of copies. We suggest an early order if you're interested in this one and the two novels that follow.

About the Book:

The Sword of Shannara, The Elfstones of Shannara, and The Wishsong of Shannara will be individually produced and leather-bound, featuring the highest quality materials. They will also be beautifully illustrated by Marc Simonetti, one of today’s premiere fantasy artists. He is already hard at work on the illustrations for The Sword of Shannara. To the left, you can see the thumbnail sketch featuring Shea and Flick fleeing Shady Vale.

  • Limited to 1000 numbered copies
  • Leather-bound hardcover book with no slipcase
  • Signed by Terry Brooks and artist Marc Simonetti
  • Eight black and white interior plates by Marc Simonetti including full-color dust jacket
  • Sewn black ribbon


LEVIATHAN WAKES now shipping—copies available again

Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey

The signed limited edition of one of the hottest space operas in recent years is in stock and shipping. Even better news is that we undersold it, and have a very small number of copies of the limited and lettered editions of James S. A. Corey's Leviathan Wakes available for collectors. (Limit one per customer, etc.)

If we can secure the rights, we do plan on doing the next few volumes, so now's your chance to get in on the ground floor. We've frequently found that the first book in a series climbs in value on the aftermarket, as subsequent volumes are released.


Robert McCammon’s FREEDOM OF THE MASK ebook now available for preorder.

Freedom of the Mask by Robert McCammon

For those of you of the electronic persuasion, the ebook of Robert McCammon's Freedom of the Mask is now available for preorder.

About the Book:

The year is 1703, and Matthew Corbett, professional “problem solver,” is missing. Last seen by his friends in New York before he departed on a lucrative, seemingly straightforward mission for the Herrald Agency in Charles Town, he’s been too long absent. His comrade-in-arms Hudson Greathouse has an increasing sense the young friend he thinks of as a son must have met with some unexpected peril. Following his hunch, Greathouse retraces Matthew’s steps only to find him first presumed dead, then accused of murdering a young woman and apparently en route to London with a devious Prussian count last encountered on Professor Fell’s Pendulum Island.

Little does he know that Matthews’s circumstances are growing worse by the second. For when Matthew arrives in the bustling squalor of Londontown, he’s come shackled, charged for the murder of Count Anton Mannerheim Dahlgren. No matter the lack of body, presumed lost to the ocean. He soon finds himself locked up in the infamous Newgate prison, and has drawn the interest of a mysterious mask-wearing vigilante accused of several gruesome murders. Greathouse and the woman Matthew loves, Berry Grigsby, travel across the high seas to England to aid their friend, but it is impossible to know whether they will reach him in time to save his life.

Freedom of the Mask is the sixth installment in bestselling author Robert McCammon’s acclaimed series of standalone historical thrillers featuring the exploits of a young hero the USA Character Approved Blog has called “the Early American James Bond.” The most surprising and ambitious volume to date, this is a novel filled with unpredictable twists and a note-perfect depiction of early 1700s London. Fans will not want to miss Matthew Corbett’s most dangerous adventure yet.

From Publishers Weekly (Starred Review):

“McCammon’s rousing sixth yarn featuring Matthew Corbett (after 2014’s The River of Souls) transports the early 18th-century American problem solver across the Atlantic to London, where he’s clapped into hellish Newgate Prison on murder charges. Matthew quickly becomes embroiled in mysteries involving fellow inmate Daniel Defoe; a gin-running street gang, the Black-Eyed Broodies; a kidnapped Italian opera singer; and a masked avenger named Albion, whose exploits are sensationalized (along with Matthew’s) in a penny dreadful broadsheet, the Pin…”


A new ebook by Jacqueline Carey

One Hundred Ablutions

We've just released Jacqueline Carey's novelette One Hundred Ablutions, from A Fantasy Medley 3, as a standalone ebook.

About the book:

In “One Hundred Ablutions,” Jacqueline Carey, author of the much-beloved Kushiel’s Legacy series, tells the tale of Dala—a young woman chosen by her people’s overlords to be an exalted slave among slaves—and of the twining in her life of ritual, rebellion, and redemption.


New Wesley Chu in stock and shipping

The Days of Tao by Wesley Chu

Wesley Chu's delightful new novella, The Days of Tao, is in stock and shipping. It's a wonderful addition to his series (that also stands alone).

About the Book:

Cameron Tan wouldn’t have even been in Greece if he hadn’t gotten a ‘D’ in Art History.

Instead of spending the summer after college completing his training as a Prophus operative, he’s doing a study abroad program in Greece, enjoying a normal life – spending time with friends and getting teased about his crush on a classmate.

Then the emergency notification comes in: a Prophus agent with vital information needs immediate extraction, and Cameron is the only agent on the ground, responsible for getting the other agent and data out of the country. The Prophus are relying on him to uncomplicate things.


Easy, except the rival Genjix have declared all-out war against the Prophus, which means Greece is about to be a very dangerous place. And the agent isn’t the only person relying on Cameron to get them safely out of the country – his friends from the study abroad program are, too. Cameron knows a good agent would leave them to fend for themselves. He also knows a good person wouldn’t. Suddenly, things aren’t easy at all.

