K. J. Parker—SAVAGES ebook now available

Savages by K. J. Parker

The ebook of K. J. Parker's newest standalone epic fantasy, Savages, is available through the usual channels. Good timing, that, as just reviewed the nearly 400 page novel.

Here's a cut from the review that we think sums the book up rather well:

‘Playing a role’ is actually a key concept in Savages: one of the novel’s recurring themes is reinventing oneself. The nameless chieftain has a ‘fake it till you make it’ approach to employment: he basically says yes to any job he’s offered, claiming (entirely fictional) previous experience. Aimeric’s a pacifist playing at being an arms manufacturer. Both of them forge a new life, just like the counterfeiter makes fake money and the forger makes fake manuscripts. It’s all these forgeries and phony identities that somehow drive the plot.


New Jim Butcher in Stock and Shipping

Working for Bigfoot by Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher's Working for Bigfoot is in stock and shipping! The trade edition is sold out, but we still have copies of the limited aplenty.

About the Book:

Chicago wizard for hire Harry Dresden is used to mysterious clients with long hair and legs up to here. But when it turns out the long hair covers every square inch of his latest client’s body, and the legs contribute to a nine-foot height, even the redoubtable detective realizes he’s treading new ground. Strength of a River in His Shoulders is one of the legendary forest people, a Bigfoot, and he has a problem that only Harry can solve. His son Irwin is a scion, the child of a supernatural creature and a human. He’s a good kid, but the extraordinary strength of his magical aura has a way of attracting trouble.

In the three novellas that make up Working For Bigfoot, collected together for the first time here, readers encounter Dresden at different points in his storied career, and in Irwin’s life. As a middle-schooler, in “B is For Bigfoot,” Irwin attracts the unwelcome attention of a pair of bullying brothers who are more than they seem, and when Harry steps in, it turns out they have a mystical guardian of their own. At a fancy private high school in “I Was a Teenage Bigfoot,” Harry is called in when Irwin grows ill for the first time, and it’s not just a case of mono. Finally, Irwin is all grown up and has a grown-up’s typical problems as a freshman in college in “Bigfoot on Campus,” or would have if typical included vampires.

New York Times bestseller Jim Butcher explores the responsibilities of fatherhood and the difficulties of growing up with the elements Dresden Files fans crave—detection, adventure, humor, and magic.

Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies: $60

From Publishers Weekly:

“Butcher emphasizes the lighter side of his Chicago-based wizard PI, Harry Dresden, in this collection of three novellas with a common client, a Sasquatch known as River Shoulders… Butcher leavens classic hard-boiled first-person narration (‘She was blond, about five-foot-six, and my logical mind told me that every inch of her was a bad idea’) with humor in these amuse-bouches aimed squarely at longtime fans.”


New Praise for Tim Powers’ NOBODY’S HOME

Nobody's Home by Tim Powers

Though it appeared last year, a blast of new praise just appeared for Tim Powers' Nobody's Home. Only seems appropriate for a novelette set in the time traveling world of The Anubis Gates, doesn't it?

From Locus Online:

New steampunk from Tim Powers, one of the men who invented the mode? With knockout illustrations by J. K. Potter? … What’s not to like!?! … As always, Powers is the master of presenting backstory in incremental bits that not only serve to gradually illuminate all his mysteries, but to add emotional resonance to events already described. You almost always have to turn back a few pages to re-savor passages in a new light, when reading a Powers tale. It’s a special kind of narrative magic.

Please click here to read more about Nobody's Home or to order a copy.


Limited Joe Abercrombie Sets Available Again

Half the World

While looking over our inventory list, I noticed that we had a few copies each of Half the World and Half a King by Joe Abercrombie still available.

You can pick up a non-matching numbered set, while supplies last. This is one of the best series I've read in years, so don't miss out!


Last call to get an inscribed copy of John Scalzi’s THE END OF ALL THINGS

The End of All Things by John Scalzi

John Scalzi will be trekking to the SubPress' warehouses next week to sign copies of his new novel, The End of All Things. We're near the end of the stock we have on hand for him to sign, so best to order now if you want an inscribed copy.

About the Book:

Hugo-award winning author, John Scalzi returns to his best-selling Old Man's War universe with The End of All Things, the direct sequel to 2013's The Human Division.

Humans expanded into space…only to find a universe populated with multiple alien species bent on their destruction. Thus was the Colonial Union formed, to help protect us from a hostile universe. The Colonial Union used the Earth and its excess population for colonists and soldiers. It was a good arrangement…for the Colonial Union. Then the Earth said: no more.


Now the Colonial Union is living on borrowed time—a couple of decades at most, before the ranks of the Colonial Defense Forces are depleted and the struggling human colonies are vulnerable to the alien species who have been waiting for the first sign of weakness, to drive humanity to ruin. And there's another problem: A group, lurking in the darkness of space, playing human and alien against each other—and against their own kind—for their own unknown reasons.


In this collapsing universe, CDF Lieutenant Harry Wilson and the Colonial Union diplomats he works with race against the clock to discover who is behind attacks on the Union and on alien races, to seek peace with a suspicious, angry Earth, and keep humanity's union intact…or else risk oblivion, and extinction—and the end of all things.

Trade: Hardcover in dust jacket: $24.95

Click here to order your copy or for more information.


Announcing A Fantasy Medley 3 with stories by Jacqueline Carey Laura Bickle and more

A Fantasy Medley 3 edited by Yanni Kuznia

In each of the first two volumes of the acclaimed A Fantasy Medley series—both of which earned starred reviews from Publishers Weekly—editor Yanni Kuznia brought together stories from a quartet of fantasy’s most exciting authors. Now Kuznia returns with A Fantasy Medley 3, offering riveting new tales of the fantastic from four more of the field’s brightest stars:

In “Goddess at the Crossroads,” Kevin Hearne shares a thrillingly memorable episode from the past of his popular Iron Druid Chronicles hero Atticus O’Sullivan, revealing how one night’s dark encounter with the cult of Hecate served as inspiration for Shakespeare’s witches in the Scottish play.

With “Ashes,” Laura Bickle revisits Detroit arson investigator and powerful spirit medium Anya Kalinczyk as she, her five-foot-long salamander familiar Sparky, and Hades’ Charon pursue a destructive fire elemental named the Nain Rouge through the city’s festival in his dubious honor.

“The Death of Aiguillon” finds Aliette de Bodard exploring an episode sixty years prior to the start of her latest novel, The House of Shattered Wings, in which the survivors of an ongoing magical conflict in Paris eke out a grim existence, and one woman’s wish for a better life is granted at a terrible price.

And in “One Hundred Ablutions,” Jacqueline Carey, author of the much-beloved Kushiel’s Legacy series, tells the tale of Dala—a young woman chosen by her people’s overlords to be an exalted slave among slaves—and of the twining in her life of ritual, rebellion, and redemption.

Limited: 250 signed numbered copies, bound in leather: $45

Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition: $20


Pick up Jack McDevitt’s CRYPTIC for only $1.99

Cryptic by Jack McDevitt

We're happy to let you know that the ebook of Jack McDevitt's 200,000 word Cryptic is only $1.99 for the next week.

