New Jim Butcher in Stock and Shipping

Working for Bigfoot by Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher's Working for Bigfoot is in stock and shipping! The trade edition is sold out, but we still have copies of the limited aplenty.

About the Book:

Chicago wizard for hire Harry Dresden is used to mysterious clients with long hair and legs up to here. But when it turns out the long hair covers every square inch of his latest client’s body, and the legs contribute to a nine-foot height, even the redoubtable detective realizes he’s treading new ground. Strength of a River in His Shoulders is one of the legendary forest people, a Bigfoot, and he has a problem that only Harry can solve. His son Irwin is a scion, the child of a supernatural creature and a human. He’s a good kid, but the extraordinary strength of his magical aura has a way of attracting trouble.

In the three novellas that make up Working For Bigfoot, collected together for the first time here, readers encounter Dresden at different points in his storied career, and in Irwin’s life. As a middle-schooler, in “B is For Bigfoot,” Irwin attracts the unwelcome attention of a pair of bullying brothers who are more than they seem, and when Harry steps in, it turns out they have a mystical guardian of their own. At a fancy private high school in “I Was a Teenage Bigfoot,” Harry is called in when Irwin grows ill for the first time, and it’s not just a case of mono. Finally, Irwin is all grown up and has a grown-up’s typical problems as a freshman in college in “Bigfoot on Campus,” or would have if typical included vampires.

New York Times bestseller Jim Butcher explores the responsibilities of fatherhood and the difficulties of growing up with the elements Dresden Files fans crave—detection, adventure, humor, and magic.

Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies: $60

From Publishers Weekly:

“Butcher emphasizes the lighter side of his Chicago-based wizard PI, Harry Dresden, in this collection of three novellas with a common client, a Sasquatch known as River Shoulders… Butcher leavens classic hard-boiled first-person narration (‘She was blond, about five-foot-six, and my logical mind told me that every inch of her was a bad idea’) with humor in these amuse-bouches aimed squarely at longtime fans.”


New Praise for Tim Powers’ NOBODY’S HOME

Nobody's Home by Tim Powers

Though it appeared last year, a blast of new praise just appeared for Tim Powers' Nobody's Home. Only seems appropriate for a novelette set in the time traveling world of The Anubis Gates, doesn't it?

From Locus Online:

New steampunk from Tim Powers, one of the men who invented the mode? With knockout illustrations by J. K. Potter? … What’s not to like!?! … As always, Powers is the master of presenting backstory in incremental bits that not only serve to gradually illuminate all his mysteries, but to add emotional resonance to events already described. You almost always have to turn back a few pages to re-savor passages in a new light, when reading a Powers tale. It’s a special kind of narrative magic.

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Limited Joe Abercrombie Sets Available Again

Half the World

While looking over our inventory list, I noticed that we had a few copies each of Half the World and Half a King by Joe Abercrombie still available.

You can pick up a non-matching numbered set, while supplies last. This is one of the best series I've read in years, so don't miss out!


Last call to get an inscribed copy of John Scalzi’s THE END OF ALL THINGS

The End of All Things by John Scalzi

John Scalzi will be trekking to the SubPress' warehouses next week to sign copies of his new novel, The End of All Things. We're near the end of the stock we have on hand for him to sign, so best to order now if you want an inscribed copy.

About the Book:

Hugo-award winning author, John Scalzi returns to his best-selling Old Man's War universe with The End of All Things, the direct sequel to 2013's The Human Division.

Humans expanded into space…only to find a universe populated with multiple alien species bent on their destruction. Thus was the Colonial Union formed, to help protect us from a hostile universe. The Colonial Union used the Earth and its excess population for colonists and soldiers. It was a good arrangement…for the Colonial Union. Then the Earth said: no more.


Now the Colonial Union is living on borrowed time—a couple of decades at most, before the ranks of the Colonial Defense Forces are depleted and the struggling human colonies are vulnerable to the alien species who have been waiting for the first sign of weakness, to drive humanity to ruin. And there's another problem: A group, lurking in the darkness of space, playing human and alien against each other—and against their own kind—for their own unknown reasons.