The Days of Tao is the latest in the popular Tao series from award-winning author, Wesley Chu. Following after The Rebirths of Tao, this novella carries on the fast-moving and fun tone of the series.

Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies: $40


Summer of Night and Boy’s Life Updates

Summer of NIght by Dan Simmons

We wanted to share updates on a couple of our high profile releases:

Summer of Night (Dan Simmons) — We've approved the printed but not yet bound book. We should see finished books in the next two weeks, at which point we'll be able to have the slipcases made.

Boy's Life (Robert McCammon) — It's in the same situation as Summer of NIght. Making this a dark summer to remember.

We'll post more news as it's available.



The Further Adventures of Langdon St Ives by James P Blaylock

Publishers Weekly has been kind enough to review James P. Blaylock's novella collection, The Further Adventures of Langdon St. Ives, and we couldn't be happier.

Here's a bit from the review:

Blaylock is a master of the period piece, easily capturing a Doyle-esque voice that serves his Holmes-adjacent hero well… this collection is a concise introduction to St. Ives and a handsome volume for any steampunk fan.

About the Book:

Subterranean Press is proud to present The Further Adventures of Langdon St. Ives, which includes three classic adventures, a new novella and novelette, and more than forty illustrations by J. K. Potter.

Langdon St. Ives, explorer, scientist, naturalist, and family man rarely has a restful day: adventure befalls him and a colorful cast of characters around every seemingly innocent turn.

In this chronicle, St. Ives descends beneath the quicksand of Morecambe Bay into a dark, unknown corner of the ocean littered with human bones and the castaway detritus of humanity in search of a strange, possible alien machine.

Madness at the Explorers Club in London and the disappearance of St. Ives’s wife Alice leads him to the underground lair of evil genius Dr. Ignacio Narbondo, who has undertaken to set the entirety of London into a lunatic frenzy.

A simple excursion to the West Indies is interrupted by bloodthirsty pirates whose depredations pale before the fury of the pagan god that erupts from beneath the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

An inexplicable cataract of water falling from a cloudless sky sets into motion a ballooning adventure in which St. Ives disappears through a hole in the sky.

And on a holiday in London, St. Ives investigates the insidious patent medicine salesman Diogenes, whose pills awaken strange longings and eons-old memories of man’s ascent from the fishes.

Limited: 200 signed numbered copies, bound in leather: $60

Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition: $40


Greg Egan dust jacket art revealed

The Four Thousand The Eight Hundred by Greg Egan

Have a first look at Dominic Harman's dust jacket for Greg Egan's The Four Thousand, the Eight Hundred.

Rest assured, the novella is as epic as the cover.



Masters of Science Fiction: James Patrick Kelly

Masters of Science Fiction James Patrick Kelly

One of the two huge volumes in Centipede Press' new series Masters of Science Fiction focuses on James Patrick Kelly. I couldn't be happier, as this is a volume I'd been considering proposing to the author for a couple of years. Now, I get to enjoy it solely as a fan, though I'll admit that not being able to publish it makes me a little jealous. Mark this one down as an essential purchase.

About the Book:

What you’re holding in your hands is part of a science fiction revolution. James Patrick Kelly is much more than an award-winning author. He’s an SF visionary. His writing has redefined the cyberpunk genre, with a uniquely edgy, outré style. This book is a literal treasure trove of Kelly’s most memorable stories and novellas. Here you’ll see classic science fiction blended with New Age technology — and an unparalleled understanding of human psychology.

“Think Like a Dinosaur” takes us on a troubling, sometimes terrifying interstellar journey, as we track a young woman’s transformation into an alien life-form, with some unexpected results. “The Last Judgment” is a startlingly original meld of noir and cyberpunk, as a tough private eye gets embroiled in a world dominated by a race of robots. Kelly also adds some murderous extra-terrestrials to the mix. In “Ten To The Sixteenth To One,” it’s 1962, and a young science fiction fan is shoring up his mundane world with comic books and pulp magazines — until he’s visited by a creature that will alter the fate of the human race. “Daemon” is a piece of first-person fiction, in which Kelly himself is the lead character, attending a book signing and confronted by a fan from Hell. In “Going Deep,” Kelly explores teen-age rebellion in outer space, with a compelling, complex, and cloned heroine whose talent for mind-melds makes texting look antiquated. “Mr. Boy” is Peter Cage, who’s been surgically altered to remain forever young. Ever wish you were twelve years old again? Eternal youth isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Unplug your mobile devices and plug into James Patrick Kelly’s vision of our future. Your head will never be the same again.

James Patrick Kelly has won the Hugo, Nebula and Locus awards; his fiction has been translated into twenty-two languages. He writes a column on the internet for Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine and is on the faculty of the Stonecoast Creative Writing MFA Program at the University of Southern Maine.