About the Book:

Subterranean Press is proud to announce a mammoth (38 stories, over 200,000 words) Best of Volume by SF Best-Seller Jack McDevitt.

Jack McDevitt loves a good mystery. And he enjoys baffling his readers with enigmas like why, after so many years of listening with no results, would a SETI director hear an artificial signal and keep it quiet? Why might an astronomer at a space station, facing imminent death from a solar radiation blast, send off a frantic message that he had discovered a Clyde Tombaugh Special? Tombaugh, of course, was the discoverer of Pluto.

What really happened to Christopher Sim, the George Washington of the war against the Ashiyyur? Why had a beloved artist at the top of his profession, with everything to live for, killed himself? Why had a brilliant young biologist discovered how life got started on Earth, but neglected to tell anyone?

And there are of course other anomalies to be encountered in McDevitt's work: A computer threatens the literary world, while a time traveler worries the churches. One artificial intelligence runs for president, and another claims to be a Catholic and demands access to the sacraments. Two friends discover that whenever they get together, shuttles crash, wars break out, or tidal waves hammer a coastline.

A researcher watches endless fighting on another world and finally rebels against the Academy's hands-off doctrine. Meantime, a crewman stranded light-years from Earth, entertains himself by intercepting radio broadcasts from home, originally transmitted during World War II.

Among other questions these tales will answer: What might happen when people in a research lab literally try to play God. Why you don't ever, ever, want to turn out the lights at Bolton's Tower in the Dakotas. Why someone might want to blow up a star. And why it would be a really good idea if Hatch kept his hands off the mallet. These, and twenty-three other cosmic rides, await the reader.

Click here to read more about Cryptic or for links to order the ebook.


Announcing a New Joe Hill Signed Limited Edition

20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill Cape Cover

PS Publishing is releasing a tenth anniversary edition of Joe Hill's landmark collection, 20th Century Ghosts, and we've been lucky enough to lock in a number of copies of the signed limited and unsigned trade editions. We do not have a lot of copies of the signed edition—certainly not enough to cover the expected demand, so please get your order in early.

About the Book:

Anyone out there heard of this cat Joe Hill? Yeah, of course you have. And I’ll bet ya heard of Joe’s Ray Bradbury’s Fellowship award for the story ‘20th Century Ghost’ and maybe you heard he also received the William L. Crawford award for best new fantasy writer in 2006, the A. E. Coppard Long Fiction Prize in 1999 for ‘Better Than Home’ and the 2006 World Fantasy Award for ‘Voluntary Committal’. His stories have appeared in a variety of magazines, such as Postscripts, Subterranean Magazine and The High Plains Literary Review, and in many anthologies.

Well, it’s 10 years since, overloaded to the back teeth with projects,  CD Head Honcho Richard Chizmar sent Joe our way to ask if PS might be interested in publishing his collection of tales, wrapped around the title of that Bradbury Fellowship story. On the night Joe responded to my suggestion that he send me his three best yarns. I read ‘Ghost’, ‘Pop Art’ (sheer genius and containing a killer closing line) and, heck, you know, I don’t recall the third one. I do recall dropping him a line first thing the next morning and asking for a phone number and I called and we spoke and we made a deal and, well, you know the rest—20TH CENTURY GHOSTS, GUNPOWDER, HORNS, plus a little something special just down the pike that we’ll talk about a little later. But before that, just to re-whet your whistle, here’s the 10th Anniversary edition of the book that started the ball rolling and which notched up in quick succession the World Fantasy Award, the British Fantasy Award, the International Horror Guild.

Limited: 200 signed numbered copies, in illustrated slipcase: $200

Trade: 774 unsigned copies, housed in a plain slipcase: $55

Click here to place your order or for more information!


Interior art from The Complete Kane Revealed

The Complete Kane

We're pleased to be able to share with you all of the covers and some of the inteiror art from Centipede Press' The Complete Kane. We're down to the last handful of our allotment, so more orders are welcome!.

Limited to 300 signed sets.

  • New artwork by Tom Kidd, Patrick J. Jones, Les Edwards, Boco, and Grant Griffin.
  • Printed endpapers.
  • Full cloth binding.
  • Ribbon marker.
  • Signed by the artists.
  • All five volumes enclosed in a handsome cloth slipcase.

Important Note: We're offering the full set for $25 off the retail price!


Readying THE FIFTH HEART for the printer

The Fifth Heart by Dan Simmons

We're readying our oversize signed limited edition of Dan Simmons' The Fifth Heart from the printer, and in addition to revealing the cover, thought it a good time to remind you of the stellar reviews the novel's been receiving. Here are but two:

From Publishers Weekly (Starred Review):

In Paris in 1893, Sherlock Holmes and Henry James join forces in this outstanding novel from Simmons, who has concocted something far from the usual pastiche, with a historical figure standing in for Dr. Watson… Simmons (Drood) knows the Holmes canon and uses that expertise in the service of a highly original reimagining of the beloved sleuth.

From Booklist (Starred Review):

Like several of Simmons' earlier novels, including The Abominable (2013) and Drood (2009), his latest is a riveting mixture of historical fact and fiction. The year is 1893. Henry James and Sherlock Holmes travel together to America to solve the mystery surrounding the death of socialite Clover Adams (whom, some say, James would later use as his inspiration for his novels Daisy Miller and The Portrait of a Lady). But the book isn't just for Holmes' fans—it's a solidly constructed, beautifully told mystery; a portrait of one of the nineteenth century's most important writers; and an intriguing blend of fact and fantasy.

Click here to read more or order your copy.


George R. R. Martin—A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms art revealed

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George R. R. Martin

The nonpareil Gary Gianni has sent us samples of the artwork for George R. R. Martin's A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.

We expected amazing work, but it's on par with Gary's efforts on Solomon Kane more than a decade ago. He mentioned that he executed over 170 drawiings for this 350+ page book. We've seen a PDF of the interior, and it's going to be a high point for SubPress limiteds.


Returned Books at Bargain Prices

They Thirst by Robert McCammon

In their infinite wisdom, one of our wholesale accounts has seen fit to return copies of a few of our most popular books. Our loss is your gain, as we're offering them at bargain prices. These books may have a blemish or two, so don't expect perfection, but we'll put new dust jackets on them. If you've been wanting to add to your SubPress collection but go easy on your wallet, now's the chance.

The books include:

Quantities are limited, so get your order in early.


Rare Dean Koontz Limited Editions at Bargain Prices

Dean Koontz Limited Editions

We've scored copies of a pair of Dean Koontz limited editions:

  • The Darkest Evening of the Year
  • Odd Hours

Our prices are significantly below what others are currently selling the books for.

Have a look. We suspect they won't last long.


Announcing THE COMPLETE KANE by Karl Edward Wagner

The Complete Kane by Karl Edward Wagner

We're pleased to be getting copies of the Centipede Press five volume set of the Kane novels and stories by Karl Edward Wagner. As with all of Centipede's productions, we're sure these will be something to behold.

About the Books:

Kane, the mystic swordsman — an immortal, flame-haired sorcerer-warrior, cursed by an insane elder god to walk the Earth until eventually destroyed by the violence that he himself created.

