50% Off Sale for two days only, or while supplies last

Savages by K. J. Parker

We recently noticed that it has been more than a year since our last 50% off preorder sale. For the next two days, or while supplies last, limited quantities of most preorder titles are on sale.

First, the rules:

  • No retroactive discounts;
  • Limit of one copy per title;
  • May not be combined with other discounts, coupons, etc.
  • In-print books are not eligible;
  • Only the titles listed below are on sale.

Now, for the list of books on sale:

The sale prices are already reflected on the various books' product pages. Please note that not every edition of every book is on sale.



This week in shipping!

Proven Guilty

We're shipping the limited edition of Jim Butcher's Proven Guilty today (and likely into early next week).

Earlier this week, we shipped:

Next week, among other things, we should ship A Game of Thrones (George R. R. Martin).


Robert McCammon Update

Blue World by Robert McCammon

We've put our upcoming Robert McCammon trade paperbacks (Blue World, They Thirst, The Hunter from the Woods) through their final round of proofing, and are just waiting for their pub dates to roll around. As a reminder, we'll have a limited number of signed sets of the books, which you can order at the Blue World page.

In other news, Rick's epic new sf/horror novel, The Border, has been sent to the printer, which means the trade hardcover should ship by the end of May, to be followed 6-8 weeks later by the limited and lettered editions.



Joe R. Lansdale’s Paradise Sky racking up starred reviews

Paradise Sky by Joe R. Lansdale

We want to share some of the glowing reviews that Joe R. Lansdale's Paradise Sky has received, including the latest, of the starred variety, from Publishers Weekly.

From Publishers Weekly (Starred Review):

“Edgar-winner Lansdale’s folksy, cinematic fictional memoir tells the story of a man who was born a slave before the Civil War but grew up to become the legendary Deadwood Dick… In Deadwood, Nat meets a beautiful young woman, saves the life of Wild Bill Hickok, and reencounters Sam Ruggert, who still has it in for him. Lansdale (The Thicket) fills his pages with true-hearted heroes, dastardly scoundrels, and rollicking adventures.”

From Booklist (Starred Review):

Paradise Sky is a rowdy, funny, suspenseful, and often quite moving yarn.”

From Kirkus:

“How did Deadwood Dick get his name? Readers can learn this, and a whole lot more, in this picaresque Western from a master of the form (The Thicket, 2013, etc.).”

From Austin Chronicle:

“Classic Lansdale, his own self peppered throughout by much piney backwoods philosophizing on everything from religion to whoring, [with] the author's long-ago trademarked heaping helping of wry, often delightfully vulgar humanism.”


Twenty sets of James Herbert’s The Rats Trilogy available

The Rats by James Herbert

We've scored twenty sets of Centipede Press' new editions of James Herbert's The Rats, Domain, and Lair. Read on for details of these horror classics, and get your order in before our supply dwindles.

About the Book:

The first novel of James Herbert, The Rats was an immediate hardcover and paperback bestselling sensation that spawned two sequels. Simultaneously praised for its reinvention of horror as more immediate and graphic, and derided for its gratuitous violence and non-literary writing, The Rats nevertheless raised serious issues about government response to horror, particularly when the horror happens to lower-class citizens.

The work of James Herbert (1943-2013) is now recognized, thanks largely to the efforts of Ramsey Campbell and Stephen King, as a significant contribution to the field. This is the first time The Rats has been published in hardcover in the United States, and as such it is a true first edition. This is also the definitive edition, with a lengthy, heavily-illustrated introduction by Stephen Jones, reproductions (in color) of old hardcover and paperback editions, and illustrations by David Ho and Jason C. Eckhardt.

Smyth sewn, with head and tail bands, ribbon marker, and full color dustjacket with extra-long flaps. Set in Caslon, the book is 384 pages and is 6 × 9 inches. Limited to 300 copies, each book is signed by Stephen Jones, Jason C. Eckhardt and David Ho, along with a Herbert-family-approved James Herbert facsimile signature.

Trilogy of The Rats, Lair, and Domain: Limited to 300 numbered hardcover sets


New Mira Grant in stock and shipping

Rolling in the Deep by Mira Grant

Mira Grant's new novella, Rolling in the Deep, has crawled out from the depths and is in stock and shipping. If you're the sort who keeps track at home, it's just under 85% sold out, with more orders coming in every day. Also coming in frequently are new reviews.

Here's a bit of the most recent, from Locus magazine:

...we know something bad happens, and half the suspense is waiting to find out what happens to the people onboard… the secret of the mermaids is big, really big. I'm not sure I buy some of the details about the mermaids, but Grant keeps things rolling right to the appalling conclusion.

About the Book:

When the Imagine Network commissioned a documentary on mermaids, to be filmed from the cruise ship Atargatis, they expected what they had always received before: an assortment of eyewitness reports that proved nothing, some footage that proved even less, and the kind of ratings that only came from peddling imaginary creatures to the masses.