Edition Information:

  • Over 700 pages of James Patrick Kelly’s best science fiction.
  • Introduction by Robert Reed.
  • Afterword by John Pelan.
  • Limited to 500 signed and numbered copies.
  • Signed by James Patrick Kelly, Robert Reed, John Pelan and cover artists Jim & Ruth Keegan.
  • Fully cloth bound, gorgeous dustjacket, ribbon marker, head and tail bands.


Announcing a mammoth new collection by Fritz Leiber

Masters of Science Fiction Fritz Leiber

Centipede Press has kicked off a new series, Masters of Science Fiction, with a hefty tome by Fritz Leiber. We can only assume that, like the other Centipede books, the prouction values will be just so. The contents, well, are beyond compare. This one will go fast.

About the Book:

Poet, actor, playwright, chess expert, master of fantastic fiction. Fritz Leiber was a true Renaissance Man. His writing crossed all boundaries, from horror to sword and sorcery. This book goes deep into Leiber’s underrated science fiction oeuvre. It’s a comprehensive, page-turning cache that captures Leiber’s thoroughly original style — altogether mystical, beautiful, and sometimes disturbing.

“The Foxholes of Mars” is a literary assault: a frightening, nitro-fueled tale of war on Mars, with one soldier questioning the futility and purpose of the battle against bug-eyed aliens — a distant mirror-image of our own times. “Space-Time for Springers” is told through the glaring eyes of Gummitch, a cat who happens to possess a genius IQ and a voracious appetite for scientific knowledge. “Night Passage” takes us on a dark journey into a Las Vegas where Earthlings and extra-terrestrials mingle and gamble — and where one man takes a moonlit ride with a mystery woman from Mercury, tailed by some very scary pursuers. “The Mutant’s Brother” is a malevolent mix of horror and SF, a tale of identical twins who each carry a frightful chromosome. One of them is also a monstrous serial killer. The literally chilling “A Pail of Air” takes place in an underground nest, where a family fights to survive in a sunless, moonless, post-apocalyptic world where even helium and carbon dioxide become crawling, shapeless threats.

Fritz Leiber was a storyteller and prophet for the ages. His work will never be dated or irrelevant. Treat this book like a crystal ball. These pages chronicle the world to come. You’ve been warned.

Fritz Leiber (1910-1992) was an American writer of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. He is regarded as one of the fathers of sword and sorcery fantasy. He excelled in all fields of speculative fiction, writing award-winning work in fantasy, horror, and science fiction.

Edition Information:

  • Over 700 pages of Fritz Leiber’s best science fiction.
  • Afterword by John Pelan.
  • Limited to 500 signed and numbered copies.
  • Signed by John Pelan and cover artists Jim & Ruth Keegan.
  • Fully cloth bound, gorgeous dustjacket, ribbon marker, head and tail bands.


New Glen Hirshberg Novel Just Announced

Good Girls by Glen Hirshberg

Earthling Publications has just announced a new Glen Hirshberg novel. Good Girls is limited to only 250 signed copies. Get your order in early!

About the Book:

Three-time International Horror Guild and Shirley Jackson Award Winner Glen Hirshberg brings his flair for the grim, grisly, and emotionally harrowing to this standalone sequel to Motherless Child.

Reeling from the violent death of her daughter and a confrontation with the Whistler―the monster who wrecked her life—Jess has fled the South for a tiny college town in New Hampshire. There she huddles in a fire-blackened house with her crippled lover, her infant grandson, and the creature that was once her daughter’s best friend, and may or may not be a threat.

Rebecca, an orphan undergrad caring for Jess’s grandson, finds in Jess’ house the promise of a family she has never known, but also a terrifying secret.

Meanwhile, unhinged and unmoored, the Whistler watches from the rooftops and awaits his moment.

And deep in the Mississippi Delta, the evil that spawned him stirs….

Limited: 250 signed numbered hardcover copies: $45


Dan Simmons’ THE RISE OF ENDYMION in stock and shipping

The Rise of Endymion by Dan Simmons

The Shrike is in stock and shipping. Order your copy of The Rise of Endymion today.

About the Book:

The Rise of Endymion is the fourth and final installment in the brilliant, massively ambitious series that began with the Hugo Award-winning Hyperion. Seamlessly continuing the narrative arc that began in Endymion, it brings one of the most significant accomplishments in modern science fiction to a resonant conclusion.

Once again, we are immersed in the complex future that emerged in the aftermath of the Hegemony of Man, a future dominated both by the Catholic Church and by the artificially intelligent entities of the TechnoCore. Once again, we are caught up in the intertwined stories of Raul Endymion and Aenea, a young woman born from the union of a human mother—Hyperion’s Brawne Lamia—and the cybrid-based reincarnation of John Keats. Aenea is something new in the universe, a point of contact between disparate forms of existence. She has been charged with a unique—and uniquely difficult—destiny: to redirect the evolution of the human species. The Rise of Endymion concludes the account of Aenea’s attempts to achieve that destiny.