Created by award-winning author and editor Karl Edward Wagner while he was still attending medical school, the most exciting and intelligent sword & sorcery series ever written is finally given the showcase it deserves with these stunning new illustrated editions from Centipede Press.

This handsome set of five hardcovers in a cloth slipcase includes the three main Kane novels — Dark Crusade, Bloodstone, and Darkness Weaves, along with the two volumes of short fiction — Death Angel’s Shadow and Night Winds — you finally have a chance to own meticulously proofread texts, with the short stories presented in the long-desired chronological order, with all of the poems, fragments, and later stories.

Each book has a handsome photograph of Karl Edward Wagner (some never published) from the period, and each book also reprints the original Warner Bros paperback edition cover so you have, finally, the complete Kane, presented the way the author intended, with each book individually illustrated.

Limited to 300 signed sets.

  • New artwork by Tom Kidd, Patrick J. Jones, Les Edwards, Boco, and Grant Griffin.
  • Printed endpapers.
  • Full cloth binding.
  • Ribbon marker.
  • Signed by the artists.
  • All five volumes enclosed in a handsome cloth slipcase.

Important Note: We're offering the full set for $25 off the retail price!


Alan Moore’s VOICE OF THE FIRE in stock and shipping

Voice of the Fire by Alan Moore

Alan Moore's Voice of the Fire is the latest and greatest SubPress limited in our warehouse and shipping. As Joe Hill puts it in his insightful introduction, this isn't always the least complex novel:

While you're here at Alan Moore's party, you will also come across a filthy and barefoot boy, standing friendless and alone at the very edge of the firelight. I particularly hope you will make the effort to get to know him… His story, recounted in 'Hob's Hog,' is famously challenging. Every sentence must be worked for; every line is an act of archaeology. Reading his story is not unlike gouging cold earth with a trowel to find the buried ruin of a lost world.

Limited: 750 signed numbered oversize hardcover copies: $60


Jim Butcher—Working for Bigfoot Update

Working for Bigfoot by Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher's Dresden Files collection, Working for Bigfoot, has been delayed a bit, because we found a set of printing errors prominent in the loose signatures we were sent before the final books are bound. (These errors hadn't shown up previously in any proofs.)

Our printer is reprinting the entire book to correct this error, which has resulted in a delay. We apologize for that, but figure folks would rather have a great looking book a month later than expected, than an inferior one on time.

In the meantime, if you can't hold off the few weeks, the ebook of Working is currently available.

Thanks to everyone for their patience.


Harlan Ellison’s THE TOP OF THE VOLCANO for only $25

The Top of the Volcano by Harlan Ellison

We've just received a number of copies of Harlan Ellison's The Top of the Volcano back from one of our wholesale account. Some are perfect, some are slightly worn. We'll put new dust jackets on copies to bring them up to snuff, and are happy to offer them at only $25 per copy, a wholly great price for an oversize hardcover that clocks in north of 500 pages.

Have at them!



Announcing DRIVEN by Kelley Armstrong

Driven by Kelley Armstrong Trade Hardcover

Subterranean Press is pleased to present Driven, a long Otherworld novella by Kelley Armstrong, featuring a number of full-color illustrations by Xaviere Daumarie. The Trade Hardcover of Driven will feature a full-color dust jacket as well as four full-color interior illustrations. The Signed Limited Edition will have a completely different dust jacket, full-color endsheets, and two additional full-color illustrations not in the Trade. If you own a copy of the limited edition of Forsaken, please mention your number to match when checking out.

Cains are known for being big, brutish and not-too-bright. The mutt clan embodies all the supernatural world’s worst stereotypes about werewolves. But not even the Cains deserve to be hunted down and skinned like animals.

When young Davis Cain comes to the Pack for help, Alpha Elena Michaels can’t refuse him. It isn't about morality or justice. It’s about not letting anyone think they can do this to werewolves and get away with it.

But Elena is also dealing with the Pack’s homegrown monster—Malcolm Danvers, onetime enforcer, full-time psycho. Malcolm is now under Elena’s control, as part of the most difficult decision she’s had to make as leader. But if she has to let Malcolm in, she’s going to make full use of him…and the best person to catch monsters is one who knows exactly how they think.

Limited: 1000 signed numbered copies, bound in leather: $48

Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition: $28


SAVAGES by K. J. Parker in Stock and Shipping, and Praised!

Savages by K. J. Parker

We're happy to report that copies of K. J. Parker's long (180k words) new novel, Savages, have shipped to customers. We're equally pleased to share part of Locus' recent review with you:

K. J. Parker's fantasy universe may be a bit stingy with fantasy, but it's packed with the sort of detail many other fantasy writers seem to overlook entirely—economics, art, libraries, technologies, and perhaps most notably, characters whose pointedly unelevated dialogue suggests they don't care if they're in a fantasy world at all—they're just going to go on sniping at each other as if they were in a Howard Hawks comedy. The dissonance between this almost studied lack of pretentiousness and Parker's convincing historical detail—including moments of stunning medieval brutality—has always been a central part of Parker's appeal, and it's fully on display in Savages, a title which is ironic in a couple of important ways—exactly who are the savages, and from whose perspective.




The Best of Gregory Benford

For once, we're ahead of the game. We've already shipped all customer and retail orders for The Best of Gregory Benford, which clocks in north of 600 pages.

About the Book:

This is a monumental collection of thirty-eight Gregory Benford stories, including some of the best science fiction of the last fifty years, chosen from the more than two hundred he has published to date:

At the end of the 1960s, Benford expanded his novella “Deeper than the Darkness,” to become his first novel of the same title in 1970. He hit his stride in the 1970s, making his reputation with stories such as “Doing Lennon” and “In Alien Flesh.” By the end of that decade he had written In the Ocean of Night, the first of his impressive Galactic Center novels. He entered the 1980s a Nebula Award-winner for his classic novel, Timescape. That decade continued with the impressive stories “Relativistic Effects” and “Exposures,” the novel, Against Infinity, and ended with “Matters End” and “Mozart on Morphine.”

By the middle of the 1980s he had also taken the leadership position of spokesman for hard science fiction, and contended with the rising cyberpunk reformers of hard SF. He has remained the most articulate defender of science’s role in science fiction to this day, and perhaps the most literate and literary of its writers. In the 1990s, by now an acknowledged master of hard science fiction, he became more playful in some works, in particular stories such as “Centigrade 233,” a riff on Ray Bradbury’s classic Fahrenheit 451, and “Zoomers,” a dot-com bubble superman fantasia, while still holding to the center with the majority of his writing, completing his long series of Galactic Center novels and even writing in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation universe.

That playful thread became central after the turn of the millennium, with shorter satirical pieces originally published in Nature, such as “Applied Mathematical Theology” and “Reasons Not to Publish.” But he still wrote the innovative stories “Bow Shock,” “Mercies,” and “The Sigma Structure Symphony” and in the second decade of the new century embarked on a major collaboration with Larry Niven, in the novels The Bowl of Heaven and Shipstar.

We have here a series of snapshots of a moving target, a writer who has been growing and changing for decades, extending his art, and the art of science fiction writing. Benford continues building himself challenging structures to write in with two story series in progress that may emerge as major works. He’s not slowing down. But for the record we now have this book, a permanent chronicle of a major career. Six decades so far.

