Brandon Sanderson and Peter V. Brett Shipping Update


Thanks to everyone for their patience—especially those waiting for their dinged books. Peter V. Brett's Messenger's Legacy and Brandon Sanderson's Legion: Skin Deep have definitely thrown our shipping crew for a loop, especially as a plague descended upon them last week.

The good news is that by the end of today, all copies of Messenger's Legacy will be en route to customers. The great news is that within the next two days we'll be able to say the same thing about Brandon Sanderson's novella. After that, we'll turn our attention to the wholesale and bookstore orders for the two books, which should go quickly. And after that, shipping should snap back on track, with much of January devoted to our two Kelley Armstrong titles (Bounty Hunt and Forsaken).

I can't say it enough. Thanks for being patient with us. This has been zero fun, but we'll soon be through it.


A Couple of PS Publishing Updates—Stephen King and Graham Joyce


PS Publishing is a bit behind, which can happen to us all at the end of a busy year. Two of their 2014 titles are now nestled comfortably in early 2015:

We still have copies of both available for preorder.

About the Joyce:

Twenty five years ago Graham Joyce and his wife Sue left the grey skies of England to live by the sea on a Greek Island. As an unpublished writer he had gone there to live in isolation to write. After the hoards of uninvited summer visitors left he was finally able to fulfill his ambition and so started a writing career. Some of the stories contained in this collection were written in Greece under a vine canopy with light from a hurricane lamp. Others were inspired by travels around neighbouring islands.

This collection represents a gathering of the best Graham Joyce short stories written since his stay in Greece. Settings vary from the mines of the East Midlands to the lonely landscape of the Norfolk Coast and to the frozen streets of Leningrad during WWII.

Included with this collection is a foreword by Owen King and an afterword by Kelly Braffet, as well as an individual commentary on each story by the author.

Trade Hardcover Edition in Dust Jacket: $45


Connie Willis’ ALL SEATED ON THE GROUND for only $2.99


For the next few days, the ebook of Connie Willis' holiday science fiction screwball comedy, All Seated on the Ground, is only $2.99.

About the ebook:

The aliens have landed! The aliens have landed! But instead of shooting death rays, taking over the planet and carrying off Earthwomen, they've just been standing there for months on end, glaring like a disapproving relative. And now it's nearly Christmas, and the commission assigned to establish communications is at their wits' end. They've resorted to taking the aliens to Broncos games, lighting displays, and shopping malls, in the hope they'll respond to something!

And they do, but in a way nobody ever expected, and Meg, the commission, and an overworked choir director find themselves suddenly caught up in an intergalactic mess involving Christmas carols, scented candles, seventh-grade girls, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Meg's Aunt Judith, Victoria's Secret, and Handel's Messiah.

Multiple Nebula and Hugo Award-winning author Connie Willis may be most famous for her books To Say Nothing of the Dog, Doomsday Book, Inside Job, D.A., and The Winds of Marble Arch and Other Stories, but she's also a huge fan of the holidays and their accompanying frivolity and nonsense, and has written a marvelous array of Christmas stories, including Miracle and Other Christmas Stories, “Just Like the Ones We Used to Know” (made into the CBS movie Snow Wonder), “deck.halls@boughs/holly”, and now the hilarious “All Seated on the Ground.”


Shipping Update—Peter V. Brett and Brandon Sanderson


First, the good news is that we expect to have all customer orders for Peter V. Brett's Messenger's Legacy packed by the end of the day. Most will be mailed; some may not be posted until Monday.

The bad news is that a plague has descended upon SubPress, and we're down to one person in shipping today, so we don't expect to make more progress on Brandon Sanderson's Legion: Skin Deep until next week.

We expect shipping will be back up to speed on Monday, and we'll be back to shipping as quickly as possible. Thanks to everyone for their patience.


Announcing THE THICKET by Joe R. Lansdale


Earthling Publications has just announced an edition of what may be Joe R. Lansdale's best novel, The Thicket, limited to only 250 signed numbered copies. (For those interested, I'd say Joe's forthcoming Paradise Sky is the only novel of his that might—just might—knock The Thicket from the top spot.)

We have copies of The Thicket on order, though not many. Please get your order in now for one of Joe's mythic westerns.

About the Book:

Dust jacket illustration by Ken Laager.

Introduction by David Morrell.

Afterword by Joe R. Lansdale.