The result is both an interstellar adventure on the grandest scale and a work of intellectual and philosophical richness. With great eloquence, Simmons offers us the vision of a universe that is itself a “minded thing,” a vitally sentient arena defined at its most fundamental level by the qualities of Empathy and Love. The novel—and the series as a whole—offers a humane, deeply considered view of human existence and argues powerfully for the value—the absolute necessity—of endless diversity and constant change. In this luminous meditation on a world filled with “chaos, clutter, and wonderful unseen options,” Simmons has created an epic work of enduring—and undeniable—importance.

Limited: 474 signed numbered hardcover copies: $150
Lettered: 52 signed leatherbound copies housed in a custom traycase: $300



Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury

After shipping out initial orders, we did a quick inventory, and have eight (count 'em, 8) copies of the new limited edition of Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes left available for sale.

I have to say that this is one nicely turned out volume that PS Publishing has produced. You'll be glad to have it on your shelf.


Al Reynolds mammoth collection just sent to the printer

Beyond the Aquila Rift by Alastair Reynolds

Nearly 800 pages of sfnal goodness, including a healthy dose of space opera.

Beyond the Aquila Rift: the Best of Alastair Reynolds has just been sent to the printer.

You need this book.


Announcing EARLY DAYS by Robert Silverberg

Early Days by Robert Silverberg

We've just announced a new pulp collection by Robert Silverberg. Early Days collects another 340+ pages of his apprentice efforts, as well as copious personal notes about the stories.

About the Book:

In 2006, Robert Silverberg published In the Beginning, a generous selection of stories from the early, developmental stages of his distinguished sixty-year career. Fast-paced, energetic, and unabashedly pulp-like in their origins and ambitions, those stories proved to be an unexpected gift to Silverberg’s many readers. That gift continues with Early Days, a second volume of apprentice fiction as wide-ranging and enjoyable as the first.

Early Days collects seventeen impossible to find stories from the years 1956 to 1958, supplemented by a fascinating introduction and extensive notes on the creation and publication history of each story. Together, these non-fiction pieces constitute both an episodic memoir and an affectionate history of an era when pulp magazines still dominated the SF marketplace.

Without exception, each of the stories in Early Days offers honest, unpretentious entertainment. The astonishingly prolific Silverberg may have had a bit to learn back then, but he had an innate understanding of narrative that shines through every one of these tales. The stories range in tone from the grimly dystopian future of “The Inquisitor” to the playful “Space Is the Place,” in which a maintenance technician from Crawford IX experiences comic culture shock during a mandatory vacation on Earth. “Rescue Mission” revolves around the telepathic connection between two interplanetary intelligence agents. “Housemaid No. 103” provides a humorous glimpse into the romantic difficulties of a far future matinee idol. “Harwood’s Vortex” combines a mad scientist, alien invaders, and the possible end of life as we know it into a single colorful narrative.

Silverberg, of course, would evolve into one of the genuine masters of the genre, and this retrospective collection of early work offers invaluable insights into his development. Silverberg himself calls Early Days “an affectionate tribute to my hardworking self of more than half a century ago.” It is all of that and more. Anyone with an interest in Silverberg’s career, or in the history and evolution of modern science fiction, needs to read this book. They may not write ‘em like this anymore, but once upon a time they did. And looking back has never been so much fun.

Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies: $40



Greg Egan has written a stellar new novella, one we're only to happy to present as a limited hardcover edition. Read on for the full details on The Four Thousand, the Eight Hundred.

About the Book:

Camille is desperate to escape her home on colonized asteroid Vesta, journeying through space in a small cocoon pod covertly and precariously attached to a cargo ship. Anna is a newly appointed port director on asteroid Ceres, intrigued by the causes that have led so-called riders like Camille to show up at her post in search of asylum.

Conditions on Vesta are quickly deteriorating—for one group of people in particular. The original founders agreed to split profits equally, but the Sivadier syndicate contributed intellectual property rather than more valued tangible goods. Now the rest of the populace wants payback. As Camille travels closer to Ceres, it seems ever more likely that Vesta will demand the other asteroid stop harboring its fugitives.

With The Four Thousand, the Eight Hundred, acclaimed author Greg Egan offers up a stellar, novella-length example of hard science fiction, as human and involving as it is insightful and philosophical.

Limited: 1000 unsigned numbered hardcover copies: $40


New Dan Simmons in stock and shipping

The Fifth Heart by Dan Simmons

Our oversize, slipcased limited edition of Dan Simmons huge (over 500 pages) newest novel is in stock and shipping. The Fifth Heart clears the high bar that Dan set in such recent spooky historical thrillers as Drood and The Terror.

About the Book:

Paris, 1893: On a bridge above the Seine, two figures, each bent on suicide, unexpectedly encounter one another. One is the great American novelist Henry James, whose personal and professional fortunes have dramatically declined. The other is Sherlock Holmes, who has an unusual reason for wanting to die. He has come to believe that he may not be real, that he may just be some “scribbler’s” fictional creation. This chance encounter at a vulnerable moment will have enormous ramifications for both men.