Limited: 250 signed numbered copies, bound in leather: $40
Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition: $60


Announcing READY PLAYER ONE by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

We're pleased to announce the signed limited edition of Ernest Cline's Ready Player One, which has become a huge favorite here at SubPress.

About the Book:

In the year 2044, reality is an ugly place. The only time teenage Wade Watts really feels alive is when he's jacked into the virtual utopia known as the OASIS. Wade's devoted his life to studying the puzzles hidden within this world's digital confines—puzzles that are based on their creator's obsession with the pop culture of decades past and that promise massive power and fortune to whoever can unlock them.

But when Wade stumbles upon the first clue, he finds himself beset by players willing to kill to take this ultimate prize. The race is on, and if Wade's going to survive, he'll have to win—and confront the real world he's always been so desperate to escape.

Our edition of Ready Player One will be oversize and feature a cover and interior illustration from the Chinese edition, selected by Ernest Cline. In addition, we’ll include a piece of RP1 fan fiction by Andy Weir (The Martian), as well as an introduction by Fantasy best-seller Patrick Rothfuss.

Limited: 750 signed numbered hardcover copies: $75
Lettered: 26 signed leatherbound copies, housed in a custom traycase: $350



Announcing THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir

We're pleased to announce that we'll be publishing a signed, limited edition of Andy Weir's debut novel, The Martian, which has taken the best-seller lists by storm. Given the novel's popularity, and the movie coming this fall, we suggest an early order.

About the Book:

Six days ago, astronaut Mark Watney became one of the first people to walk on Mars.

Now, he's sure he'll be the first person to die there.

After a dust storm nearly kills him and forces his crew to evacuate while thinking him dead, Mark finds himself stranded and completely alone with no way to even signal Earth that he’s alive—and even if he could get word out, his supplies would be gone long before a rescue could arrive.

Chances are, though, he won't have time to starve to death. The damaged machinery, unforgiving environment, or plain-old “human error” are much more likely to kill him first.

But Mark isn't ready to give up yet. Drawing on his ingenuity, his engineering skills—and a relentless, dogged refusal to quit—he steadfastly confronts one seemingly insurmountable obstacle after the next. Will his resourcefulness be enough to overcome the impossible odds against him?

The Subterranean Press edition, due this fall, will be oversize, with an introduction by Dan Simmons.

Limited: 750 signed numbered hardcover copies: $75

Lettered: 26 signed leatherbound copies, housed in a custom traycase: $350


More NOS4A2/WRAITH artwork just posted

NOS4A2/WRAITH by Joe Hil

We've just added even more of Charles "Talent" Wilson's artwork for upcoming Joe Hill NOS4A2/Wraith signed limited edition, including both color and b&w illustrations. Head over to the book's product page to have a look.

Remember, there will be 13 original color illustrations and 13 original black & whites, as well as an original small sketch on the signature page of each copy. This is going to be one Hill edition to treasure.


Printer activity and shipping update

Speak Easy by Catherynne M. Valente

Another pair of much-anticipated titles has just been sent to the printer:

with more scheduled to go this week.

As far as shipping goes, these titles are on our calendar for immediate shipment:

Important Collectors Note: Working for Bigfoot (Jim Butcher) is only one or two wholesale orders from shipping out of print. If you want a copy of the trade hardcover, now's the time to place your order.


Joe R. Lansdale’s PARADISE SKY shipping

Paradise Sky by Joe R. Lansdale

We're shipping signed copies of Joe R. Lansdale's masterpiece, Paradise Sky, right now. Those of you who enjoyed his novella, Black Hat Jack—which featured the same main character—will be especially motivated to pick up a copy.

About the Book:

A rollicking novel about Nat Love, an African-American cowboy with a famous nickname: Deadwood Dick.

Young Willie is on the run, having fled his small Texas farm when an infamous local landowner murdered his father. A man named Loving takes him in and trains him in the fine arts of shooting, riding, reading, and gardening. When Loving dies, Willie re-christens himself Nat Love in tribute to his mentor, and heads west.

In Deadwood, South Dakota Territory, Nat becomes a Buffalo Soldier and is befriended by Wild Bill Hickok. After winning a famous shooting match, Nat's peerless marksmanship and charm earn him the nickname Deadwood Dick, as well as a beautiful woman. But the hellhounds are still on his trail, and they brutally attack Nat Love's love. Pursuing the men who have driven his wife mad, Nat heads south for a final, deadly showdown against those who would strip him of his home, his love, his freedom, and his life.

Trade: Hardcover signed by the author: $26.95

From Booklist (Starred Review):

Paradise Sky is a rowdy, funny, suspenseful, and often quite moving yarn.

From Publishers Weekly (Starred Review):

Edgar-winner Lansdale’s folksy, cinematic fictional memoir tells the story of a man who was born a slave before the Civil War but grew up to become the legendary Deadwood Dick… In Deadwood, Nat meets a beautiful young woman, saves the life of Wild Bill Hickok, and reencounters Sam Ruggert, who still has it in for him. Lansdale (The Thicket) fills his pages with true-hearted heroes, dastardly scoundrels, and rollicking adventures.


Fifteen copies of THE WATER KNIFE available

The Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalupi

After shipping out the initial orders for the signed trade copies of Paolo Bacigalupi's The Water Knife, we have fifteen copies left. Snag one if you're interested.

About the Book:

Paolo Bacigalupi, New York Times-Bestselling author and National Book Award Finalist, dives once again onto our uncertain future with his first thriller for adults since his multi-award winning debut phenomenon The Windup Girl.

In the American Southwest, Nevada, Arizona, and California skirmish for dwindling shares of the Colorado River. Into the fray steps Angel Velasquez, detective, leg-breaker, assassin and spy. A Las Vegas water knife, Angel “cuts” water for his boss, Catherine Case, ensuring that her lush, luxurious arcology developments can bloom in the desert, so the rich can stay wet, while the poor get nothing but dust. When rumors of a game-changing water source surface in drought-ravaged Phoenix, Angel is sent to investigate. There, he encounters Lucy Monroe, a hardened journalist with no love for Vegas and every reason to hate Angel, and Maria Villarosa, a young Texas refugee who survives by her wits and street smarts in a city that despises everything that she represents.  With bodies piling up, bullets flying, and Phoenix teetering on collapse, it seems like California is making a power play to monopolize the life-giving flow of a river. For Angel, Lucy, and Maria time is running out and their only hope for survival rests in each other’s hands. But when water is more valuable than gold, alliances shift like sand, and the only thing for certain is that someone will have to bleed if anyone hopes to drink.

Click here to order a copy or find out more.


China Mieville Cover Reveal

Three Moments of an Explosion

Dave McKean recently turned in the dust jacket art and design for China Mieville's new collection, Three Moments of an Explosion.

The book sold out in the first week of preorders, but we couldn't resist sharing the dj with everyone.



Alastair Reynolds’ DEEP NAVIGATION now available as an ebook

Deep Navigation by Alastair Reynolds

We're pleased to be publishing Alastair Reynolds' most recent full-length collection as an ebook. Deep Navigation features well over 100,000 words of sf, from space opera, to tales of Mars, to those set more closely to earth. There's even one previously uncollected story set in the Revelation Space universe.