Jack Parker thought he’d already seen his fair share of tragedy. His grandmother was killed in a farm accident when he was barely five years old. His parents have just succumbed to the smallpox epidemic sweeping turn-of-the-century East Texas—orphaning him and his younger sister, Lula.

Then catastrophe strikes on the way to their uncle's farm, when a traveling group of bank-robbing bandits murder Jack's grandfather and kidnap his sister. With no elders left for miles, Jack must grow up fast and enlist a band of heroes the likes of which has never been seen if his sister stands any chance at survival. But the best he can come up with is a charismatic, bounty-hunting dwarf named Shorty, a grave-digging son of an ex-slave named Eustace, and a street-smart woman-for-hire named Jimmie Sue who's come into some very intimate knowledge about the bandits (and a few members of Jack's extended family to boot).

In the throes of being civilized, East Texas is still a wild, feral place. Oil wells spurt liquid money from the ground. But as Jack’s about to find out, blood and redemption rule supreme. In The Thicket, award-winning novelist Joe R. Lansdale lets loose like never before, in a rip-roaring adventure equal parts True Grit and Stand by Me—the perfect introduction to an acclaimed writer whose work has been called “as funny and frightening as anything that could have been dreamed up by the Brothers Grimm—or Mark Twain” (New York Times Book Review).

Limited: 250 signed numbered copies, housed in a custom slipcase: $150


Shipping Update and Low Stock Report


We're down to the last 25 copies of Brandon Sanderson's long new novella, Legion: Skin Deep. Shipping just passed the 70% mark, so all individual orders should be in the mail by the end of this week. (Thanks for your patience!)

Once Legion: Skin Deep is completed, we'll turn our full attention to Peter V. Brett's Messenger's Legacy.

After that, very tentatively, the shipping queue looks like this:

  • Dinged Books;
  • The Drowning Girl (Caitlin R. Kiernan);
  • Half a King (Joe Abercrombie)






Slowly but surely, Ken Laager is making progress on the illustrations for Rogues, the mammoth George R. R. Martin and Garder Dozois edited anthology. (If you haven't already ordered a copy, sorry, but it's sold out.)

We've just posted a number of the black-and-white header illustrations to the book's product page, as well as one of the color plates (for Patrick Rothfuss' "The Lightning Tree").

Thanks to everyone for their patience as we try to turn the limited edition into a production you'll be proud to display on your shelves.


Five New Jim Thompson Volumes Available


Centipede Press is releasing five classic hardcovers by Jim Thompson, each limited to only 300 copies. We've been lucky enough to land matching numbers of the various hardcovers, which we're offering for $175 per set, a full $75 off the retail price. We expect our allotment to sell out quickly, so please order early.

The Killer Inside Me

Now available in an illustrated hardcover with a new introduction by noir historian Bill Crider. Lou Ford is the deputy sheriff of a small town in Texas. The worst thing most people can say against him is that he's a little slow and a little boring. But, then, most people don't know about the sickness, the sickness that almost got Lou put away when he was younger. The sickness that is about to surface again. Widely considered to be Jim Thompson’s masterpiece, this edition features color and black & white artwork, reproductions of old paperback covers and film posters, and is signed by Bill Crider, Patrick Loehr, and Paul Wedlake. Bound in full black cloth and a gorgeous dustjacket.

A Hell of a Woman

Now available for the first time in an illustrated hardcover edition with a new introduction by Joe R. Lansdale. Young, beautiful, and fearfully abused, Mona was the kind of girl even a hard man like Dillon couldn't bring himself to use. But when Mona told him about the vicious aunt who had turned her into something little better than a prostitute, and about the money the old lady has stashed away, Dillon found it surprisingly easy to kill for her. This edition features color and black & white artwork, reproductions of old paperback covers and film posters, and is signed by Joe R. Lansdale, Patrick Loehr, and Paul Wedlake. Bound in full black cloth and a gorgeous dustjacket.

Pop. 1280

Now available for the first time in an illustrated hardcover edition with a new introduction by esteemed horror writer Laird Barron. As high sheriff of Potts County, Nick Corey spends most of his time eating, sleeping and avoiding trouble. If only people, especially some troublesome pimps, his foul-tempered wife, and his half-witted brother-in-law, would stop pushing him around. Because when Nick is pushed, he begins to kill, or to make others do his killing for him! This edition features color and black & white artwork, reproductions of old paperback covers and film posters, and is signed by Laird Barron, Patrick Loehr, and Paul Wedlake. Bound in full black cloth and a gorgeous dustjacket.