Abandoning thoughts of suicide, the two make their way to America, where the fastidious James finds himself caught up in a violent, frequently lethal world he could never have imagined. A pair of interconnected investigations dominates that world. The first concerns the supposed suicide of Clover Adams, wife of historian Henry Adams and member of an elite social circle called The Five Hearts. The second involves a vast, overarching conspiracy which, if successful, will affect the fates of entire nations. For both Holmes and his unlikely partner, the path to personal redemption leads through these two very different mysteries.

Seamlessly combining melodrama and metaphysical speculation with a brilliantly detailed portrait of Gilded Age America, The Fifth Heart is something truly special: a novel of depth and character that is also a world-class entertainment. Colorful, gripping, and ultimately quite moving, it is a formidable addition to a unique—and irreplaceable—body of work.

Limited: 500 signed numbered oversize copies, housed in a custom slipcase: $125

From Publishers Weekly (Starred Review):

In Paris in 1893, Sherlock Holmes and Henry James join forces in this outstanding novel from Simmons, who has concocted something far from the usual pastiche, with a historical figure standing in for Dr. Watson… Simmons (Drood) knows the Holmes canon and uses that expertise in the service of a highly original reimagining of the beloved sleuth.

From Booklist (Starred Review):

Like several of Simmons' earlier novels, including The Abominable (2013) and Drood (2009), his latest is a riveting mixture of historical fact and fiction. The year is 1893. Henry James and Sherlock Holmes travel together to America to solve the mystery surrounding the death of socialite Clover Adams (whom, some say, James would later use as his inspiration for his novels Daisy Miller and The Portrait of a Lady). But the book isn't just for Holmes' fans—it's a solidly constructed, beautifully told mystery; a portrait of one of the nineteenth century's most important writers; and an intriguing blend of fact and fantasy.


RESUME SPEED Cover Revealed

Resume Speed by Lawrence Block

Have a look at Ken Laager's original cover art for Lawrence Block's new novella, Resume Speed. Copies of the novella are going fast, especially the limited edition.

We should also let you know that, because this is a novella, it won't have as large a print run as the last novel (The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons) or collection (Catch and Release) of Larry's that we published.


More Copies of THE GRAVEYARD BOOK Available

The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel

We've locked in an additional handful of copies of the signed limited edition of the Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book graphic novel. We don't expect to be allocated additional copies, so please get your order in ASAP if you're interested.

About the Book:

The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel is now available in a gorgeous, limited clothbound edition, featuring both New York Times bestselling volumes bound as one, new cover art, and special extra content.

Now 1,500 people can revel in The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel in a new way with this limited printing of numbered copies—all signed by Neil Gaiman!

Each chapter in this adaptation by P. Craig Russell is illustrated by a different luminary from the comic book world, showcasing a variety of styles from a breadth of talent. Together, they bring Neil Gaiman’s award-winning, nationally bestselling novel The Graveyard Book to new life in this gorgeously illustrated single-volume graphic novel adaptation.

This special limited edition of The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel includes:

  • Both volumes of the graphic novel adaptation (2014) bound into one edition
  • Brand-new cover art by P. Craig Russell
  • A cloth slipcase
  • An extra 32 pages at the end of the book, including a note from Neil Gaiman, sketches from the artists, and notes from the artists and P. Craig Russell about the experience of adapting The Graveyard Book into a graphic novel
  • Numbered editions signed by Neil Gaiman!


Two new limited editions in stock and shipping

Downfall of the Gods by K. J. Parker

Two brand new signed limited editions are in stock and shipping. Each is more than 95% sold out.

(If you want to be specific, Downfall of the Gods [K. J. Parker] crested the 95% threshold, while DJSturbia [David J. Schow] hit the even more rarified air of 97.3% sold out.)


Dead on the Bones illustrations just posted

Dead on the Bones by Joe R. Lansdale

We just posted a selection of the illustrations from Joe R. Landale's pulp-infused collection, Dead on the Bones. Timothy Truman is the talent resposible for the vignette and full-page illustrations. Head over to the book's page and have a look.


New Dan Simmons in stock and shipping—over 95% sold out

This Year's Class Picture by Dan Simmons

Dan Simmons' classic zombie tale, This Year's Class Picture, is in stock and shipping. The trade edition is sold out, and the limited looks to follow quickly.

About the Book:

Ms. Geiss is the most dedicated fourth-grade teacher imaginable. She goes to extraordinary lengths to make sure her students are presented with every opportunity—showing them slides from her summer vacations during Geography, reading to them from the classics of children's literature after lunch, and providing them with the kinds of learning rewards that they will truly respond to—bite-sized nuggets of human flesh. Because Ms. Geiss' students are pint-sized zombies, and the main tool of her peculiar version of the teaching trade is her trusty .30-06 rifle.

Ms. Geiss is firm but fair, and keeps a disciplined classroom. She has far more trouble from the adults shambling through what's left of town than she does from her students, though a well-bulldozed killing field and the gasoline-filled moat surrounding the school usually keeps the worst of the undead marauders at bay. But even the hardest working educators let their guard down sometimes, and after the Tribulations, just one mistake can mean school's out forever.