About the Book:

Deep Navigation contains a broad spectrum of Alastair Reynolds’ work, from his first published story, “Nunivak Snowflakes,” through “The Receivers” and “Monkey Suit,” both published within the last year, plus an introduction by his friend, Stephen Baxter. It is well-known that the scope of Dr. Reynolds’ stories is vast; his Revelation Space stories alone attest to that. This collection shows his impressive range, from the claustrophobic Antarctic station, “Byrd Land Six,” to the branespanning “Tiger, Burning,” to the millennia-long quest of “Fury.” His viewpoints are as varied as his constant production of big, new ideas. A lone artist calmly painting the universe. A planetary ecological struggle reduced to a game. A fleeing assassin drawn into an alien rescue between the stars.


New Joe Abercrombie in stock and shipping

Half the World by Joe Abercrombie

A good deal of this week's shipping efforts will go toward getting folks their copies of Half the World by Joe Abercrombie. If you haven't ordered one, please do. World (as Half a King before it) balances on the adult/YA line neatly, providing a remarkable epic fantasy reading experience for all.

This represents Joe Abercrombie at his absolute best, and shouldn't be missed.

Limited: 400 signed numbered copies, printed in two colors, with illustrations by Jon McCoy: $125


Time to Preorder Neil Gaiman’s THE TRUTH IS A CAVE IN THE BLACK MOUNTAINS Running Out!

The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains Signed Limited Edition

We have more details about the upcoming Neil Gaiman signed limited edition, The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains, we can share with you.

Please place your preorder soon, as we have to finalize our preorder with Morrow, the publisher. It's a bargain at only $75.

About the Book:

This is a four-color edition of Neil Gaiman’s award-winning novelette “The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains”—a haunting story of family, the otherworld, and a search for hidden treasure.

  • Each numbered copy is signed by author and artist
  • Specially commissioned (for this volume only) 8‐page comic by artist Eddie Campbell, starring his alter‐ego “Alec” and Alec’s friend “Neil”
  • Limited to 3,000 copy printing
  • One‐piece fabric‐covered clamshell case with silver foil stamping and pull ribbon
  • Mp3‐cd audio recording of full story read by Neil, accompanied by music performed by Fourplay string quartet
  • Clothbound book with silver foil stamping and art inlay, silver endpapers

Limited: Hardcover edition, signed by the author and artist, with CD. This gorgeous limited edition will feature a clamshell case and vellum cover overwrap: $75


Joe Hill on the new limited edition of NOS4A2

NOS4A2/WRAITH by Joe Hill

In case you missed it, we've posted some of the ultra-creepy color illustrations for NOS4A2/Wraith by Charles Talent Wilson III.

We also took the opportunity to ask Joe Hill what he thought about the IDW limited, which will weigh in at over eight pounds!

Joe said:

I’m so pumped to see NOS4A2 and WRAITH laced together into a single gorgeous edition, crafted with IDW’s legendary attention to detail, and choked with Charles ‘Talent’ Wilson the iii’s demented ‘art.’ The stories inform one another, feeding into and off of each other, and it just feels right to find them between the same set of covers. Rumors that the book is bound in human flesh are utterly and completely false, however. It just would’ve been too hard to do 999 copies.

This is going to be a special limited edition, one which we'll steal ideas from for our own publications. Don't miss out. After all, it's the only way to visit Christmasland!

Click here to read more about NOS4A2/WRAITH or to order your copy!



Order your copy of THE END OF ALL THINGS by John Scalzi now!

The End of All Things by John Scalzi

We're about to place our final order for John Scalzi's upcoming space opera, The End of All Things, which triggered the thought now was a good time to remind you to get your order in for a signed or inscribed copy.

So you're not buying this blind, know it received a starred review from Kirkus, a bit of which follows:

It’s classic crowd-pleasing Scalzi, offering thrilling adventure scenes (space battles, daring military actions, parachute jumps through a planet’s atmosphere), high-stakes politics, snarky commentary, and food for thought. Delightful, compulsively readable, and even somewhat nutritious brain candy.


Snag Connie Willis’ THE WINDS OF MARBLE ARCH AND OTHER STORIE—over 250,000 words—for only $2.99

The Winds of Marble Arch by Connie Willis

For the next week, you can pick up the ebook of Connie Willis' huge—over 700 pages—short story collection, The Winds of Marble Arch and Other Stories, for only $2.99.

About the Book:

“Variety is the soul of pleasure,” And variety is what this comprehensive new collection of Connie Willis is all about. The stories cover the entire spectrum, from sad to sparkling to terrifying, from classics to hard-to-find treasures with everything in between—orangutans, Egypt, earthworms, roast goose, college professors, mothers-in-law, aliens, secret codes, Secret Santas, tube stations, choir practice, the post office, the green light on Daisy's dock, weddings, divorces, death, and assorted plagues, from scarlet fever to “It's a Wonderful Life.” And a dog.

Famous for her “sure-hand plotting, unforgettable characters, and top-notch writing,” Willis has been called, “the most relentlessly delightful science fiction writer alive,” and there are numerous examples here. Among them, Willis's most famous stories—the Hugo- and Nebula-Award-winning “Fire Watch” and “Even the Queen” and “The Last of the Winnebagos”—along with undiscovered gems like Willis's heartfelt homage to Jack Williamson, “Nonstop to Portales.” Her magical Christmas stories are here, too, from “Newsletter” to “Just Like the Ones We Used to Know…” which last year was made into the TV movie, Snow Wonder, starring Mary Tyler Moore.

We've collected stories from throughout Willis's career, from early ones like “Cash Crop” and “Daisy, in the Sun,” right up to her newest stories, including the wonderful “The Winds of Marble Arch.” There's literally something for everyone here. If you're a diehard Willis fan, you'll be delighted with hard-to-find treasures like the until-now uncollected, “The Soul Selects Her Own Society…” If you've never read Connie Willis, this is your chance to discover “A Letter from the Clearys” and, well, “Chance.” To say nothing of, “At the Rialto,” the funniest story ever written about quantum physicists. And Willis's chilling, “All My Darling Daughters.”

And…oh, there are too many great stories here to list and pleasures galore. So enjoy!

Table of Contents:

In Which May be Found Personal Correspondence, Travel Guides, References to Royalty, Weather Reports, Parking Fines, and Other Violations, including Matters of Life and Death (and Afterwards), an Epiphany or Two, and an Appendix.

Weather Reports

  • The Winds of Marble Arch
  • Blued Moon
  • Just Like the Ones We Used to Know

Personal Correspondence

  • A Letter from the Clearys
  • Newsletter

Travel Guides

  • Fire Watch
  • Nonstop to Portales

Parking Fines and Other Violations

  • Ado
  • All My Darling Daughters
  • In the Late Cretaceous


  • The Curse of Kings
  • Even the Queen
  • Inn

Matters of Life and Death

  • Samaritan
  • Cash Crop
  • Jack
  • The Last of the Winnebagos

And Afterwards

  • Service for the Burial of the Dead
  • The Soul Selects Her Own Society…


  • Chance
  • At the Rialto
  • Epiphany


From Publishers Weekly (Starred Review):

Willis makes brilliant short fiction look easy in this collection of 23 novellas and short stories, which display a powerful range of sensibility, from poignant tenderness ('Inn') and heartbreak ('Samaritan') to close-to-the-bone satire ('Even the Queen') and blackest savagery ('All My Darling Daughters').