In this collapsing universe, CDF Lieutenant Harry Wilson and the Colonial Union diplomats he works with race against the clock to discover who is behind attacks on the Union and on alien races, to seek peace with a suspicious, angry Earth, and keep humanity's union intact…or else risk oblivion, and extinction—and the end of all things.

Trade: Hardcover in dust jacket: $24.95

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Announcing A Fantasy Medley 3 with stories by Jacqueline Carey Laura Bickle and more

A Fantasy Medley 3 edited by Yanni Kuznia

In each of the first two volumes of the acclaimed A Fantasy Medley series—both of which earned starred reviews from Publishers Weekly—editor Yanni Kuznia brought together stories from a quartet of fantasy’s most exciting authors. Now Kuznia returns with A Fantasy Medley 3, offering riveting new tales of the fantastic from four more of the field’s brightest stars:

In “Goddess at the Crossroads,” Kevin Hearne shares a thrillingly memorable episode from the past of his popular Iron Druid Chronicles hero Atticus O’Sullivan, revealing how one night’s dark encounter with the cult of Hecate served as inspiration for Shakespeare’s witches in the Scottish play.

With “Ashes,” Laura Bickle revisits Detroit arson investigator and powerful spirit medium Anya Kalinczyk as she, her five-foot-long salamander familiar Sparky, and Hades’ Charon pursue a destructive fire elemental named the Nain Rouge through the city’s festival in his dubious honor.

“The Death of Aiguillon” finds Aliette de Bodard exploring an episode sixty years prior to the start of her latest novel, The House of Shattered Wings, in which the survivors of an ongoing magical conflict in Paris eke out a grim existence, and one woman’s wish for a better life is granted at a terrible price.

And in “One Hundred Ablutions,” Jacqueline Carey, author of the much-beloved Kushiel’s Legacy series, tells the tale of Dala—a young woman chosen by her people’s overlords to be an exalted slave among slaves—and of the twining in her life of ritual, rebellion, and redemption.

Limited: 250 signed numbered copies, bound in leather: $45

Trade: Fully cloth bound hardcover edition: $20


Pick up Jack McDevitt’s CRYPTIC for only $1.99

Cryptic by Jack McDevitt

We're happy to let you know that the ebook of Jack McDevitt's 200,000 word Cryptic is only $1.99 for the next week.

About the Book:

Subterranean Press is proud to announce a mammoth (38 stories, over 200,000 words) Best of Volume by SF Best-Seller Jack McDevitt.

Jack McDevitt loves a good mystery. And he enjoys baffling his readers with enigmas like why, after so many years of listening with no results, would a SETI director hear an artificial signal and keep it quiet? Why might an astronomer at a space station, facing imminent death from a solar radiation blast, send off a frantic message that he had discovered a Clyde Tombaugh Special? Tombaugh, of course, was the discoverer of Pluto.

What really happened to Christopher Sim, the George Washington of the war against the Ashiyyur? Why had a beloved artist at the top of his profession, with everything to live for, killed himself? Why had a brilliant young biologist discovered how life got started on Earth, but neglected to tell anyone?

And there are of course other anomalies to be encountered in McDevitt's work: A computer threatens the literary world, while a time traveler worries the churches. One artificial intelligence runs for president, and another claims to be a Catholic and demands access to the sacraments. Two friends discover that whenever they get together, shuttles crash, wars break out, or tidal waves hammer a coastline.

A researcher watches endless fighting on another world and finally rebels against the Academy's hands-off doctrine. Meantime, a crewman stranded light-years from Earth, entertains himself by intercepting radio broadcasts from home, originally transmitted during World War II.

Among other questions these tales will answer: What might happen when people in a research lab literally try to play God. Why you don't ever, ever, want to turn out the lights at Bolton's Tower in the Dakotas. Why someone might want to blow up a star. And why it would be a really good idea if Hatch kept his hands off the mallet. These, and twenty-three other cosmic rides, await the reader.