Bestselling, acclaimed author Dan Simmons' story “This Year's Class Picture” is a zombie tale that could be described as best in class, honored by the Stoker, Sturgeon, and World Fantasy Awards.

Both editions feature a striking dust jacket by David Palumbo, while the limited edition adds two full-color interior plates, and a full-color signature page based on the cover.

Limited: 250 signed numbered copies, bound in leather: $50

Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition: Sold Out


New Gail Carriger in stock and shipping

Soulless by Gail Carriger

We're happy to let you know that Gail Carriger's frothy, fantastic novel, Soulless, is in stock and shipping. If you haven't ordered your copy yet, now's the perfect time to rectify that situation.

About the Book:

Alexia Tarabotti is a proper English miss—so long as you don’t count her spinsterhood, half-Italian heritage, or weaponized parasol against her. Oh, and there’s that little matter of her lacking a soul. But, honestly, isn’t being soulless and thus able to nullify the powers of vampires and werewolves and other supernatural beings a good thing in a London chockful of them?

Her soulless state seems particularly handy when Alexia is accosted alone in a library by a vampire intent on her neck. She dispatches him with the help of her preternatural powers…and handy parasol. But not only has the fanged ruffian ruined her treacle tart, his untimely demise brings to the scene Lord Conall Maccon, werewolf Alpha and investigator for the Bureau of Unnatural Registry (and as handsome as he is vexing). The incident is followed by a veritable plague of unexplained new vampires and old ones suddenly disappearing across London society. And, unfortunately, Alexia herself becomes the chief suspect.

New York Times’ bestselling author Gail Carriger’s Soulless introduced a legion of readers to the delightfully romantic Victorian steampunk world of her acclaimed Parasol Protectorate series. Revisit the start of this acclaimed and singular series in this exclusive limited edition.

Limited: 750 signed numbered copies: $50


Announcing a new, all pulp collection by Joe R. Lansdale

Dead on the Bones by Joe R. Lansdale

We're pleased to add an all pulp story collection by Joe R. Lansdale to our 2016 schedule. Read on to learn more about Dead on the Bones: Pulp on Fire.

“I was living in a pulp writer fury, a storm of imagination.” So Joe R. Lansdale, award-winning author of more than twenty novels and two hundred short works, describes the birth of his desire to be a writer after encountering pulp storytelling as a kid in TV, comics, and books. Now Dead on the Bones: Pulp on Fire collects eight stories and novellas where Lansdale pays tribute to the rip-roaring tales of his youth.

Dedicated to Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard, “Under the Warrior Star” finds hero Braxton Booker on another, battle-wracked planet, while  “Tarzan and the Land That Time Forgot” was expressly permitted by the Burroughs estate. In “Dead on the Bones,” a Conjure Man facilitates a boxing match between the living and the dead, with a twist. “The Gruesome Affair of the Electric Blue Lightning” crosses Poe with horrors that could have walked straight out of Lovecraft. Meanwhile, in “Naked Angel” a cop discovers a dead woman encased in ice on the noir streets of Los Angeles, not realizing he shares a personal connection with her. Other stories here bring readers face to face with vampires and far stranger creatures, all in Lansdale’s signature, Texas Mojo style.

Lansdale is rightly recognized as one of the most distinctive voices in modern fiction, pulp or otherwise. From Venus to vampires, Dead on the Bones is a fine, thoroughly enjoyable demonstration of why.

Limited: 1500 signed numbered hardcover copies: $40

Table of Contents:

  • Pulp Fury: An Introduction
  • The Gruesome Affair of the Electric Blue Lightning
  • The Redheaded Dead
  • King of the Cheap Romance
  • Naked Angel
  • Dead on the Bones
  • Tarzan and the Land That Time Forgot
  • Under the Warrior Star
  • The Wizard of the Trees


A Starred Review for FREEDOM OF THE MASK

Freedom of the Mask

Robert McCammon's Freedom of the Mask page is burgeoning with features. In addition to the standard description, there's a interview with the author, an excerpt from the novel, and now, a cutting from the starred review the novel just received from Publishers Weekly:

McCammon’s rousing sixth yarn featuring Matthew Corbett (after 2014’s The River of Souls) transports the early 18th-century American problem solver across the Atlantic to London, where he’s clapped into hellish Newgate Prison on murder charges. Matthew quickly becomes embroiled in mysteries involving fellow inmate Daniel Defoe; a gin-running street gang, the Black-Eyed Broodies; a kidnapped Italian opera singer; and a masked avenger named Albion, whose exploits are sensationalized (along with Matthew’s) in a penny dreadful broadsheet, the Pin…


Robert McCammon’s LAST TRAIN FROM PERDITION Open Preordering Starts

Last Train From Perdition by Robert McCammon

The exclusive preorder period for Robert McCammon's Last Train from Perdition has ended, meaning anyone may order a copy of the limited or lettered edition. (And of course, you may pick up the trade hardcover if that's more your speed.)