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Along with her writing skills, the breadth of knowledge—scientific as well as religious and literary—packed into each of Willis' stories will awe readers. Her stories are both pompous and populist, touching upon everything from Shakespeare, Christmas, 1940s movies, love and death, marriage and divorce, and popular music and television to the latest developments in physics and how to properly cook a goose… In The Winds of Marble Arch, Willis' love for her craft and for the vagaries of the human heart—of which she so writes so ably—is on ample display.


There is a great variety of Willis' work represented here, so whether you're a die-hard fan or just starting, this book cannot possibly disappoint.


New Jim Butcher Sent to the Printer

Working for Bigfoot by Jim Butcher

We're happy to report that Jim Butcher's newest book, Working for Bigfoot, published exclusively by SubPress, has just been sent to the printer. The collection won't quite make its announced June pub date, but should ship by mid July. Unlike Jim's novels, with millions of copies in print, Working's print run is in the low thousands, and we expect it to sell out soon after publication, if not before.

About the Book:

Chicago wizard for hire Harry Dresden is used to mysterious clients with long hair and legs up to here. But when it turns out the long hair covers every square inch of his latest client’s body, and the legs contribute to a nine-foot height, even the redoubtable detective realizes he’s treading new ground. Strength of a River in His Shoulders is one of the legendary forest people, a Bigfoot, and he has a problem that only Harry can solve. His son Irwin is a scion, the child of a supernatural creature and a human. He’s a good kid, but the extraordinary strength of his magical aura has a way of attracting trouble.

In the three novellas that make up Working For Bigfoot, collected together for the first time here, readers encounter Dresden at different points in his storied career, and in Irwin’s life. As a middle-schooler, in “B is For Bigfoot,” Irwin attracts the unwelcome attention of a pair of bullying brothers who are more than they seem, and when Harry steps in, it turns out they have a mystical guardian of their own. At a fancy private high school in “I Was a Teenage Bigfoot,” Harry is called in when Irwin grows ill for the first time, and it’s not just a case of mono. Finally, Irwin is all grown up and has a grown-up’s typical problems as a freshman in college in “Bigfoot on Campus,” or would have if typical included vampires.

New York Times bestseller Jim Butcher explores the responsibilities of fatherhood and the difficulties of growing up with the elements Dresden Files fans crave—detection, adventure, humor, and magic.

Lettered: 26 signed leatherbound copies, housed in a custom traycase: $275
Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies: $60
Trade: Fully cloth-bound hardcover copies: $35

From Publishers Weekly:

Butcher emphasizes the lighter side of his Chicago-based wizard PI, Harry Dresden, in this collection of three novellas with a common client, a Sasquatch known as River Shoulders… Butcher leavens classic hard-boiled first-person narration (‘She was blond, about five-foot-six, and my logical mind told me that every inch of her was a bad idea’) with humor in these amuse-bouches aimed squarely at longtime fans.



Shipping Update — Ann Leckie, Paolo Bacigalupi, and more

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie

Even as the warehouse expansion continues, our shipping crew are doing a great job of getting books into the hands of eager readers. Right now, we're shipping Ann Leckie's award-winning debut novel, Ancillary Justice. Last week we sent out copies of Paolo Bacigalupi's newest sf thriller, The Water Knife. This was preceded by shipping (literally) five tons of Robert McCammon's sf/horror novel, The Border.

Look for at least one more new book to start shipping later this week. We'll keep you posted.



Announcing the NOS4A2/WRAITH Deluxe Signed Limited Edition by Joe Hill

NOS4A2/WRAITH Deluxe Edition by Joe Hill

Our friends at IDW Publishing are creating a signed, limited edition of Joe Hill’s classic-in-the-making novel, NOS4A2. The book is signed by Joe Hill and Charles Paul Wilson III and is hand-numbered to 999. This new collection includes the 172-page graphic novel prequel, Wraith, as an essential part. Exclusively for this collection, Wraith series artist Charles Paul Wilson III has created 26 new illustrations (13 color, 13 black and white), a new full-color wraparound dust jacket, and a detailed map of Christmasland featured in the end pages. Mr. Wilson will also be personalizing each Christmasland-themed signature plate with a small original sketch inside a gruesomely twisted advent calendar. This 852-page oversized hardcover is packaged in an ornate hand-built cloth slipcase and features a debossed cloth cover.

About the Book:

Charlie Manx is a very bad man with a very special car—a 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith with the vanity plate NOS4A2. Charlie takes children for rides in his car, all the way to Christmasland. Christmasland is a magic place, a place just for children.

Victoria McQueen has a gift for finding lost things. If she rides her bike through the Shorter Way Bridge, she can find anything that’s lost. She’s also the only person ever to have escaped from Charlie Manx. Charlie may have died, but he hasn’t forgotten Victoria, and he takes her son for a ride in his car.

Victoria McQueen will do anything to save her son, but the Shorter Way Bridge has become a more perilous crossing than it was when she was a child. And who wouldn’t want to have Christmas…forever? Sleigh bells ring….

In his terrifying new novel, NOS4A2, New York Times bestselling author, Joe Hill, makes sure you’ll never listen to Christmas carols without a shiver again. But more than just horror, NOS4A2 is a story of strength, of magic, of family, and the costs of love. It’s about finding what is lost, even when what we lose is ourselves.

About the Graphic Novel:

Joe Hill’s New York Times bestselling novel, NOS4A2, introduced readers to the terrifying funhouse world of Christmasland and the mad man who rules there: Charlie Talent Manx III. Now, in an original new comic miniseries, Hill throws wide the candy cane gates to tell a standalone story that is at once both accessible to new readers and sure to delight fans of the book.

The NOS4A2/WRAITH Deluxe Edition is due to ship in August.

Limited: 999 signed and numbered hardcover copies, each with an original small sketch by the artist and packaged in a hand-built slipcase: $150



Announcing a two-novella set by Brandon Sanderson

Shadows for Silence in the Shadows of Hell and Perfect State by Brandon Sanderson

We're pleased to announce a two novella project by Brandon Sanderson, in which one sf novella, and one fantasy novella, are printed as separate volumes housed in a common slipcase. Read on for details about Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell and Perfect State.

About the Book:

Dust jacket and interior illustrations by Tom Kidd.

Important note: If you buy this limited edition set from us prior to publication, you’ll automatically be sent a copy of each ebook when we finish shipping the limited editions.

Here’s a project we’ve always wanted to try: two novellas published as separate books, held in one slipcase.

Perfect State is science fiction.

Shadows for Silence in the Forest of Hell is fantasy.

Each will be illustrated with a full-color dust jacket and five two-color interior illustrations by Tom Kidd.

The novellas will be printed on 80# Finch, in two colors.

The print run for this novella set is only 526 copies, by far the lowest limitation we’ve yet set for anything with Brandon, and far less than the hundreds of thousands of copies of his novels in print.