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Announcing a New Joe Hill Signed Limited Edition

20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill Cape Cover

PS Publishing is releasing a tenth anniversary edition of Joe Hill's landmark collection, 20th Century Ghosts, and we've been lucky enough to lock in a number of copies of the signed limited and unsigned trade editions. We do not have a lot of copies of the signed edition—certainly not enough to cover the expected demand, so please get your order in early.

About the Book:

Anyone out there heard of this cat Joe Hill? Yeah, of course you have. And I’ll bet ya heard of Joe’s Ray Bradbury’s Fellowship award for the story ‘20th Century Ghost’ and maybe you heard he also received the William L. Crawford award for best new fantasy writer in 2006, the A. E. Coppard Long Fiction Prize in 1999 for ‘Better Than Home’ and the 2006 World Fantasy Award for ‘Voluntary Committal’. His stories have appeared in a variety of magazines, such as Postscripts, Subterranean Magazine and The High Plains Literary Review, and in many anthologies.

Well, it’s 10 years since, overloaded to the back teeth with projects,  CD Head Honcho Richard Chizmar sent Joe our way to ask if PS might be interested in publishing his collection of tales, wrapped around the title of that Bradbury Fellowship story. On the night Joe responded to my suggestion that he send me his three best yarns. I read ‘Ghost’, ‘Pop Art’ (sheer genius and containing a killer closing line) and, heck, you know, I don’t recall the third one. I do recall dropping him a line first thing the next morning and asking for a phone number and I called and we spoke and we made a deal and, well, you know the rest—20TH CENTURY GHOSTS, GUNPOWDER, HORNS, plus a little something special just down the pike that we’ll talk about a little later. But before that, just to re-whet your whistle, here’s the 10th Anniversary edition of the book that started the ball rolling and which notched up in quick succession the World Fantasy Award, the British Fantasy Award, the International Horror Guild.

Limited: 200 signed numbered copies, in illustrated slipcase: $200

Trade: 774 unsigned copies, housed in a plain slipcase: $55

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Interior art from The Complete Kane Revealed

The Complete Kane

We're pleased to be able to share with you all of the covers and some of the inteiror art from Centipede Press' The Complete Kane. We're down to the last handful of our allotment, so more orders are welcome!.

Limited to 300 signed sets.

  • New artwork by Tom Kidd, Patrick J. Jones, Les Edwards, Boco, and Grant Griffin.
  • Printed endpapers.
  • Full cloth binding.
  • Ribbon marker.
  • Signed by the artists.
  • All five volumes enclosed in a handsome cloth slipcase.

Important Note: We're offering the full set for $25 off the retail price!


Readying THE FIFTH HEART for the printer

The Fifth Heart by Dan Simmons

We're readying our oversize signed limited edition of Dan Simmons' The Fifth Heart from the printer, and in addition to revealing the cover, thought it a good time to remind you of the stellar reviews the novel's been receiving. Here are but two:

From Publishers Weekly (Starred Review):

In Paris in 1893, Sherlock Holmes and Henry James join forces in this outstanding novel from Simmons, who has concocted something far from the usual pastiche, with a historical figure standing in for Dr. Watson… Simmons (Drood) knows the Holmes canon and uses that expertise in the service of a highly original reimagining of the beloved sleuth.

From Booklist (Starred Review):

Like several of Simmons' earlier novels, including The Abominable (2013) and Drood (2009), his latest is a riveting mixture of historical fact and fiction. The year is 1893. Henry James and Sherlock Holmes travel together to America to solve the mystery surrounding the death of socialite Clover Adams (whom, some say, James would later use as his inspiration for his novels Daisy Miller and The Portrait of a Lady). But the book isn't just for Holmes' fans—it's a solidly constructed, beautifully told mystery; a portrait of one of the nineteenth century's most important writers; and an intriguing blend of fact and fantasy.

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George R. R. Martin—A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms art revealed

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George R. R. Martin

The nonpareil Gary Gianni has sent us samples of the artwork for George R. R. Martin's A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.

We expected amazing work, but it's on par with Gary's efforts on Solomon Kane more than a decade ago. He mentioned that he executed over 170 drawiings for this 350+ page book. We've seen a PDF of the interior, and it's going to be a high point for SubPress limiteds.