About the Book:

In I Travel by Night, master of horror Robert McCammon introduced the tortured and instantly unforgettable vampire adventurer Trevor Lawson—All Matters Handled—as he searched for his maker, LaRouge, in hope of becoming human once more. It wove a tale about the terrors of the Dark Society, featuring the gothic sensibilities of old New Orleans, and the unforgiving violence of the untamed frontier of 1886. Now McCammon returns to Lawson’s gripping journey and sends him West, in the chilling sequel novella Last Train from Perdition.

Ever on the hunt for LaRouge, Lawson still travels by night, but no longer alone. Crack-shot, whip-smart Ann has become his companion, on her own search for her vampire-taken father and sister. Lawson has been summoned from New Orleans and the Hotel Sanctuaire to Omaha by a wealthy man who needs his son retrieved from a band of outlaws. Lawson and Ann agree to take the case and travel to the town of Perdition where they find their prey—but things get complicated fast when a saloon shootout leaves an innocent girl badly injured.

On a night train from Perdition to Helena to find medical help, it soon becomes clear that Lawson and Ann’s enemies may also be looking to prey upon them. As they struggle against those forces of darkness with a trainload of their most unlikely allies yet, Lawson also wages battle with the darkness LaRouge left within him. This latest installment in Trevor Lawson’s battle for redemption finds bestselling McCammon at his thrilling best.

Lettered: 26 signed leatherbound copies, housed in a custom traycase: $250
Limited: 474 signed numbered copies, housed in a custom slipcase: $75
Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition: $35


Order The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel Signed Limited Edition Today

The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel Signed Limited Edition

The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel is now available in a gorgeous, limited clothbound edition, featuring both New York Times bestselling volumes bound as one, new cover art, and special extra content.

Now 1,500 people can revel in The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel in a new way with this limited printing of numbered copies—all signed by Neil Gaiman!

Each chapter in this adaptation by P. Craig Russell is illustrated by a different luminary from the comic book world, showcasing a variety of styles from a breadth of talent. Together, they bring Neil Gaiman’s award-winning, nationally bestselling novel The Graveyard Book to new life in this gorgeously illustrated single-volume graphic novel adaptation.

This special limited edition of The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel includes:

  • Both volumes of the graphic novel adaptation (2014) bound into one edition
  • Brand-new cover art by P. Craig Russell
  • A cloth slipcase
  • An extra 32 pages at the end of the book, including a note from Neil Gaiman, sketches from the artists, and notes from the artists and P. Craig Russell about the experience of adapting The Graveyard Book into a graphic novel
  • Numbered editions signed by Neil Gaiman!


Stephen King in stock and preorder update

Salem's Lot by Stephen King

Hey, just a quick reminder that we have a number of Stephen King items on our site, both of the in-print and preorder variety, some of them getting scarce.

The List:

Copies are quite limited, so please place an order if you're interested…



Joe Hill and Neil Gaiman signed limited editions back in stock

NOS4A2 WRAITH deluxe limited edition

Just a quick note to let you know that two of the more popular other publishers' books we've ever offered are back in stock:

  • NOS4A2/Wraith (Joe Hill) — This mammoth tome (clocking in at 8 lbs) contains not only the dark fantasy novel, and 26 new illustrations by Charles "Talent" Wilson III, it also includes the entire graphic novel, Wraith. All in all, one of the better limited editions we've seen in recent years.
  • The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains (Neil Gaiman) — Not a mammoth tome, but a clever, heavily illustrated one, housed in a traycase, and for only $75


Announcing RESUME SPEED by Lawrence Block

Lawrence Block has been at it again, this time penning a novella rather than staying the retired author he so aspires to be.

Well, his industry is to our advantage, as we'll be publishing this 20,000 word tale, Resume Speed, later this year. Be advised that the print run for the novella won't be as large as for his novels or Catch and Release, his most recent collection.

About the Book:

A new town, a fresh start. A chance to escape old demons. 
Or meet new ones.

He got on the Trailways bus in Galbraith, North Dakota, booked all the way through to Spokane. But the Help Wanted sign at the diner in Cross Creek was calling his name. Soon, he had a job working the grill and a place to stay, and a new name to go with them. But what he didn’t have was peace of mind. Or a clear conscience. Or any memory at all of what he’d done the night before fleeing Galbraith.

What he’d done to get the scratches on his wrists and the backs of his hands…

In this brand new novella, Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Lawrence Block delivers an unforgettable portrait of a troubled man trying to lay the ghosts of his past and make a new life for himself. But there are things you can’t run away from, and one of them is who you really are.

Subtle and painful and beautifully crafted, Resume Speed is Lawrence Block at the pinnacle of his storytelling powers.

Limited: 200 signed numbered copies, bound in leather: $40
Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition: $25


Beyond the Aquila Rift trade dust jacket revealed

Beyond the Aquila Rift

Behold Dominic Harman's grand scale dust jacket for the trade hardcover edition of Alastair Reynolds' Beyond the Aquila Rift. As a reminder, this is a huge, nearly 800 page gathering of the best of the author's short fiction.