Limited: 500 signed numbered sets, fully cloth-bound, housed in a custom slipcase: $99
Lettered: 26 signed sets, fully leatherbound, housed in a custom traycase: $275


THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS is in stock and shipping!

The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

The limited edition of Thomas Harris' The Silence of the Lambs is in stock and starts shipping today.

We still have copies of the limited (signed by the artist, Marshall Arisman),  and the lavishly bound lettered edition (signed by Mr. Harris as well as the artist) available, so get your order in soon. The total print run for our edition is only 252 copies, a far cry from the hundreds of thousands of copies the novel has sold in trade hardcover and paperback through the years.

Limited: 200 numbered copies, signed by the artist, housed in a custom slipcase: $150

Lettered: 52 signed (by author and artist) copies, bound in leather and cloth, housed in a custom traycase: $1500


Dean Koontz’s RELENTLESS Available Once Again

Relentless by Dean Koontz

As our other copies sold out so quickly, we went back to the well and bought the rest of the copies of Dean Koontz's Relentless. As you may recall, this Charnel House book originally retailed for $300, and has been climbing on the secondary market, when you can find it. We're offering our copies for only $150 each.



Savages by K J Parker

The first review for K. J. Parker's Savages is in, and we're happy to share it with you. Here's a cut, from Publishers Weekly:

Parker delivers another solid standalone adventure filled with political and social intrigue…there’s much to enjoy in the well-crafted action, battle sequences, and assorted political and social twists within a society in upheaval.

If you can't wait for Savages, we recommend you check out The Two of Swords, the series of Parker's that Orbit is currently serializing at less than a buck an installment. Good stuff.


Announcing THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS by Thomas Harris

The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

If ever a book needed no introduction…

You may preorder your copy of Thomas Harris' The Silence of the Lambs now. The limited edition is already done, and en route to our warehouse. Copies of the lettered edition are nearly done, and will follow shortly.

About the Book:

Subterranean Press is proud to present an exclusive signed, limited edition of one of Thomas Harris’ most accomplished novels, The Silence of the Lambs.

It will be available in two unique editions, one signed by the artist (the limited edition) and one signed by both author and artist (the lettered edition)

Limited: 200 numbered copies, housed in a custom slipcase, signed by the artist. (Note: This edition is not signed by the author.)

Lettered: 52 signed (by author and artist) copies, half bound in leather and cloth, housed in a custom traycase. (Note: This is one of our finest productions.)



The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox by Barry Hughart

Barry Hughart's classic trilogy of a China that never was, The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox, is on sale. The ebook is only $2.99 for the next week.

These books can change your life.Chronicles also happens to spot some of the flap copy we've ever seen. We couldn't make this up if we tried.

About the Book:

When I got out of Andover in the 1950s I suffered from fairly severe depression, but this was back when the only such term recognized by the medical profession was 'depressive' following 'manic' which was one bad gig until some genius renamed it 'bipolar disorder' and after that it couldn't harm a fly. Since I wasn't lucky enough to qualify for manic and clinical depression didn't exist they diagnosed schizophrenia and packed me off to a booby hatch. (Which was not entirely a bad thing. Man, the scene at Kings Count Psychotic Ward was like awesome!) Then I was promoted to a slightly less odorous asylum where Doctor Oscar Diethelm expounded upon the delights of going snickety-snick on my frontal lobes, and while it would take too long to explain I managed to escape to Columbia University. There I found myself groping through weird landscapes obscured by clouds of pot behind which pimpled prophets of the Beat Generation shrieked, 'Our minds destroyed by madness, starving, hysterical, naked, dragging through black streets at dawn looking for an angry fix, or what the fuck, something like that. Yo, daddy-o!' and I said to myself, 'Barry, you have found a home.'

When I wafted back into the world a few years later my depression was still there but I was allowed to prove my sanity by blowing things up for the U.S. Air Force. No, not Vietnam. Planting ingenious and mostly illegal mine fields around the eternal DMZ in Korea. Time passed but not much else. I moved to the Arizona/Sonoran Desert where I could live quietly, surrounded on all sides by prickly pear, cat's claw, devil's horns, barrel cactus, jumping cactus, and illegal immigrants. I still occasionally dreamed of bright flashes followed by BOOM! which was a shame because I had other memories of the Far East: good memories, warm memories, and in 1977—ten years before Prozac—I decided to use those and whatever else I could come up with to create an alternate world into which I could creep on dark and stormy nights and pull over my head like a security blanket. So I read a lot and scribbled a lot and gradually the land of Li Kao began to take shape. But the first draft of Bridge of Birds didn't really work and I couldn't see what was wrong, so I dumped it into a drawer for a few years. Then one day I read Lin Yutang's The Importance of Understanding and found the prayer to a little girl that I mention in a footnote in the final version. It made me realize that while I'd invented good things like monsters and marvels and mayhem the book hadn't really been about anything. I opened the drawer. 'Okay!' I said to myself. 'This book is going to be about love.' And so it is, and so are ones that followed.

Will there be more? I doubt it, and it's not because of bad sales and worse publishers. It's simply that I'd taken it as far as I could. Oh, I could come up with more ingenious plots and interesting characters and so on, but the Ox/Master Li format had become just that, a format, and no matter how well I wrote I'd just be repeating myself. Many writers are content to settle down with an endless if predictable series, but I'd be miserable, and so it was like deciding to quit smoking: cold turkey or forget about it, and I chose cold turkey. Anyway, it was a lot of fun while it lasted, and I hope Ox and Li Kao can continue to give fun to readers, and I most particularly hope that on dark and stormy nights some of those readers will be able to crawl into my alternate world and pull it over them like a security blanket.


Robert McCammon’s THE BORDER is Here!

The Border by Robert McCammon

Robert McCammon's return to epic sf/horror, The Border, is in stock and shipping. (The trade edition, that is. The limited and lettered editions will be out a few months down the road.)

His new novel of two alien races invading earth has drawn praise from Stephen King, Publishers Weekly, and, now, Booklist:

This is a very ambitious novel, an epic-scaled story of perseverance and survival in the face of monstrous odds. McCammon brings his usual storytelling gifts to the table: his ability to create characters who feel real, no matter how unreal the situations they find themselves in; dialogue that rings true; and a story that captures our imaginations from the very first page.

The first printing is over 97% sold out, with a second printing unlikely. You can order a signed copy of the trade hardcover through us, or an unsigned copy from your favorite large online retailer or indie.

About the Book:

World Fantasy award-winning, bestselling author Robert McCammon makes a triumphant return to the epic horror and apocalyptic tone reminiscent of his books Swan Song and Stinger in this gripping new novel, The Border, a saga of an Earth devastated by a war between two marauding alien civilizations.

But it is not just the living ships of the monstrous Gorgons or the motion-blurred shock troops of the armored Cyphers that endanger the holdouts in the human bastion of Panther Ridge. The world itself has turned against the handful of survivors, as one by one they succumb to despair and suicide or, even worse, are transformed by otherworldly pollution into hideous Gray Men, cannibalistic mutants driven by insatiable hunger. Into these desperate circumstances comes an amnesiac teenaged boy who names himself Ethan—a boy who must overcome mistrust and suspicion to master unknowable powers that may prove to be the last hope for humanity's salvation. Those same powers make Ethan a threat to the warring aliens, long used to fearing only each other, and thrust him and his comrades into ever more perilous circumstances.