They didn't expect actual mermaids.  They certainly didn't expect those mermaids to have teeth.

This is the story of the Atargatis, lost at sea with all hands.  Some have called it a hoax; others have called it a maritime tragedy.  Whatever the truth may be, it will only be found below the bathypelagic zone in the Mariana Trench…and the depths are very good at keeping secrets.

Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies: $40

From Publishers Weekly:

In this slim, grim tale of aquatic horror, Grant (Symbiont) unveils the tragic last voyage of the SS Atargatis, hired by the Imagine Network to help film a fake documentary on mermaids while also performing deep-sea scientific studies… In true horror fashion, Grant introduces a large cast of colorful personalities, giving many of them brief chances to shine, before unleashing the horrors of the deep upon them.

From Library Journal:

A well-crafted little monster tale from Seanan McGuire (author of the popular ‘October Daye’ urban fantasy series as well as horror/sf under the Grant pen name), this novella is a treat for her fans…

From Romantic Times:

…Without belaboring her point, Grant deftly explores the oddly and shamefully satisfying exploitation inherent in reality television, while still crafting a chilling and unrelentingly dark tale.


Surprise Alan Moore Oversize Signed Limited Edition

Voice of the Fire by Alan Moore

We're six steps past delighted to announce a surprise signed limited edition of Alan Moore's challenging, maddening, spectacular novel, The Voice of the Fire, which is already at the printer. Voice will be an oversize hardcover, with a dust jacket and endsheets by Dave McKean, and a brand new introduction by Joe Hill. We expect demand for this title to exceed supply, and likely won't have copies for our large online retail and wholesale accounts.

About the Book:

Alan Moore is one of the true grand masters of the graphic novel. His signature works, which include Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell are cultural touchstones that have assumed the status of modern classics. But Moore’s versatility extends to other forms as well, as his first (and thus far only published) novel, Voice of the Fire, amply demonstrates.

First published in 1996 as a paperback original, this extraordinary work ranges across 6,000 years of turbulent history and is set within the few square miles of rural England now known as Northampton. Its twelve largely independent narratives combine to form a cumulative portrait of the region’s “secret soul,” a soul that Moore illuminates with seemingly effortless mastery. The virtuoso opening section, “Hob’s Hog,” takes place in 4,000 BC and is related by a damaged and abandoned young man whose grasp of reality is as limited as his vocabulary. His story is one of loss, longing, and ultimate betrayal and that story, like others that will follow, finds its way into Northampton’s gradually expanding pool of myth, legend, and dream. Subsequent narratives encompass a gallery of characters—saints and witches, murderers and mad men, artists and bureaucrats—whose personal histories reflect the larger history of one small corner of England.

Five years in the writing and told through an array of highly distinctive fictional voices, this visionary, unjustly neglected masterpiece remains one of Alan Moore’s most astonishing creations. Mysterious, disturbing and always utterly original, Voice of the Fire is a work of permanent value, the rare sort of book that demands and rewards repeated readings. It is a brave, beautiful and adventurous achievement that no one but Alan Moore could have written.

Limited: 750 signed numbered oversize hardcovers: $60

Lettered: 26 signed leatherbound copies, housed in a custom traycase: $350


The last of the lettered editions

House of Chains

We've in the process of shipping a goodly number of lettered editions, and have discovered that three of the books aren't out of print, as we thought.

Please note that there's a limit of one book (or set in the case of Interworld/The Silver Dream) per customer, household, or plane of existence.



A few copies of THE SKULL THRONE available again

The Skull Throne by Peter V. Brett

Now that the shipping has been completed, we find that we have a dozen signed copies of Peter V. Brett's The Skull Throne left for sale. Have at 'em.

If you miss out on our signed copies, we happily recommend you visit the publisher's site (or anyplace you find most convenient) and pick up a copy.


Kelley Armstrong’s DARKEST POWERS TALES Just Published as an Ebook

Darkest Powers Tales by Kelley Armstrong

We've just published another Kelley Armstrong ebook: Darkest Powers Tales. This one contains stories that take place before, during, and after the Darkest Powers trilogy.

About the Book:

This full-length anthology of novellas and short fiction complements the Darkest Powers trilogy, adding new dimensions to the characters and their stories. Dangerous returns to Derek and Simon’s past and tells how they came to be at Lyle House. Divided continues Derek’s story, filling in his adventures with Simon while separated from Chloe. In Disenchanted, Tori takes center stage as she travels with Simon after Chloe and Derek go missing. Both Facing Facts and Belonging are set after the trilogy concludes. In Facing Facts, Chloe helps Tori deal with the truth about her parents. Derek faces family issues of his own in Belonging, when his werewolf clan comes to claim him.

Please note: this is a repackaging of the stories originally released as Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 1 & Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 2.