About the Book:

The Guardian called Alastair Reynolds’ work “a turbulent, wildly entertaining ride” and The Times acclaimed him as “the mastersinger of space opera”.  With a career stretching back more than 25 years and across fourteen novels, including the classic ‘Revelation Space’ series, the bestselling ‘Poseidon’s Children’ series, Century Rain, Pushing Ice, and most recently The Medusa Chronicles (with Stephen Baxter), Reynolds has established himself as one of the best and most beloved writers of hard science fiction and space opera working today.

A brilliant novelist, he has also been recognized as one of our best writers of short fiction.  His short stories have been nominated for the Hugo, British Fantasy, British Science Fiction, Theodore Sturgeon Memorial, Locus, Italia, Seiun, and Sidewise Awards, and have won the Seiun and Sidewise Awards.

The very best of his more than sixty published short stories are gathered in Beyond the Aquila Rift: The Best of Alastair Reynolds, a sweeping 250,000 word career retrospective which features the very best stories from the ‘Revelation Space’ universe like “Galactic North”, “Great Wall of Mars”, “Weather”, “Diamond Dogs”, and “The Last Log of the Lachrymosa” alongside thrilling hard science fiction stories like Hugo Award nominee “Troika”, “Thousandth Night”, and “The Star Surgeon’s Apprentice”. Spanning more than fifteen years, the book also collects more recent stories like environmental SF tale “The Water Thief”, powerful and moving YA “The Old Man and the Martian Sea” and the brilliant “In Babelsberg”.

Beyond the Aquila Rift: The Best of Alastair Reynolds has something for every reader of science fiction, and easily meets the challenge of delivering stories that are the hardest of hard science fiction and great entertainment.

Limited: 350 signed numbered copies, in slipcase, with an exclusive dust jacket by the author: $125

Trade: 1500 fully cloth-bound hardcovers, in trade edition dust jacket: $45


Steven Erikson Fans Take Note!

The Fiends of Nightmaria

PS Publishing has a new Steven Erikson novella coming down the pike, and we're getting a very limited number of copies for our customers. Please get your order in for The Fiends of Nightmaria, the latest Malazan novella, before our supply runs out.

About the Book:

Containing twenty-plus pieces of artwork from David Gentry,  The Fiends of Nightmaria, the new Bauchelain and Korbal Broach novella from Steven Erikson—our ninth from Steve—comes on the heels of Blood Follows, The Healthy Dead, The Lees of Laughter's End, Crack'd Pot Trail, and The Wurms of Blearmouth (all featuring the loveable rogues Bauchelain and Korbal Broach), and the standalone The Devil Delivered, Revolvo, and Fishin' With Grandma Matchie. This will be going to press  early April, so we’re opening an order page right now. Based on the performance of previous titles, we’re expecting this one to sell fast so consider yourselves suitably informed.

Limited: 200 signed numbered copies, in slipcase: $60

Trade: dust jacketed hardcover: $30



The Best of Ian McDonald

Our good friends at PS Publishing have the huge (over 550 pages) The Best of Ian McDonald on their upcoming schedule, and we've been lucky enough to lock in copies.

About the Book:

Ian McDonald, the author of such landmark novels as Desolation Road, Chaga, River of Gods, and The Dervish House, has long been regarded as one of Britain’s finest SF writers. Just like those full-length works, his shorter fiction has commanded much admiration, and now, in this massive retrospective volume, the best McDonald tales are assembled in glittering array.

Represented here are all the phases of McDonald’s career: the poetic early retro-visions that in the late Eighties signalled the arrival of a marvellously fluent new stylistic voice; the virtuoso Nineties riffs on themes such as the Irish Troubles, nanotechnology, alternate history, and alien sexuality; the bold post-millennial ventures into the futuristic politics of Third World countries such as Kenya, India, and Brazil, as well as far afield to alien solar systems; and recent, dazzlingly conceived variations on the Arab Spring, the nature of superheroes, and Mars as pulp SF writers once fondly imagined it to be. The treasures are abundant, each presented in McDonald’s addictive, immersive prose—language at once elegantly timeless and edgily contemporary.

Limited: 100 signed numbered hardcovers, with bonus chapbook, and illustrated slipcase: $75

Trade: Hardcover in dust jacket, unsigned: $40


Ready Player One now shipping

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Just like the headline says. Copies are being bagged, boxed, peanutted, sealed, and sent on to ever patient customers. We hope you enjoy the book.


Twenty-five copies of MIDNIGHT TIDES Available

Midnight Tides

As luck, and a cautious nature would have it, we undersold Steven Erikson's Midnight Tides by twenty-five copies. Now's your chance to pick up one. (Please note that only those who haven't previously ordered a copy may snag one of these.)

Readers will be happy to know that we're already at work on the next volume, The Bonehunters, and will announce it for preorder soon.