A major new novel from the unparalleled imagination of Robert McCammon, this dark epic of survival will both thrill readers and make them fall in love with his work all over again.


Rare Dean Koontz Limited Editions Available

From the Corner of His Eye by Dean Koontz

We recently picked up very limited stock of some out of print Dean Koontz rarities originally published by Charnel House. Our copies are priced well below the market. In fact, we can't even find two of the books on offer anywhere, and the other goes for $200-$500 per copy,

The books include:

  • From the Corner of His Eye
  • The Good Guy
  • Relentless



Announcing STINGER by Robert McCammon

Stinger by Robert McCammon

Stinger is coming this October.

This is truly the Year of Robert McCammon here at SubPress, with his major novel The Border, as well as trade paperbacks of They Thirst, The Hunter from the Woods, and Blue World, which will itself have a limited edition.

Next year look for a slightly less McCammon-centric schedule, but one that features a new novel and novella.

Now, to Stinger:

First published as a paperback original in 1988, Stinger remains one of Robert McCammon’s wildest, most compelling creations. Both a furiously paced action novel and an affectionate tribute to the SF/Horror films of an earlier era, it is vintage McCammon, and a grand, often visceral entertainment.

The story takes place during a single twenty-four hour period in Inferno, Texas. Inferno is a town in trouble, driven to the brink by racial tension, gang violence, and a collapsing economy. But things can always get worse, and they do so with astonishing speed when an unidentified spacecraft crash lands in the desert outside of town, followed by a second craft bearing the alien being who will soon be known as Stinger. Stinger is a kind of interstellar hunter on a mission he intends to complete, whatever the cost. He brings with him an endless array of technological marvels and an infinite capacity for destruction that threaten the existence of Inferno, its inhabitants, and the larger world beyond.

Filled with a large cast of vividly realized characters and sporting some of the most memorably horrific imagery you will ever encounter, Stinger is an adrenaline-fueled narrative of the highest order, its classic, pulp fictional elements transformed and elevated by a master storyteller. The result is pure Robert McCammon, an engrossing, hugely enjoyable experience that is sure to stay with you for a very long time to come.

Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies: $80
Lettered: 52 signed leatherbound copies, housed in a custom traycase: $275


Announcing THREE MOMENTS Of AN EXPLOSION by China Mieville—Only 452 copies

Three Moments of an Explosion by China Mieville

We’re pleased to present the signed limited edition of Three Moments of an Explosion, a collection of stories that showcase the singular vision of China Mieville. Please note that most of the stories in Moment are making their first appearance therein, and that our edition consists of only 452 copies, far smaller than the trade hardcover, which will have many thousands of copies, and smaller even than our usual limited editions for China, as well. One of SubPress favorite artists, Dave McKean, will provide the dust jacket.

Publishers Weekly graced Three Moments of an Explosion with a starred review, saying of it, “Above all what the stories have in common is a sense that the world is not just strange, but stranger than we can really comprehend.”

Limited: 400 signed numbered copies: $80
Lettered: 52 signed copies, bound in leather, housed in a custom traycase: $275

Table of Contents:

  • Three Moments of an Explosion
  • Polynia
  • The Condition of New Death
  • The Dowager of Bees
  • In The Slopes
  • The Crawl
  • Watching God
  • The 9th Technique
  • The Rope is the World
  • The Buzzard’s Egg
  • Säcken
  • Syllabus
  • Dreaded Outcome
  • After the Festival
  • The Dusty Hat
  • Escapee
  • The Bastard Prompt
  • Rules
  • Estate
  • Keep
  • A Second Slice Manifesto
  • Covehithe
  • The Junket
  • Four Final Orpheuses
  • The Rabbet
  • Listen The Birds
  • A Mount
  • The Design


New Peter Straub in Stock and Shipping

Perdido by Peter Straub

Peter Straub's rarity, Perdido, is in stock and shipping. The trade edition is sold out, but the limited is still in good supply. Pick up a copy if you're of a mind.

Perdido also just received a nifty review from Gary K. Wolfe, in Locus:

Those inclined to read toward horror, fantasy, or mystery will find the ingredients laid out on the table, but without a familiar recipe to follow, it challenges our urge to categorize. That alone, apart from its rather haunting premise and characteristically graceful prose, is enough to make this a quick and rewarding read.

About the Book:

Perdido, a fragment from a never completed longer work, is a rare and unexpected gift for Peter Straub’s legion of fans. Even in this fragmentary form, it offers the sort of vivid, unexpected pleasures that only the finest imaginative fiction can provide.

On one level, Perdido tells the story of a troubled family: a discontented husband and wife and the teenaged son who was—but is no longer—a musical prodigy. On another, it is the story of the isolated Norwegian resort known as Perdido, and of the impossible, dreamlike things that happen there. Perdido is a place where the rules of ordinary life no longer apply, where reality is malleable and infinitely strange. It is a place where “you get what you didn’t know you wanted” and where lives are altered forever. For the unhappy couple invited to attend—and for the teenaged son awaiting their return—it is the place where a marriage ends and a life filled with alternate possibilities begins. Mysterious, evocative, and always superbly written, Perdido offers readers something genuinely special: a visit to an imaginary landscape that only Peter Straub could have created.

Limited: 400 signed numbered hardcover copies: $45



Working for Bigfoot by Jim Butcher

Publishers Weekly liked Jim Butcher's Working for Bigfoot just fine:

Butcher emphasizes the lighter side of his Chicago-based wizard PI, Harry Dresden, in this collection of three novellas with a common client, a Sasquatch known as River Shoulders… Butcher leavens classic hard-boiled first-person narration (‘She was blond, about five-foot-six, and my logical mind told me that every inch of her was a bad idea’) with humor in these amuse-bouches aimed squarely at longtime fans.

As soon as Jim can fit the signature pages into his ultra-hectic schedule, the book will head to the printer.


The first praise for Joe R. Lansdale’s FENDER LIZARDS

Fender Lizards by Joe R. Lansdale

The first review of Joe R. Lansdale's Fender Lizards crossed our desks recently. It comes courtesy of Adam-Troy Castro, who usually reviews for Buzzfeed:

I wanna tell you about [Fender Lizards] in the way one wants to tell everybody about any book that made him grin, that made him laugh, that made him deeply fall in love with fictional people. I want to have a crate filled with copies of this book and I want to give them to people as gifts… I concluded, again, that on the page, Joe Lansdale can do anything he wants, and none of it badly.

Remember, the signed limited edition has three original Hap Collins short stories not in the trade edition, including one that documents the first ever meeting between Hap and Leonard.




Stephen King on THE BORDER: “I dug it.”

The Border by Robert McCammon

Know this about Stephen King: He is unfailingly generous and supportive, and we're always grateful to him for it.

This morning, he tweeted about Robert McCammon's new horror/sf epic, The Border:

Rip-roaring, old school SF. Mean aliens, heroic earthlings. Subterranean Press. Late May. I dug it.

You can order a copy of the trade hardcover at the book's product page, or via bookstores online and off..