A Swell-Looking Babe

Now available for the first time in an illustrated hardcover edition with a new introduction by Duane Swierczynski. The Manton looks like a respectable hotel. Dusty Rhodes looks like a selfless young man working as a bellhop. And the woman in 1004 looks like an angel. But sometimes looks can kill, as Jim Thompson demonstrates in this vision of the crime novel as gothic. This edition features color and black & white artwork, reproductions of old paperback covers and film posters, and is signed by Duane Swierczynski, Patrick Loehr, and Paul Wedlake. Bound in full black cloth and a gorgeous dustjacket.

The Grifters

Now available for the first time in an illustrated hardcover edition with a new introduction by John Shirley. Roy Dillon seems too handsome and well-mannered to be a professional con man. Lilly Dillon looks too young, and loves Roy a little too intensely, to be taken for his mother. Moira Langtry is getting too old to keep on living off the kindness of male strangers. And Carol Roberg seems too innocent to be acquainted with suffering.

Each of the Thompson hardcovers is signed by various contributors (though not the author, obviously), limited to 300 numbered copies, and features a ribbon marker, head and tail bands, with full cloth binding.

Limited Set: $175 ($75 off the cover price)


Announcing PROVEN GUILTY by Jim Butcher—Already at the printer


Our latest Jim Butcher book, Proven Guilty, is already at the printer, and should ship in the next couple of months. Please get your orders in quickly to avoid disappointment.

About the Book:

Collectors Note: Please mention your number when checking out if if you own Dead Beat. We'll match it automatically, but it's good to be sure. We'll drop you an email if we run into any difficulties. Anyone may order the numbered edition, but only those with a lettered copy of Dead Beat may order a lettered Proven Guilty.

Subterranean Press is proud to announce the eighth of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files novels, in a deluxe collectable hardcover, meant to give a lifetime of enjoyment.

Our edition of Proven Guilty will be printed on 80# Finch Opaque, our preferred paper for higher-end limited editions, with a number of full-page interior illustrations, as well as a full-color dust jacket. Vincent Chong will once again be handling the illustrations.

Limited: 500 numbered hardcovers, signed by author: $80

Lettered: 26 copies, bound in leather and cloth, signed by author, housed in a custom traycase: $300


Peter V. Brett’s MESSENGER’S LEGACY now in stock and shipping


We're still sending copies of Brandon Sanderson's Legion: Skin Deep out to customers, and will be for a while yet, but we've added another title to the shipping mix. Starting today, we'll also be shipping copies of Peter V. Brett's excellent (and longest to date) Demon Cycle novella, Messenger's Legacy. Once those two titles are done, we'll resume shipping titles from our dinged book sale. (Please accept my apologies that the latter has taken far longer than anticipated. We're currently down one full-time shipper, and progressing as quickly as we can. Thanks for your patience.)

For those of you who are electronically inclined, the ebook of Messenger's Legacy is also available.

About the Book:

Humanity has been brought to the brink of extinction. Each night, the world is overrun by demons—bloodthirsty creatures of nightmare that have been hunting the surface for over 300 years. A scant few hamlets and half-starved city-states are all that remain of a once proud civilization, and it is only by hiding behind wards, ancient symbols with the power to repel the demons, that they survive. A handful of Messengers brave the night to keep the lines of communication open between the increasingly isolated populace.

Briar Damaj is a boy of six in the small village of Bogton. Half Krasian, the village children call him Mudboy for his dark skin. When tragedy strikes, Briar decides the town is better off without him, fleeing into the bog with nothing but his wits and a bit of herb lore to protect him.

After twenty years, Ragen Messenger has agreed to retire and pass on his route to his protégé, Arlen Bales. But for all that he’s earned the rest, he has no idea what to do with the rest of his life. When he learns Briar, the son of an old friend, is missing, Ragen is willing to risk any danger to bring him safely home.

From Publishers Weekly:

“[Messenger’s Legacy] contains plenty of material that could be used to construct a compelling coming-of-age novel: a tragic accident, a six-year-old boy forced to live by his own wits and survive through cunning and bravery, and a savior from the boy’s past who appears to hold the promise of a life restored.”